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Pantyhose Will Make Your Legs Sizzle Without Over Heating You?

Pantyhose have gotten a bad rap when it comes to the new generation, I found many of the reasons for not wearing pantyhose are just not true, go figure! I have found the perfect pantyhose to wear in the hottest summers that will make your legs sizzle with compliments that you will actually forget that you have them on!

Pantyhose that will get complimentsYou will notice some shine on the photo above because we used flash to high light the shine when we take pictures! These are the perfect pantyhose for Hot temperatures, I even wore them to the SAR’s open air concert in Toronto, Ontario the whole day out in the sun with no problems! They come in Tan or Bronze, with Bronze being my most favorite shade for hosiery!

If you want your legs to get noticed and noticed quickly, I am going to share the points you must look for in sexy hosiery. I have posted surveys over the years and it comes down to shade, appearance and believe it or not, feel!

Pantyhose Shade That Burns Into A Man’s Mind

When posting surveys I have included the routine shades: Suntan, Nude, Black, Off Black, Navy, White, Taupe. But to be fair I also included Opaque colors, even the bright ones available through Wolford which you cannot obtain in the USA with various patterns. When I mention pattern pantyhose, I am not implying the scratching cotton ones, but the silky luxurious ones by the European Hosiery manufacturers.

Each time I run a survey I usually stop around 500 votes, but have let them run on at times, to only discover the same shade wins out every time, even if I put it at the end of the survey.  Majority of men find this shade so sexy on a ladies legs, they comment that they have no problem shamelessly staring when noticing a woman wearing Suntan hosiery.

Pantyhose Appearance That Cast’s A Spell On Men

You will find hosiery comes in many finishes to compliment your sexy or casual outfit for the day or evening. Matte finish is usually found in some tights and pantyhose, usually when manufactured with a small percentage of spandex or Lycra in them. Shimmery has a slight hint of shine when the light strikes it the right way, otherwise you will have a difficult time noticing them on your legs in regular lighting. Shiny is always noticeable on your legs, but says here I am all sexy just for your viewing pleasure.

During surveys that same with suntan being a majority of men’s favorites, this finish always wins out as the number appearance that is considered sexy when wearing hosiery. Shiny is hands down the winner and will definitely get you  noticed and compliments by the men. Now the men will not say great looking pantyhose for the fear of being called weird, but they will say, “I have to let you know that you have great looking legs!” That is a males way of letting you know they enjoy seeing you in hosiery believe it or not, just a tip!

Pantyhose Feel Can Be Sensual

So many ladies have missed the boat after being forced to wear cheap drugstore hosiery on their legs as a young women. If work requires you to wear them daily and you have never worn hosiery regularly before it is completely understandable. First you want the cheapest ones you can find so you do not spend a lot of money, but that is the first mistake. If you are going to have to wear hosiery, then why not spoil your legs to a piece of heaven and splurge on yourself, you are worth it yes?

First the higher priced tights from Europe last much longer and feel so great on your legs that you can actually take a nap in them without feeling uncomfortable, just ask our daughter when she goes out clubbing. Second the heavier denier feels very light on your legs with the higher quality yarn that is used and innovative stitching used, making them much durable for everyday wear.

Yet after saying off of this above, what do men love to feel when they touch your legs in hosiery? Silky elastic second skin on your legs that reminds them of the touch of lingerie, you could call it lingerie for the legs, very sexy indeed I might say!

Pretty Polly 8 Denier Natural Sun Oil Sheen Tights Pretty Polly 8 Denier Natural Sun Oil Sheen Tights – $ 8.75
These pretty Polly sun oil sheen
hosiery makes your legs look as though they have just been moisturized.

The hosiery I have been talking about that meet the requirements for the perfect Hot Summertime hosiery are the Pretty Polly Oil Sheen and I even wear them to the beach under my swimsuit to make my legs look their best. So many ladies will stare at my legs and come over to ask me how I get the baby oil to keep from evaporating on my legs. They are so surprised to find out that I share my secret with them that I am wearing pantyhose, it blows their mind. Many times they will automatically say, “Aren’t nylons hot on you and cumbersome?” No way with the Pretty Polly Oil Sheen, you will forget that you have them on and it will make your legs the best looking on the beach. Darn, now one of the girls has begun showing up in the occasionally and we sit together catching up on life.

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We are not talking about heavy tight support of USA brands, get that out of your mind now ladies! The Europeans have us beat when it comes to pantyhose.

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