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Transparent Pantyhose Not Transpantyhose

Transpantyhose is definitely not the same thing as transparent pantyhose when you type it into google, wow! Boy was I blown away when I typed it in by mistake. Still let me share with you my personal experience with high end Transparent Pantyhose.

Transpantyhose Not Transparent Pantyhose Yes

Transpantyhose Not Transparent Pantyhose Yes

Transparent pantyhose are great if you want to visit the beach or attend a sporting event and want to avoid the look of wearing hosiery. They are light enough in denier to feel like you are barely wearing pantyhose with the appearance of having baby oil on your legs.

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You will literally have ladies walking up to you to compliment you on your legs asking what did you do in order to have them look so good. When you inform them of your transparent pantyhose you have on, they will take a double in order to see if you are or not in hosiery.

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When looking to purchase, just make sure you purchase the high end european hosiery brands to get the most comfortable ones to wear on your legs. They feel so good that you just might accidentally fall asleep in them like I did. So next time you want to wear hosiery to make your legs look their best, try out the Transparent Pantyhose and do not google search by accident like I did on Transpantyhose.

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6 Responses to “Transparent Pantyhose Not Transpantyhose”

  1. ohhh my dear Sweet. YES YES, I see, what “Transpantyhose” means, whe I “googled it” but must say, I like to see shemale in pantyhose too.

  2. Jim P. says:

    Absolutely fabulous!!!! transparent or not, the best legs anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Erik & Lindsay says:

    Gorgeous Legs Sweet! The transparent Pantyhose make such a Sensual difference with any outfit. Great pic you have there. We hope to see all sexy Legs wearing them!

  4. Deidre Nylons says:


    I want to second the motion of Laura Marie Martini seeking shemales adorned in transparent pantyhose and sky high heels. Oh please Sweet, if you want to make a heart flutter today.

  5. Tanya Taylor says:

    I so agree with the Transpantyhose sight, let’s see more!! I really love to see real women in pantyhose, but add the shemales and what an awesome sight!!

  6. Victoria says:

    This is nice 🙂 I can use it even I’m wearing bikini’s, Thank you very much for sharing!

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