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Seamless Pantyhose Machine


 Seamless Pantyhose Machine new by KARL MAYER

Although machines that make seamless pantyhose are not a new invention, this new machine that makes seamless pantyhose offers reliable performance for a relatively low cost and carries the quality since it is manufactured by the KARL MAYER. The compact DJ 4/2 only requires a small workforce to supervise and maintain it, which makes it possible for new smaller companies to start up in the hosiery sector making pantyhose seamless.


Wolford has some of the most excellent quality Seamless Pantyhose in the world today. The Pantyhose feel so luxurious on your legs, that it can be addicting. Victoria’s Secret took their pantyhose seamless off of the market two years ago from slumping sales, although they were just as high quality if not better than the Wolford’s. It will be interesting to try out the new pantyhose that are seamless, once they are made on this machine.

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  1. JennyLee-ph says:

    I absolutely love the Wolford’s Fatal ranges (seamless) . They are the most comfy tights I’ve ever worn and lasts longer than the usual sheer pantyhoses such as Levante,Rede, Oroblu or Fogal. These are sensually seductive seamless nylons.

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