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Premier Public Pantyhose Fashion Website Has Been Launched For Fashion Lovers

“Leg wear is becoming a very popular trend among today’s women. Since there is undoubtedly a growing demand for hosiery in a number of creative style directions, many women plan to inundate the fashion market with a flurry of fashionable pantyhose designs.”


Ontario, Canada – 19th March 2009 – The general outset on hosiery among young females is Pantyhose. Pantyhose are still considered a favorite among many women worldwide. There is still an upswing in leg wear sales in the past three years and the most popular hosiery are, the footless tights, leggings and fishnets. has some exclusive pantyhose fashion pictures which every woman loves. The pictures include stockings, nylons, tights, silk stockings, body stockings, footless tights, thigh high stockings and support hosiery complimented by everyday outfits.

Sugababes for sweetnpantyhose

Sweet (a fashion enthusiast) started the website mainly for the purpose of sharing her insights on pantyhose.

She said that, “Being online in the pantyhose community since 2001, I have been asked tons of questions regarding hosiery, and I am going to share some of the most interesting ones in the website I know for a fact that majority of men love to see a lady wearing shiny sheer to waist pantyhose in suntan, the sight of the waistband peeking out above the top of the skirt, shorts or pants is a turn on”.


“I have always had a passion for pantyhose fashion, without knowing the powerful effect they had on men.” Sweet Added

pantyhose addict

Today’s modern world has become a great place for fashion lovers. The main thing which a normal women focus on is the way she looks. There are many online websites which are especially made for fashion loving women. is one among them.

So people who are urging to have a relaxed lifestyle of pantyhose can take a look at the website and attend various Official Sweet Events through out the year!

2 Responses to “Premier Public Pantyhose Fashion Website Has Been Launched For Fashion Lovers”

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  2. randy says:

    Not only fashion pantyhose and tights are for women but for men also. We all have legs and can benefit from the benefits of wearing like warmth, support , look , feel etc. Hosiery was worn by men back through the centuries then became a staple in women’s fashion. There’s nothing wrong with men wearing in my opinion as long as it’s done correctly. I myself being straight wear daily as fashion just not openly being society can’t accept men wearing they look back their ancestors wore long ago. Few men wear for other reasons but it’s those that give men that wear as fashion a bad name.

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