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Peavey Pantyhose That Hooters Made Famous

 Peavey Pantyhose That Hooters Made Famous


 Purchase 3 pair of Peavey Shiny Glossy Pantyhose NOW!

**NOTE: These Hooter Pantyhose are great for both women and men.**


3 Pair Peavey New Suntan pantyhose.  These pantyhose DO NOT have a cotton panel / liner.

If you have never worn sheer pantyhose, now you have the opportunity to experience total freedom with comfort and sexually attraction from the opposite sex. This yarn for the Peavey Pantyhose is very soft, silky, very elastic and creates a beautiful shiny finish to make your legs look their best. No Cotton Gusset / Crotch (completely sheer), sheer toe for open toed sandals. These premium Peavey Pantyhose are of the highest quality and second to none.

These are the Genuine, Real and New in Package Peavey Pantyhose!

World Famous Sports Bar Waitress Uniform Pantyhose!

Super Strong / Durable Pantyhose made to last a long time

Wear & Wash Over & Over

Semi Opaque (Hides Imperfections)

20 Denier (Thick / Strong Material)

These Sexy Shimmery and Flattering support at work, social occassion, working out or stage. Sheer to waist, sheer toe with feet. Small reinforced cotton panel. Hides blemishes and imperfections. Extremely sexy and charming with a Glossy appearance.

These will give your legs the attention they deserve

Descreet Shipping in a plain envelope with the label below:


Premium Quality Hooter Girl Pantyhose

The ultimate in look, comfort, support and durabilitySheer to waist, sheer toe
Extremely Durable
Double Stitched
NO Cotton Panel
Leg Flattering Support
Conceals Blemishes
Glossy Appearance 

Peavey pantyhose offer slight – moderate compression on your body from the waist to the toes.  When worn, the shiny satin appearance combines with a comfortable elasticized fit which gives you long lasting strength.

Slight / Moderate Compression:

Helps prevent blood falling to your ankles/lower legs
Helps prevent swelling of feet, ankles and legs and relieve tired legs

Some Men wear these to help blood flow in the legs.

Woman love to wear these not only for the latest fashion trend, but also to keep them relaxed and rejuvenated all day long while enhancing the natural beauty of their legs. 

Peavey Pantyhose and Tamara Pantyhose Size Chart below:


Peavey pantyhose are semi opaque (about 20 – 30 denier) which hides minor imperfections and skin blemishes for most men and women.  Stronger and longer lasting than sheer pantyhose.  Semi Opaque means you can see your leg through the weave (skin color) so these do not completely color you legs the color of the pantyhose.

Peavey Pantyhose are a Favorite and a Must Have Uniform Component for the World Famous Sports Bar Waitresses!!

Peavey Premium Quality Hosiery is truly lingerie for your legs; luxurious and glamorous.  Trusted, preferred and exceptional reputation – these Hooter Girl pantyhose have been the number one choice for the World Famous Sports Bar Restaurants, such as Hooters, for over 10 years.  Now, they are sold all over the US and around the world as the number one uniform hosiery to many other industries as well as our famous sports bar restaurant, Hooters.  Check out the pictures below of Peavey Pantyhose regularly worn by Sweet from SweetnPantyhose

Peavey pantyhose feature sheer waist, sheer toe design with reinforced crotch, double stitching and leg flattering support.  Peavey‘s lightweight, sheer support pantyhose are made with a very durable lycra / nylon blend, concealing minor imperfections while adding a brilliantly shiny appearance to your legs.

PEAVEY PANTYHOSE are a higher quality than Tamara’s…Perfect for men and women, waitresses, bartenders, models, photography, stage work, crossdressers, female impersonators, executive/professional men / woman, dancers, cheerleaders (professional & collegiate), figure skaters, skaters (amateur/professional), nurses, flight attendants, aerobics/fitness instructors, clubbing, dress up, fantasy, costumes…Purchase your 3 Pair of New Peavey Pantyhose Now!


Be sure when order through Paypal that you place what size and shade you want in the note to seller area! This applies to 3 pair at a time. Pick the PAY NOW button below to purchase 3 New Pairs of Peavey Pantyhose with FREE SHIPPING for $ 41.00


Remember these are not the cheaper Tamara’s, that come in the same box as the High Quality Peavey Pantyhose being sold here! Majority of the Hooter Restaurants have dropped the Peavey Pantyhose and have gone to the cheaper Tamara’s to save money, although Winghouse in Florida still use the Peavey Pantyhose.

