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Jeans With Pantyhose Men Find Exciting

Jeans with pantyhose was always worn during the 70’s and 80’s, so high heels could be worn to complete the outfit. Usually it was black tights or off black support hosiery a majority of the time with suntan a close second while worn out in public. Men loved the look the sexy look it gave the females and still do to this day!

Pantyhose With Jeans Are Very Sexy In A Mans Eyes

Pantyhose With Jeans Are Very Sexy In A Mans Eyes

Try Wearing Pantyhose With Jeans Sometime

First of all do not get the cheap pantyhose, use support and definitely get the right size that fits you properly so they are comfortable under your jeans. You will get several advantages by slipping on a pair of sexy hosiery under your jeans:

  • Tight jeans will slip on easier and not bind you while walking in them.
  • Men find stocking ankles (they will notice, I don’t know how, but they do) with jeans incredibly sexy and a turn on.
  • Support hosiery will save you legs from being tired if you are walking or standing a lot.
  • Support hosiery under your jeans with reduce spider veins in your future ladies.
  • Support hosiery will reduce the chance of varicose veins when worn under jeans regularly.
  • You can wear your support pantyhose with runs in them under your jeans.

If it is hot weather and you are wearing jeans over your pantyhose, then stay with a 10 or less denier support so you will not overheat because of the hosiery! Yet if it is freezing outside, remember you will be indoors around heat at times, so keep the denier of your pantyhose fashion to 20-40 denier and no higher!

The bare ankles and flip flops with jeans is falling out of fashion quickly and considered lazy. Next trend is the stillettos with pantyhose to be worn with your jean fashion, even if they are hip huggers. Several of the European Hosiery companies make pantyhose that are hip huggers, Hooters is even beginning to carry hip hugging pantyhose for their girls now, although they girls perfer the regularly pantyhose. The hooter girls would take the waistband of the pantyhose and pull it up to their bra to give extra support for their waist, but no more with the new hip hugging  hosiery being issued.

It is always a pleasant fashion statement when you notice a lady wearing hosiery under your jeans, whether you notice she has stocking ankles or modified jeans like the ones I was wearing above in Niagara Falls, just be sure next time to try Jeans with Pantyhose!

Video Showing How Sexy Jeans With Pantyhose And Stilettos Look Below

11 Responses to “Jeans With Pantyhose Men Find Exciting”

  1. Carlomedia says:

    I love how jeans and pantyhose look. It’s a real turn on for me when I see women wearing jeans, pantyhose and heels

  2. Rhonda says:

    I always wear pantyhose when I wear jeans as I love the snug feeling from wearing really tight jeans on top of them. I never “cheat” and wear knee-hi’s. I hate when they sag and also the marks on my calf that the elastic tops leave. I like to wear srappy heels with an open toe so everyone can see thatI am wearing pantyhose – I usually wear sheer black, suntan or black fishnets. I also wear boots with them though then the only one who knows I am wearing pantyhose is me. But I don’t care – I LOVE the way they feel.


  3. MEN too, wear pantyhose under the jeans, dear Sweet. You must know that. And they only do it, because they are too shy, to wear it openly in public. I too, likes to wear pantyhose. It gives me that special feeling on my legs and around pubic.

  4. OpaqueforMe says:

    I love wearing pantyhose under my jeans especially when I am working outside. The feeling on my legs is delicious. My legs stay warm and there is no extra bulk from traditional mens long underwear. Today I have on George microfiber tights size 3X from WMart.


  5. Paul says:

    Dear Opaqueforme : Does Walmart carry Silkreflections plus pantyhose? I really like that brand and have not yet bought pantyhose in a store as yet. Thanks Paul

  6. ph4vr says:

    Totally new here and I have to say, pantyhose and heels and topics an pics are just gorgeous!! Wearing with jeans is smokin’ hot- a bit more subtle, yet no doubt, all those who appreciate absolutely notice!!

  7. anotherguy =) says:

    Rhonda said: “I never “cheat” and wear knee-hi’s”

    Well, in my case I “cheat” the other way around 😉
    That is, I wear full pantyhose under my trousers while pretending to be wearing knee-hi socks, cause these are the only ones which are socially acceptable for men to wear.

    I like women just like the next guy. It’s stupid of people to consider you “gay” just because the clothing you choose to wear.

    You women are lucky to get to wear whatever you want without being questioned about it!

  8. loveroftights says:

    Although I prefer women to show off their legs wearing short tight skirts, black tights and heels, I find that black tights and stilettos worn under jeans are such a turn on. If a woman wears tights under jeans it must mean that she likes to wear tights all the time and how I’d love to meet a woman like that.

  9. Really helpful, thanks for posting this

  10. Rik says:

    I always liked jean shorts and tights or pantyhose. I also have been wearing tights with destroyed denim. If there are holes in your jeans and they fit tight, you should be able to wear tights under it so it gives it a different look. Try it.

  11. Pantyhose Lover says:

    I’m a men and I love to wear Pantyhose. I wear them all the time under my jeans. I love the way they feel and look on my leggs. I love walking around my house along with some Hi-heels in my pantyhose. Pantyhose is a big turn on for me, I just wish more women would wear them.

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