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Glossy Pantyhose Found At The Stylish Fox

Glossy pantyhose are making a fashion comeback and glossy pantyhose can be found easily online at this website in various styles and brands. We will share the name of the pantyhose online store after we share all the sexy glossy pantyhose we reviewed.

Glossy pantyhose worn by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton started the Sexy Glossy Pantyhose Fashion Trend again!

Here at Best Pantyhose Review we have come across an incredible fun well stocked hosiery store! We have tried various types of hosiery from them and are very impressed with their customer service when others seem to have forgotten to add it! If you have never owned a pair of glossy pantyhose, then read this article below…I know you will change your thinking!

Glossy Pantyhose Experiment

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My girlfriend and I did a little experiment over the last few weeks. I believe that more men like a woman who wears glossy pantyhose rather than a woman who does not.

First of all, I am a girl who likes wearing glossy pantyhose. They look good and feel good and you guys love it when I wear them.

glossy pantyhose

Sexy glossy pantyhose or not?

Back to the experiment. My girlfriend (not the lesbian kind) is a hose hater. She hardly wears them and gets on my case for wearing them as much as I do. We are both young, in shape and pretty. Neither is going into modeling anytime soon or being voted most beautiful but we are both fairly pleasing to the eye.

glossy pantyhose

Sexiest glossy pantyhose selection can be found here at the Stylish Fox!

I have been telling her I get a lot more attention from the men when I am wearing glossy pantyhose rather than going bare legged. She did not buy into it. So here is what we did. We went to a bar popular for happy hour for professionals. We went two weeks in a row. We do not frequent this place a whole lot because it is not that close to where we live.

glossy pantyhose

The idea was go there the first time bare legged and the second wearing hose with the same outfits. The rest of the outfits were high heels, pencil skirts and white blouses.

We got hit on and bought drinks both times, but the time we wore hose with the outfits we had to beat them of with a stick. On the bare legged night there were some groups of much prettier model-type women who received a lot more attention -as expected. On the glossy pantyhose night, while it was not the same other groups, but there were still prettier women who did not receive the amount of attention we were.

glossy pantyhose

Majority of men love glossy pantyhose on females

The bottom line is most men like women who are wearing glossy pantyhose rather than going bare legged.

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Glossy Pantyhose Upward Fashion Trend

Kate Middleton displayed the best tights to wear where the sheer glossy pantyhose and the trend for pantyhose fashion has been on a major upswing since here regularly wearing hosiery in public.

Females today need an edge when it comes to attracting men for dating when out and about in town. It goes without saying that a majority of men find hosiery extremely attractive on girls and would give anything for them to come back into style a lot faster. You have the knowledge and can use it to your advantage by adding sexy pantyhose to your arsenal of fashion!

If you want your groove back, then make sure your legs stand out by making a statement. Glossy pantyhose say you are confident, sexy and want others to know you are a leader in leg wear fashion!

Surprised your man showing up in your sexiest outfit complimented by any of these hot unique looking tights for the holidays such as Valentine’s, Thanks Giving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, His birthday (wink)!

Glossy Pantyhose At Stylish Fox

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5 Responses to “Glossy Pantyhose Found At The Stylish Fox”

  1. Alba Soltis says:

    Hey I just read about your experiment with the pantyhose and I agree totally men love looking at women in pantyhose my boyfriend always wants me to wear them. Will you put me on your mailing list? I love the picture of the girl in shorts and heels she is pretty, thanks for sharing the link. I’ll be thinking of high heels and pantyhose.

  2. Alba Soltis says:

    I just read about your experiment with the pantyhose and I think men like women in pantyhose too. I wear them all the time and I get a lot of looks men love them.The girl with the shorts and heels is very pretty. Please add me for more emails and thanks for sharing women are very sexy in pantyhose I love them.

  3. Nessa N says:

    Kate Middleton helps Philippe Matignon sell a lot of the Jade 20 tights

    It’s quite conservative (as you wore them with pencil skirt) but has more flair than plain nude.

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