Not happy with just 3 pair of the New Peavey Pantyhose, then buy 6 pair below. Remember you can pick the size and shade for every 3 pair you purchase by mentioning in the “note to seller” box as you are paying through Paypal.


Halloween is coming and these are perfect for those sexy costumes, get stocked up now!

SIZE A – 5’0″ Up To 120 Lbs

SIZE B – 5’3″ Up To 135 Lbs

SIZE C – 5’6″ Up To 155 Lbs

SIZE LONG (D) – 5’8″ and above to 165 Lbs



High Gloss Suntan (Hooter Orange Tint)

High Gloss Skin Tone (Warm Skin Tan)

High Gloss Coffee Bean (Dark Brown)

High Gloss White (Nurse White)

What if the item is defected?

All items are brand new, unopened and will be sent in the original manufacturer’s packaging. If there is defect, it will be a manufacture defect. Please accept our sincere apologies and rest assure, we will take care of it as soon as it is brought to our attention. If your item is defected, we will exchange it for exact same item only.



For all other items (NOT INCLUDING HOSIERY):

* In order to maintain our low prices, we don’t usually offer returns/exchanges.  However, upon consideration.. email us with any problems and we can go from there…

*If you qualify, REFUNDS are given via PayPal, upon the return and inspection of the item.  Item must be returned in same condition as received and with the item number and the reason for the return.  Failure to include this information will delay the refund process.

*REFUNDS are given via PayPal, upon the return and inspection of the item.  Item must be returned in the same condition as received with the item number and the reason for the return.  Failure to include this information will delay the refund process.


*We are not responsible for return shipping cost.

*Original Shipping & Handling Cost are non-refundable.

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22 Responses to “Peavey Pantyhose That Hooters Made Famous”

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  3. Mike says:

    I have to dissagree, I am very dissapointed in Peavey pantyhose as is my Fiance. I am luck myself to get 2 wearing out of them before they give at the center seam. Leggs Sheer Energy are better quality and cheaper.

  4. rick says:

    the peavey pantyhose is not what my wife expected they snagged the first time she tried to put them on . we think that they are cheaply maid will not every purchase them again.she really likes the hanes alive shere

  5. Matt says:

    Try calling (813) 884-3905. Peavey Pantyhose won’t bother returning your call if you have bad Peavey Pantyhose. Peavey Pantyhose won’t Take returns unless you by DIRECT from Peavey Hosiery. Hooters Stopped using Peavey Pantyhose on Hooters Uniforms last Year. Hooters and Show Me’s both use Tamara Pantyhose.

  6. Deanna says:

    I tried using your Peavey Pantyhose and I see why Hooters changed and are selling the Tamara Pantyhose. Two of the 3 pairs had flaws and since you don’t take returns I tried to call Peavey Hosiery. No Luck, No Answer, Requested a return call on a voice message and still waiting…. it’s been 2 months. Peavey Pantyhose must be paying you to trash Tamara, but the TAMARA pantyhose I purchased was flawless and was worth what I paid.

  7. Goth Girl says:

    Email me I’ll do sexy photos in hose

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  9. Jennifer says:

    I think its freakin to high priced for 3 pairs of hose i can go to hooters and get 3 pairs of the same thing out of the machin in the bathroom for 4.00 a pair thats a savings of 28.00 way to high priced

  10. Go go Girl says:

    Peavey Pantyhose Suck. Tamara are so much better. The new ones are a new fabric and are LOW RISE YES!!! peavey hosiery sux I’m a Hooters Girl and I pay $4 a pair… this site is a rip off

  11. breaaker bar says:

    who is the old woman wearing the hose?

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  13. PH Dave says:

    Over the past few months as I’m replenishing and adding to my pantyhose supply, I have been going strictly Peavey. For fit and appearance they are second to none. Durability is also outstanding. I like the 20 denier pantyhose a lot and I love the 40 denier shiny tights. For some reason though, the tights are larger in size, even though they are both size Q and the size charts are identical. My only criticism of both products is they don’t have a real nice silky texture to them. On a scale of 1 t0 10 I would give the the pantyhose an overall rating of 7 and the shiny tights an 8. I’m going to get some of the 40 denier micro fibre tights and give them a try also. Overall though, I cold easily see myself using Peavey exclusively.

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