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Shiny Hosiery Support or Not

Shiny Hosiery is one of my favorite type of pantyhose to wear as a fashion statement for me legs with all my outfits. As the fall weather begins, shiny hosiery of all kinds are sure to be spotted out and about.  Whether it is opaque tights or sheer pantyhose the fall season does start the beginning of the hosiery season!

Shiny Hosiery Always Gets Compliments

Shiny Hosiery Always Gets Compliments

Why Shiny Hosiery Not Popular

Perhaps the reason hosiery is part of many women’s fall/winter wardrobe is simply for warmth so their legs do not freeze.  However, I believe that if women have the luxury of seeing all the many brands and styles that are available today, they may have a change of heart.  I think there are two main reasons women have been turned off of hosiery, one being the original 100% nylon “one size fits all” type and second being the simple fact of purchasing the wrong size.

Let’s take a closer look at these possibilities.  One of the most uncomfortable feelings is having your tights (I personally remember this as a young girl) hanging in the crotch!  You spend a majority of your time pulling them up, but to no avail.  Now add this discomfort to the scratchy feeling of 100% nylon against your skin! No wonder a majority of women do not like or wear hosiery.

Shiny Hosiery Is Seductive At Night

Shiny Hosiery Is Seductive At Night

Now on the other hand, if a woman has the resource and ability to experience some of the finer brands and styles she may change her mind and be more receptive to wearing hosiery. Nothing feels better against your skin then a properly fitting of shiny, silky pantyhose.  I speak from experience, being a woman who wears them all the time with everything! Aside from the way you can get them to fit you and the fabulous materials they use in this finer brands, durability is another great feature!  Most of the time the less expensive brands are good for one wearing where the finer ones can be washed several times for numerous wears.  I keep referring to finer brands and styles, now let’s look at some of these brands and styles

Falke Shelina Hipster Tights

Wolford offers a huge array of styles.  Whether it be an opague pair of velvety tights of a sheer pair of shiny pantyhose.  They have it all! There prices range from about $20.00 up (way up, lol). Sizing goes from XS to XL.   I do have to say the durability is also incredible.  I have a pair of black opague tights that have lasted 8 years!

Shiny Hosiery On Vacation Gets You Waited On Faster

Shiny Hosiery On Vacation Gets You Waited On Faster

Types of Shiny Hosiery

Falke, Pretty Polly, Cecelia de Rafael and Charnos just to mention a few all offer superior quality in an array of styles.  Cecelia de Rafael for example has a large selection of super shiny hosiery!  I mean some styles that make your legs look flawless with a shine that looks so natural, like you just oiled your legs! Falke offers an awesome style that are “hipsters”.  These are perfect for the current fashion trend.  Pretty Polly and Charnos have a couple of styles that offer some of the shiniest hosiery I have ever tried.

Whether you like opague or shiny hosiery, take the challenge this fall and treat yourself to one of the many finer brands of hosiery.  Be sure to purchase the proper size and experience some of the fabulous feeling hosiery available today.  Who knows maybe you will enjoy them and might include them in your wardrobe year round and end up enjoying your legs in shiny hosiery 🙂

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6 Responses to “Shiny Hosiery Support or Not”

  1. Phil says:

    Great comments Sweet. It’s most exciting hearing your thoughts on pantyhose and the sincerity you speak with. Speaking as a man with an ernormious fetish for attractive women wearing phose, a few other brand that I find have a great shine are Levante,Leg Avenue, Givenchy and some Victoria Secrets. Depending on the denier or thickness,the support and compression element comes about. Actually 15 to 20 denier are some of my favorite to view and touch. They seem to be more durable as well after wash and wear.

    Thanks for the great conversation and all the attention you give to hosiery, sheer hosiery at that. It’s always a pleasure seeing you and hearing your thoughts.

    What are some of your favorite sites to shop that offer the best values in phose?



  2. Fidjar says:

    Nice pantyhose…Is it my imagination or do thicker pantyhose look more shiny?

  3. tony says:

    very nice i need to look after your pantyhose please please and tickle your pretty feet so good so nice

  4. skate_safari says:

    lovely pictures as always….thanks for the article too!

  5. james says:

    myself I love all hosiery but the shiny ones I love most of all I have many brands and styles the support the way they make my legs look the warmth plus the feel when wearing am a straight male not a fetish thing with me I just love wearing great article sweet btw

  6. james says:

    I always by women’s hosiery I find there is a better selection of colors

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