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Thigh-High Support Stockings

Thigh High Support Stockings Can Be Sexy and Beneficial Medically Also


Stockings are so sexy when the lace tops of them peak out from our skirts, men go ape! Not only do support stockings provide so many benefits medically, such as preventative to varicose veins or those little spider veins that show up as us ladies get older! But men find any kind of stockings sexy on women, so why not look for the new innovative designs that actually feel great on your legs, not those that just compliment the leg. Plus, you can always have fun with your man in bed while you still keep them on (wink)!

Stockings makes you think of the hosiery during World War II that were held up with garter belts and there is nothing wrong with that, incredibly sexy if I do say so myself…yet we are looking for sexy shiny stockings that not only compliment but are a medical benefit as well. There are some made by solidea called “Marilyn’s”, they can take an average looking leg and make it Hot, hot legs look awesome and those with awesome legs, look stunning! I do not care how great your legs look, only 5% of the women in the world possess them, stockings will raise your game ladies!


Those women of us that are trendsetters and are beginning to wear hosiery, especially the support stockings earlier in life will be the ones without varicose or spider veins as we get older. Plus, it goes without much mentioning that men just love to see a woman with enough self confidence that enjoys wearing stockings on her legs, despite the current declining fashion trend to go bare legged.


6 Responses to “Thigh-High Support Stockings”

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  2. Darrell says:

    I think stockings are incredibly beneficial for women they are really good to wear for a little extra support and keep those veins in check also. And they are so sexy looking and feeling they are a must to wear while having fun in bed.

  3. Frank says:


  4. Ed says:

    Wow what a fantastic photograph! I am so impressed with the look down and away, your hair is FANTASTIC not to much highlights just enough to enhance your hair, a perfect nose, no oversized earrings nice shape to your ears, and the half open mouth and closed eyes all enhance this photo, yes it may be about your stockings (and you are so right to say stockings/pantyhose really light a fire in a mans lust mode) that and the mythodical click clack click clack of heels on a granite, tiled floor will make me turn to see who may be playing that magical tune to my ears. I think I need to take a cold shower now.

  5. jackie says:

    she looks comfortable in the stockings! when i dress like that its because i want a guy to force my legs apart and put it in me

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