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Silky Phantasy

Silky phantasy to a lot of men usually involves a woman who not only wears hosiery, but enjoys having them on. True there are females out there that will wear pantyhose, stockings, leggings or tights and be their man’s silky phantasy, but it means so much more if she looks forward to keeping them on for pure fashion or enjoyment.

silky phantasy

silky phantasy

Silky Phantasy Today

Now with the leggings popular last year and this year we are seeing fashion tights, will ladies understand the power they hold by slipping on a pair of those wonderful pieces of lingerie for the legs? To those ladies out there that have a man who worships the ground you walk on and enjoys seeing pantyhose on ladies, give it a try and find the right pair of panty hose that fit you properly which will feel good on your legs. You deserve to have the best hosiery on your legs if you are going to be your man’s silky phantasy tonight!

Silky Phantasy Power Trip

Please never use pantyhose or even sex as a power play on your mate! You may have disagreements, but keep that separate from other parts of your life. If you use anything, especially pantyhose as a power thing over your companion it will only bite you in the you know what if you keep doing that. You do not want to grow apart, but enjoy being together the longer you spend time in a satisfying relationship together.

Silky Phantasy Bedtime Play

Silky Phantasy Bedtime Play

First you can start playing in the bedroom or at home when the both of you are alone together. Surprise him by coming out of the bedroom in shorts and shiny pantyhose to spend the evening watching a movie together or going for a walk together around the neighborhood. Then you can always modify the crotch panel by removing it with a pair of scissors to have fun late at night as you become your man’s silky phantasy, he will definitely return the favors!

Check out my pantyhose sexy daring outfit I wore on a road trip from Florida up to Tennesse one weekend to satisfy my hubbies silky phantasy!

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  1. […] you ladies out there, make your man’s Silky Phantasy come true and watch him worship the ground you walk on in shiny pantyhose! We will be playing Lady […]

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