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Tanning in Stockings at the Beach

Tanning in Stockings at the Beach with Sweet


 So it is the weekend, be sure to have your nylong stockings ready to slip on for your 30 seconds to tanned beautiful legs. Those of us who have a a very busy stressful lifestyle, sometimes we do not have time for tanning…so it goes without saying hosiery is our saving grace when it comes to having tan legs. You can find all sorts of stockings that fit your personality liking:

silk stockings, sheer stockings, compression stockings, fishnet stockings, support stockings, body stockings, lycra stockings, black stockings, vintage stockings, lace stockings or opaque stockings. These are just your choices of stockings or should I say pantyhose, yet in Europe they call hosiery tights!

Yet I love to head to the beach for some tanning, but have found hosiery that makes my legs look tan…while I can tan through them…Awesome!

It is understandable why bare legs are on the way out and hosiery has been on the return since 2002 increasing in popularity! Never in history has an item created such a nationwide pandemonium like the public release of Nylon Stockings May 15, 1940 or since.

Just picture entering into the New York World’s Fair before the war (1940) and spotting “Miss Chemistry” and her female workers wearing “Nylons” for the first time in your life. You can imagine why millions upon millions of sexy support stockings were sold before the decline in production due to the war effect and using the precious sexy feeling material to make life saving parachutes. Ladies had such a desire for the sexy stockings, that it gave birth to a Nylon Black Market. Neighboring store owners would openly fight in the streets over inventory sold by suppliers as they drove up. Once the war was over, black seamed stockings became so popular…leading to a major shift in leg fashion. Also, you can credit stockings to women starting to routinely shave their legs because of the sexy sheerness of the silk stockings against their legs. Once hem lines went way up with the mini, pantyhose were born and took over the market. So now you know the history of hosiery from the war and how pantyhose rose from the popular stockings that started it all for the modern woman. Even though pantyhose today can be called: tights, stockings or just by their name pantyhose!

You can see by the pictures above from SweetnPantyhose by permission to post here, that there is hosiery you can wear to the beach to tan through and they make your legs look great while you are waiting for your tan to catch up. Plus, with stockings or pantyhose on, you never have to worry about the little flying insects irritating your legs. You might say, what if I want to go take a dip in the water, what then? Not a problem, the higher end hosiery dries quickly and will minimize a sting if a jelly fish or manawar is in the water, giving you time to get out of the water. I would just be sure to remove the crotch panel with a pair of scissors if you are prone to yeast infections.

So next time you head to the beach, slip on a pair of 10 – 15 denier stockings like the Pretty Polly Oil Sheen pantyhose. Not only will it look like you have tan legs with baby oil on them, others will walk up asking if you have pantyhose on, not sure since they are so transparent. If you want to test for yourself like I did one weekend, I put on leg in the hosiery and left the other one bare…the following day you could not tell the difference, enjoy!

5 Responses to “Tanning in Stockings at the Beach”

  1. pete Davies says:

    I used to live in cocoa beach and i used slip on a pair of pantyhose and walk down the beach in pantyhose and just a ron jons tee shirt. i felt so sexy and alive it is wonderful!

  2. Jenny says:

    I have never tried this look. Wouldnt it look like im wearing nylons with my swimsuit? Or can i find a pair that looks like its my skin?

  3. ModGal says:

    Jenny, if you would like the look of not wearing Pantyhose when you are wearing them, just wear the most sheer and nude pair you can find. I recommend something at about 10 denier (thin-ness rating). But buy a good brand name- the feeling is great- and the compliments are better.

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