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Radio City Rockettes Pantyhose Experience

Radio City Rockettes Pantyhose Experience in Danskin Tights


Radio City Rockettes are the world famous precision dance troop with the most leggy ladies in pantyhose! Yet do you know what kind of hosiery the Radio City Rockettes wear presently as of October 2008? The perfect hosiery company to partner with the girls is Danskin and they used 1,200 pairs of Capezio Pantyhose for the month-long run of just one of their shows.

When you first hear of Danskin tights, you think of dance class or ice skating, but now you will also associate Danskin with the Radio City Rockettes and their beautiful outfits.

Now that Danskin is the preferred dancewear and legwear of the Radio City Rockettes, we just might start seeing Danskin commercials with them being showcased. I remember working out in the 80’s in suntan Danskin tights thinking every now and then of the Radio City Rockettes while stretching, without realizing one day they would be a sponsor of them.


You can check out the new costumes and tights being demonstrated by two of the Radio City Rockettes for the camera’s, which are supplied by the Danskin company! I wear the Danskin for my Halloween Costumes, yet look forward to the day they will return to the workout gyms.

 Some other pantyhose you might find of interest for wearing below, you do not need to be a Radio City Rockette to enjoy pantyhose:


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  4. Binky says:

    I really long for the days of pantyhose and tights.
    Bare legs are so boring!!!

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