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Pantyhose or Bare Legs is the answer


Pantyhose or Bare Legs is the answer?

Can you spot the girls above back in 2005 that are wearing pantyhose, the ones bare legged and one with flip flops?

If I ask you what is sexier, bare legs or pantyhose….I will get a yes or  no depending on your age only. It is now considered a generation thing and retro to wear hosiery. It is not about have the sexiest legs anymore, but comfort. It is not about having a complete look, but dressing casual (no matter what the occassion).

Take the time to check out this article by clicking here. In the article a young lady says she doesn’t wear hosiery anymore, except for her dates with her boyfriend. Ok, let’s take a closer look at this and I want all the ladies to pay attention. If you want to stay casual for comfort to avoid wearing pantyhose, then why would you miss lead your boyfriend by deceiving him with wearing pantyhose for your dates? You know it is a turn on for guys to catch a glimpse of a lady in pantyhose, so you wear them while dating, but once married you avoid them like the plague?

I know there are a lot of readers that have an opinion on this hosiery issue, what do you think? Me personally I find the girls wearing shiny pantyhose with heels are to be complimented.

2 Responses to “Pantyhose or Bare Legs is the answer”

  1. Dane says:

    Well let me start by saying the two ladies not wearing hosiery are the 2nd and 3rd ftom the left in the picture,and womens leggs look horrible without pantyhose,I remember when they were even worn with shorts and under jeans,as for wheather or not they are comfortable? if there the right size and fit there shouldnt be a comfort issue,I wear pantyhose myself and find them to be very comfortable unless there the wrong size or dont get them on straight.

  2. Bianca says:

    First 3 from the left bare legs others 3 pantyhose.
    Comfort is only an issue if: you get cheap crap from dollar store instead of the real thing, as with anything else you get what you pay for, and if you dont shave your legs of course.

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