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Stillettos With Pantyhose

Wearing Stillettos with pantyhose is beginning a new trend into a fashion statement by young college girls in today’s world. It is interesting to note that Stillettos with pantyhose, although not as large in number, but is showing up in teen girls as well with women. Women who wear Stillettos with pantyhose find themselves more self confident as it gives them a more trendy sexy appearance and with a feel of more power over situations that arise.

Stillettos with pantyhose fashion trend

Research shows that females are usually not as tall than males.  Stillettos with pantyhose are the best option for those ladies to look tall and slender; it accolades the just how sexy a woman’s legs really can be when properly complimented.  Stillettos with pantyhose are not for only looking tall and slender,  but there are so many more advantages. In the next section we will discuss the advantages of wearing Stillettos with pantyhose.

Stillettos with pantyhose fashion trend

Advantages of  Stillettos with pantyhose on those lovely legs of yours:

Stillettos with pantyhose were equally admired in the past as well as other fashion trends however; in this recent new millenium now one can find all sorts of exciting patterns and shapes in Stillettos with pantyhose. There are pantyhose for matching your dress and stillettos. Women who perform Salsa dance also can find Stillettos with pantyhose set off their Salsa dress and their legs get double takes by the men more often. Let’s have a swift look on the advantages of wearing Stillettos with pantyhose.

Tall Slender Look

A tall woman in Stillettos with pantyhose always looks sensual and more refined. Women that usually steer clear of Stillettos with pantyhose for the reason of being too tall are missing the boat.  Shorter females are enjoying good height with the choice of wearing Stillettos with pantyhose to look elegant and gorgeous.

Stillettos with pantyhose fashion trend for your clothes


World of glamour and fashion is built around women in Stillettos with pantyhose. We now have prospect to attend dressed well to a lot of family functions and community celebrations. Every woman is pleased to look special when standing among other ladies.  Stillettos with pantyhose now come in so many different varieties of fashion and greatly enhance your  physical appearance. Wearing different and exclusive stylish Stillettos with pantyhose means you will get plenty of attention. So many females are discovering Stillettos with pantyhose like a new hair style once they experiement wearing them with an outfit.

Good body posture

Stillettos with pantyhose promotes a women to sustain good body posture. Females who wear Stillettos with pantyhose routinely easily maintain attractive body posture when out and about in public. It builds great self confidence in them when they are carrying themselves. However, the women who rarely wear Stillettos with pantyhose find it hard to feel comfortable. They are always perplexed wearing a new thing if it will look good on them or not. Similar thing happens when a woman wears Stillettos with pantyhose for the first time unsure of the reactions of others when they notice her.  She generally fails in embarrassment with thinking if Stillettos with pantyhose would look great on her or not, then decides on not taking the risk. The best idea is to  walk wearing Stillettos with pantyhose at home before going out in public to build your self confidence in this new fashion trend, so you feel comfortable with it first. This will save you from any distress when you go out in a festivity or gathering.

Stillettos with pantyhose fashion trend for the legs

Good looking legs in Stillettos with pantyhose

Long legs are always desirable in Stillettos with pantyhose by any female. Stillettos with pantyhose amplify the beauty of your legs, hiding any blemishes and make them shapelier. Stillettos with pantyhose are perfect for women who wear short skirts as it gives that one of a kind magnificent look to their legs that can only be attained through wearing hosiery.

Stillettos with pantyhose complementary to all your clothes

Always match your Stillettos with pantyhose with your clothes. Look at your outfits and I am sure you can always find the right hosiery and footwear to match them. With corporate attire, it is always great to wear conical stillettos with black pantyhose. Similarly if you like wearing trousers or wide bottom jeans, platforms stillettos with suntan pantyhose are the best option for you. Now at functions where you don’t want to show Stillettos with pantyhose to others you can wear them under Saris or long skirts.

15 Responses to “Stillettos With Pantyhose”

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  2. Deidre Robinson says:

    I have worn pantyhose with stillettos my whole adult life. The reaction I get from men is marvelous!

    It makes a woman so powerful and admired.

    I spend a lot of my budget on both pantyhose and stillettos. I’ve spent as much as $55 a pair for pantyhose (Wolfords) and as much as $759 on a pair of Stillettos.

    My collection is close to what Melda Marcos had at the time she was revealed to be a shoe whore. I consider myself to be a shoe whore as well.
    Deidre Nylons

  3. Keen On Sheen says:

    Deidre *siiiigh*

  4. Brad says:

    I think nylons and high heels really work for us (men).
    I’ve loved them all my life and they really turn me on.

