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Fleetwood Mac Concert Tonight Will Be in Pantyhose

Please everyone wish me a safe journey in my pantyhose as I head to see Fleetwood Mac Concert tonight here in Orlando, Florida. Will do my best to post some pictures and let you know which pantyhose selection I picked and how they fared!

fleetwood mac concert in pantyhose

fleetwood mac concert in pantyhose

Just wanted to give you an idea of where I actually wear pantyhose fashion my personal life, since I enjoy having fun with them! You know life is too short, eh? Enjoy the pictures and if you are attending the Fleetwood Mac Concert tonight look for my shiny pantyhose!

2 Responses to “Fleetwood Mac Concert Tonight Will Be in Pantyhose”

  1. RA says:

    Amazing on the PH. Me and wife 100% into PH, love the way look and feel.

  2. RA says:

    More into CHEAP PH with thick line the high end. just are.

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