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Tights or Pantyhose

Tights or Pantyhose 


There is such a big debate online regarding tights or pantyhose as a fashion accessory. Baby boomers say they do not feel properly dressed as a lady without pantyhose on. Generation X says they would not wear pantyhose unless it is required for work, then they go bare legged at special events without pantyhose, opting for tights. I have some interesting facts for you on the next page, just click on the link below:

“Fishnet Tights? Yes. Opaque Tights? Yes. But never pantyhose,” said Jae Barnes, 38, who works at Bluemercury, a cosmetics boutique in Center City Philadelphia. A little lesson in hosiery lingo: Opaque, these days, is synonymous with tights. Pantyhose refers to anything you can see through.

Still, the anti-pantyhose movement doesn’t mean our interest in hosiery has fallen ankle low. According to the NPD Group, a marketing and analysis company, annual hosiery sales have grown 7 percent during the last two years, from $6.1 billion to $6.5 billion.

Of that total, tights sales grew 65 percent in the same two years. While sales of sheer pantyhose rival those of tights, sales of pantyhose fell 7.5 percent from $1.16 billion in 2007 to $1.07 billion in 2008.

Although Tights are hotter to wear (one of the popular complaints of wearing sheer pantyhose), Generation X prefers them over pantyhose that you can see through, go figure. Whether it is pantyhose or tights, hosiery will still have a place in our society.

So be more fashion trendy and stock up on your Tights ladies it appears!

The Standard Favorite Black tights over pantyhose popular today

3 Responses to “Tights or Pantyhose”

  1. Bill says:

    Pantyhose, pantyhose and more pantyhose although I appreciate high gloss tights too if it means I’m going to see more legs with skirts and heels.

  2. […] in legwear fashion such as: footless leggings, shiny pantyhose, black stockings, fashion opaque tights, stockings and knee highs. While you may not necessarily end up buying clothing from the designer […]

  3. chrisso says:

    Here in the UK it doesn’t matter whether it’s sheer, opaque or fishnets, they are all classed as tights. Sadly, the majority of women in this country opt fot bare legs, even in winter. There’s nothing worse than seeing mottled white legs.

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