    Sitting somewhere in public and seeing a women dangle her shoe,makes me hot!
    I wish I could see you.



  5. Andy says:


    Yes nylon and high heel realy works for us men.

    Not being as tall as I want to be I´ve started wearing high heels. One thing lead to another. Wearing high heel I found out me starting wearing nylon (panyhose) my heels fitted me better, IT LOOKED BETTER TOO! Wearing pantyhos the next thing for me was panties. Wearing panties my pantyhose fits better. My pants, my dressy slacks, my lady styled jeans fits better. Looks better And guys it feels great wearing this too.

    Since the last 8-10 months have started wearing skirts. In public, to office. Dressing as a woman from my waist and down.
    It feels great, I feel cool, I feel sexy. One other thing, wearing a skirt and high heels I feel a little more powerful. Can´t explain it but I do feel a bit powerful.
    Wearing a skirt and high heels I´m always wearing nylons pantyhose or stockings. Perferable pantyhose, they´re more comfortable to wear a whole day to office and I can wear a bit shorter skirt.
    I´ve been out wearing nylon stocking and a garter belt set with suspenders on special occasions but as for my dayly kind of nylons I prefer pantyhose.

    Wearing a skirt to office every day now I´m also wearing pantyhose every day.
    There is nothing more elegant then wearing sheer nylons when you wearing a nice looking skirt and good looking sexy high heels.
    Wearing nylons makes my legs look longer slender more good looking, more sexy. I feel safer, more comfy about it wearing nylons to a short skirt and high heels. Getting a loot of looks and comments both from men and women (mostly from other women) it feels more appropirate wearing nylons.
    Its also that in the office were I work women aren´t supposed to wear bare legs. Wearing a skirt or a dress they´re supposed to wear nylons. Being dressed as a woman from my waist and down this also includes me. Wearing a skirt I´m supposed to wearing nylons just as the other women working here.
    I must say I don´t mind at all. Its GREAT wearing panties, pantyhose high heels and skirt! I LOVE IT! FEELS SEXY TOO!
    My partner tells me I spend a fortune on high heels and nylons but that´s because I have too.

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  11. robin says:

    A woman who wears pantyhose knows that she has a leg up on any woman that does not! Men love the look and feel of pantyhose…it is the most sexiest garment she can wear. Why do you think men go to Hooters?
    Surely not for the wings!!!

  12. phlover4life says:

    I agree with robin, a woman who wears pantyhose is light years ahead of those who are bare-legged. I saw this first-hand at a graduation party I went to long ago. The party was at a park. “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV show was in vogue at the time, and two women wore Daisy Dukes and pantyhose, while all of the others just wore shorts. I observed that the ones just wearing shorts got polite conversation that was almost irritating to the men, who, along with me, were fixated on the two that were wearing pantyhose and hovered around those two as much as they could. I hadn’t even heard of the TV show at the time, but I wish more of my female classmates had!

  13. Steven says:

    I totally agree.. as a man, i am always looking at womens legs and i tend to be attracted to those who wear nylons at anytime of year. I know alot of the younger women don’t, guess it will take them alittle longer to realize that men find it so sexy… of course when at the beach its not suitable but for going out in the evenings or simply to impress your partner.. why not… my gf did it for awhile but after she discovered my fetish for it, she stopped…i didn’t stick around much longer since other areas of her life seemed to be too much trouble, i knew i could find someone else more compatable….Great site.. love the fact that you’re a Canadian girl…. xoxo…

  14. admin says:

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  15. fb says:

    I’ve always been turned on by a woman wearing pantyhose, especially with pumps, especially conventional – not patterned, and especially color-coordinated. A fuchsia or light blue dress with suntan pantyhose generally is dynamite, even black pantyhose with either. A woman who “mixes it up” turns me to jelly, e.g. doesn’t wear the same shade everyday, but maybe a handful of different shades. I used to work near one like this, and I was turned on every day, all day, as she almost always work a dress or a skirt and heels. Not surprisingly, I was rarely sick. Form-fitting skirts, especially with a slit, are another vulnerability for me. I watched the season 5-opening of Mad Men last night, and even though that was several years before my time, that was what it was like in school, church, work, parties, etc. The fond memories just rushed back, I was like a deer in headlights.

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