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Leggings Time Again

Leggings are also often worn for sports activities. Runners, dancers, and those exercising wear; particularly in cold weather under cheerleading skirts and under soccer and field hockey shin guards and knee socks as black leggings are excellent in retaining body heat. So if you feel support pantyhose might not conceal all your flaws, then opt in for some sexy leggings whether in leather, spandex or shiny metallic material!

Leggings are coming out again this year

Leggings are coming out again this year

Leggings Come In Many Styles

Shiny leggings–leggings that have a shiny, metallic (Lamé (fabric)), or wet-like appearance–emerged as a popular fashion trend in the late-2000s, particularily in 2008. These leggings are most often a blend of nylon and spandex and come in a variety of colors, although most commonly in black, silver, or gold. These types of leggings are notable for their leather, or even latex-like appearance and are most often worn as evening or clubwear.

Shiny leggings are perfect for clubbing next to pantyhose

Shiny leggings are perfect for clubbing next to pantyhose

Leggings for Celebrities

Shiny and leather leggings were featured on fashion runways by many leading designers and were further popularized by celebrities such the Olsen Twins, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and Frida Sanden. Actually the pantyhose fashion trend started about three years ago in LA with leggings heading the charge. Hosiery is so popular in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan has started a successful hosiery company which is flourishing despite a bad economy.

celebrities are wearing leggings regularly in public

celebrities are wearing leggings regularly in public

You might look at these leggings and think about how you owned a pair of as a child, but guess what — they’re back in style again for Spring! Florals aren’t going anywhere this season (that’s a shocker), yet however trite it seems, they’re a wonderful way to add a feminine touch to boyfriend blazers and oversized t-shirts. I know a majority of people own a pair of black spandex leggings, flat and shiny. I even have leggings in chocolate brown like tights and they feel like satin on my legs, very durable and my legs get a ton of compliments when I wear them out.

legging footwear

legging footwear

Leggings Need Footwear

Now I see pretty ladies all dressed up and a cute top and sexy pair of leggings that compliments the whole outfit, except for one detail that killed it…footwear! Nasty dirty flip flops say, LAZY, when you wear them with a sexy legging outfit so stop. High heeled Sandals, Stiletto Pumps, Wedges or my personal favorite, Mules in a five inch spike. Please if you are wearing flip flops this day and age, keep them by the pool like they were meant to be, they are out of style.

leggings footwear

leggings footwear

These leggings are another ’80s revival (along with denim leggings, side ponytails and one shoulder tops) and they’re definitely an item to have fun with. I particularly like this New Look rose print style (£10) as an affordable way to update your wardrobe. I’d wear them with sandals and an oversized top. I also like Urban Outfitters’ printed pair (£24) which would look great with a simple black shift dress or a long tunic.

leggings or pantyhose fashion

leggings or pantyhose fashion

When throwing together your outfit, do you look your best in pantyhose or leggings? Leggings are sexy and fun, but there are times you might a more sheerier form of leg wear such as shimmery pantyhose or opaque tights to compliment your outfit, keep your choices wide open when it comes to leg wear fashion.

What do you think of these sexy leggings in leather, shiny material and black spandex? Will you be wearing them this season again like last year? If you see me in downtown Orlando in Florida this time of the year, you just might see me in my shiny leggings, eh? Do you agree with the video below?

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8 Responses to “Leggings Time Again”

  1. Gentlemen Everywhere! says:

    We *TOTALLY* disagree with this 1 girls opinion on ‘leggings’. Everyone is entitled to their thought on anything, but to announce that ‘this’ is WRONG just because she is not a fan of it – is very stupid. Ultra Stupid. M.t.v. stupid.
    “Look, you can see everything!” she said after trying them on; See what? We can see the shape of her hips (lovely, feminine), we can see the ‘outline’ (only) of her Legs (still lovely), and …nothing else. [We thought “everything” meant something else].
    The same whining came along when Spandex pants were becoming popular. Well, most no one wants to see very out of shape folk wearing them; but other than that they are very very ‘attractive’. That is why they are sold- and they are made to Look and Feel Sexy! If you do not like something like this, it is most likely because you are: jealous, out of shape, insecure, or just the type that complains about most everything.
    Ladies, we Gentlemen love the alluring look of leggings, Tights and especially silky Pantyhose on you. (Even if we are too shy to admit it at 1st!) Be glamorous, beautiful, feminine, sexy & proud. We are only here once.

  2. […] fashions.  Workplace hosiery fashion is often a term that is used to describe the pantyhose or leggings accessories that are worn to work to compliment a woman’s heels.  Many of those individuals […]

  3. Leggings are back this fall, yeah!

  4. Elmer Escoto says:

    Interesting conversation…

  5. Lena says:

    I really like jeans- and shiny-leggings – it’s the perfect outfit for disco and shopping tours 🙂

  6. ron says:

    Is she serious, the point is to show everything isn’t it?

  7. Muskettcat says:

    I agree that not everyone can wear leggings with a t-shirt IE fat pple should NOT do it! But I think they look nice on pple with the right figure. Eg they look fine on this girl. They don’t show ‘everything’.

    It’s ironic that she probably has no qualms about walking around half-naked on the beach in a bikini…

  8. Cicely Kocon says:

    I ran across my brothers Iron Man costume oh the memory of Halloween still shines bright.

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