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Bare Necessities

Why Do Girls Wear Tights Under Jeans

Wear tights in public with your pencil skirts, jean shorts or under jeans? This article will help you understand why females wear tights in the trend of bare bruised leg trend that is beginning to decline.

wear tights

Usually females go commando when wearing sheer tights under jeans

What ladies say in public in most cases is to satisfy the herd mentality of bare leg fashion, if they secretly enjoy wearing sheer tights.

Wear Tights In Public?

Chatting to a female about women in tights out in public will get one of several responses when asked. The ladies that proclaim pantyhose fashion is dead and should be burned. Those that secretly enjoy wearing sheer tights and wear tights under jeans or complimenting outfits. Some that have no clue they are sexually attractive to most men and could careless whether or not they have them on. Then a group of women that adopt wearing hosiery regularly once they learn what kind of affect the sight of pantyhose have on men, especially their companion!

wear tights

Wear Tights Under Jeans Comments

This was shared with me by my friend Dan after he discovered wear tights on Yahoo Answers, here are the replies to this interesting question.

  • To slightly change your topic … it has become very fashionable for girls in Europe to wear tights under their jean shorts. I wish women in the USA would follow this trend. If you have a nice pair of legs, you ought to dress them up with pantyhose, in my opinion.
  • Who does this? The only time I can see someone doing this is if it was a really cold winter day, or they had ripped jeans on and didn’t want to show skin.
  • I wear tights under jeans quite often in the winter to help keep my legs warmer. Most of the time I’ll be wearing boots or other closed shoes too, so no one would even know that I have hose on.
    Also, I used to have a job in a factory where I spent long hours on my feet, and I always wore light support pantyhose under my jeans to keep my legs from getting fatigued and sore. I know there were other girls there who did the same thing, and it did help.
  • I wear it to keep warm. I don’t see it as a tease
  • don’t think most girls wear tights under their jeans. I don’t. Now, sometimes I wear tights under my dress pants but rarely. Some do it because of the cold but denim is pretty warm so I think it’s just an excuse to do it.
  • How would you like to be bound up in a stocking that barely breathes and then put on jeans?
    No, it’s not comfortable. They do it in order to not wear underwear, have no panty lines, and to have some tummy/leg control.
    I did this one time. I’ll never do it again.
    Why would you think wearing pantyhose under jeans is a tease? What’s do sexy about it? It really isn’t!
  • First becuz pantyhose feel sexy. As a woman I love wearing them even to bed. My b/f likes it when I do. Secondly becuz it IS a tease. When a guy sees the nylon part showing on your ankle underneath jeans if he’s into hose like my b/f is he’ll go nuts. that’s why I wear tights.
  • they are probably trying to squeeze down their muffin tops or thighs to make them look more thin and attractive.
    does it feel good? not really. but do Stiletto heels feel good? no. we do it for you.
  • jeans slide on easier, to keep warmer, to have no panty lines, to feel sexy , lots of reasons to wear tights.
  • cuz when you wear tights, its totally hot!
  • Jeans can be rough so wearing a smooth more then $3 pair of pantyhose underneath feels great it allows the jeans do slide rather than cling to your legs , plus they look really sexy seeing a ladies nylon ankle under the hem .
  • Wearing pantyhose when walking on concrete floors all day reduces ugly viscose veins from happening on their legs.
  • Well, there’s extra warmth. It’s also becoming a trend after seeing other girls wear tights for fashion.

wear tights

Wear Tights Has Benefits!

Here are some suggestions on sheer tights that are durable enough to last several wearings, thus bringing the cost down where they are cheaper than the drugstore brand. These pantyhose feel sexy, silky and men love to massage your stocking clad feet/legs in them!

Video below of Today’s Girls Wear Tights Under Jeans

Important: Ladies if you secretly enjoy pantyhose fashion under your outfits, time to show off your legs in skirts and shorts,  if you wear tights!

9 Responses to “Why Do Girls Wear Tights Under Jeans”

  1. John says:

    I love the feel of pantyhose and tights
    I wear tights in the winter under my jeans
    I wear sheer to waist no nonsense under my jeans in the warmer times of the year
    I love the pictures of the girls with the pantyhose under the jeans
    I love to see a pair of jeans and then a glimpse of sheer nylon at the ankle or even better high heels
    Great work

  2. Terry says:

    I wear pantyhose everyday under my jeans to work and to play, i think they feel wonderful and also help give my legs support, women think they are “out of style” but nothing is as sexy as a nice pair of legs encased in sheer hose. i have been wearing them at work without socks on for so lng nno one has ever said a thing and i really don’t think anyone cares

  3. gabe says:

    I love the feel of pantyhose and tights I wear pantyhose under my jeans all the time no matter if it’s hot or cold I wear them all the time they keep your jeans from sticking to u on hot days and sometimes I wear them with shorts i like too see more people start wearing them I have a lot of sheer ones from pretty polly falke kunert fiore peavey just to name a few most of them are shinny sheer pantyhose

  4. Gabe Prince says:

    Hi there every body I like the article you wrote I my self love wearing pantyhose under my jeans and also like wearing them under shorts too I wear them all the time no matter how hot or cold it is I wear them almost every day and sometimes I sleep in them too I got all kinds of colors but my favorite ones are the ones that shine a lot I wear all kinds of brands of pantyhose like pretty polly fogal fiore kunert danskin falke aristoc charnos peavey hosiery but in the summer i wear a lot of the pretty polly aristoc falke pantyhose the shinney glossy the better they fill on

  5. matt says:

    I am a great fan of Ladies in Tights. I love every thing about them and i have noticed the look in their eyes when they catch me looking. Im certain most women love to wear because they get the looks…But im not complaining

  6. karin thiel says:

    I wear tights under my jeans in winter for warmth. but i usually put on some cotton socks over the tights, so nobody will ever see that i’m wearing them.

  7. Bobby says:

    I like the feel of pantyhose and tights myself. I wear them in the winter for the warmth, as well as for support for my legs and feet when I’m at work and legs and feet for long periods of time. I like to wear them to bed at night especially during the cold seasons and when its chilly outside too.

  8. james says:

    great photos above of course I just love the first photo to bad it doesn’t tell you the brand I would love to buy a pair. I wear daily great for cooler days support the look and feel I wear mine under jeans if out at home I wear with shorts or just my pantyhose or tights

  9. Denise says:

    I wear sheer pantyhose under my jeans all the time. I love the feel, warmth, and support. I love my pantyhose!

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