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Which Celebs Wear Pantyhose With High Heels

Pantyhose with high heels might not be the fashion accessories of choice where you live, yet Celebs keep popping up in them daily! We noticed three years ago pantyhose with high heels was being worn by a few high profile celebs, especially Lindsay Lohan who was HOT at the time in the tabloids. Do you know which celebs wear pantyhose with high heels, stilettos or platforms? Then post in the comment section below!

Pantyhose with High Heels can be very sexy

Pantyhose with High Heels can be very sexy

Take the time to google “celebs pantyhose” and you will see so many celebrities wearing pantyhose with high heels or platforms that you will lose count, seriously! Let me challenge you this  and go get your digital camera if it has a timer on it or have your companion take your pic. Get one picture of your bare legs with flip flops, then one with shimmery high end pantyhose and stilettos on….compare! Us ladies wear makeup, keep up or some of us keep up with fashion trends that you can still use the clothing items after the trend has passed, but hosiery used wisely will always have your lovely legs complimented.

Saying pantyhose are too tight, bind, sag or run easily is a cop out these days. You deserve to treat yourself right and you may not be able to afford a new sports car, but you can European Hosiery from the department store.  Also the pantyhose such as the Wolford’s brand last so many wearings and washings, they are cheaper in the long run. You do not see Celebs wearing drugstore pantyhose with high heels, but high end hosiery such as:

Pretty Polly, Wolford, Levanate, Hues, Spanx

So go grab your Stilettos and Hose to wear out this weekend and be a Celeb in your area with Sunglasses on! You will love the attention and feel of the high end pantyhose on your legs, you deserve it!

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  1. PYPantyhose says:

    Great post.

    Want to see some great pics of women in pantyhose, including celebs? Check out:

  2. Marc says:

    Nice info…bring back hoseiry…

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