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Sexy Pantyhose Sheer To Waist Coming Back?

Pantyhose sheer to waist is a wondrous accessory for ladies, that we like to call lingerie for the legs! Some females curse them openly, yet there is an underground tsunami of support for Pantyhose sheer to waist fashion today in the way of leggings, tights, footless hosiery and now the famous Body Shaper’s called Spanx!

Sheer To Waist Pantyhose

Let’s take a look at  a majority of men today on how they view and feel about Pantyhose sheer to waist when it comes to the appearance, the feel when they touch a female wearing Pantyhose sheer to waist and the sound of nylon/spandex swishing while strutting your stuff. This article is dedicated to my late wife in the picture above that shared my passion for pantyhose fashion.

I believe you just might be surprised at how men feel about Pantyhose sheer to waist on us ladies after we get to the end of this informative article, I know I was!

Pantyhose sheer to waist Look Craved?

As a male growing up in the 70′ s and 80′ s it was a glorious time to appreciate all the ladies who enjoyed Pantyhose sheer to waist fashion. I can recall from memory females in spandex mini skirts, shiny tan Pantyhose sheer to waist with crew socks in sneakers, so sexy! Pantyhose  ruled back then, when it came to the club scene and it was normal to see a girl in high heels, hosiery and mini skirt.

My most favorite was the health club while working out, it was rare to see a woman without Pantyhose sheer to waist or tights on, especially in a thong leotard, help me! The high impact aerobics class, I took with a friend before our workout, we were always behind these ladies in coffee shiny tights and thong leotards, even the instructor once said her husband made the comment on being the luckiest man in the world, “To come home to find his wife in tights and a thong leotard!”.

sheer to waist pantyhose

Now we see comments from young men that would appreciate if a small percentage of girls would once again revive Pantyhose sheer to waist fashion.

Comments on site:.
You are incredible and your husband has got to be the happiest guy on this earth, lol. If most women only knew how sexy Pantyhose sheer to waist really are, they would be wearing them all the time like you:-RRB-

I would love to be able to hang out with you or a woman with a passion for Pantyhose sheer to waist like you … I would be offering my skills in foot & leg massage to you constantly, lol. Hey if you have an extra minute or two email me back … I would be thrilled to say the least!

I like it when a lady wears black tights or black Pantyhose sheer to waist with their short dress or miniskirt. Or any other dark color, such as blue. -Dave.

Thanks for the link outlaw! I am Lori, 48 leggy female, who has worn some type of hosiery since i was a young girl. My mother raised me saying a lady always covers their legs when wearing a skirt or dress … yeah, so i am showing my age. -Lori.

Pantyhose sheer to waist Feel Sensual To The Touch

It amazes me as a male when I hear a woman that hates Pantyhose sheer to waist. First I ask her when was the last time she wore hosiery and what brand were they? Usually I hear it has been several years and that it really doesn’t matter what brand they were … all Pantyhose  are bad!”.
To me this sounds very uninformed with all the new brands and styles invading the USA from Europe.

There are many events and perfect occasions to wear these special types of sexy hosiery, such as Daytona Beach Bike Week or Fantasy Fest in the Keys.

Pantyhose sheer to waist Sound Really?

The first time I heard this from a man sharing this with me, I was so shocked that men who have the passion for Pantyhose sheer to waist fashion, even know the sound of a woman walking in Pantyhose sheer to waist!

There are many celebrities such as Sofia Vergara that regularly enjoy wearing tights, leggings and Pantyhose sheer to waist. Those that step out and make their own fashion trend work for them, stand out and get noticed as a self confident empowered woman of today!


5 Responses to “Sexy Pantyhose Sheer To Waist Coming Back?”

  1. Michael says:

    I love seeing a woman wearing pantyhose. Good lord it makes a woman sexy and classy.

  2. Erik says:

    Terrific write-up and pics!
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Detlef Moose says:

    I was almost shocked when I found out that sheer to waist pantyhose are apparently out of fashion in the States. I -as a male!- bought my first sheer to waist pantyhose (the brand name was “cling-a-long”) in NYC in 1976 (I still have it !) and love those type of pantyhose ever since ! In Germany, my home country, those pantyhose – like other things, too – became fashion only many years, or even decades later ! So they are still fashionable here now and have a big variety of choice in Europe.
    I like them – especially the lycra spandex types – because they are feeling and loking as well very sexy!

  4. LMAO says:

    Cool article, but why do you need to litter the whole thing with repetitive keywords such as “pantyhose sheer to waist”. It’s one thing to just mention it (which is normal in an article about pantyhose), and another thing to repeat that four word sequence no less than 20 times!

    Well, I’ll give you extra help you with web positioning 😉
    “pantyhose sheer to waist”
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    “pantyhose sheer to waist”

    I really love “pantyhose sheer to waist” 😉

  5. Bobby says:

    I love sheer energy pantyhose from legs when women wear them I love the way the gleam when they wearing them super glossy suntan pantyhose. The other pantyhose are are Hooters I love Hooters pantyhose they are my favorite

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