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Open Toed Sandal Pantyhose

Open Toed Sandal Pantyhose exist and always have


It makes me laugh when the so called Fashion Experts say pantyhose are not made for Open Toed Sandals, then why are there Sandal Toed Pantyhose? Check out the picture above and I wear open toed sandals regularly and some of the European Hosiery have invisible reinforcement to the toe area that you cannot see when wearing an open toed sandal.

The only problem I have run into when wearing Open Toed Sandals are that my pantyhose might slip. Ankle strap will hold your open toed sandals on, although my open toed sandals in the picture at the top of this posting stay on…you have to check each pair of open toed sandals by trial and error!

9 Responses to “Open Toed Sandal Pantyhose”

  1. Darrell says:

    I personally like the look of pantyhose in open toe Sandal’s , I think its a sexy finished look even if the hose are sheer , enhanced toe or reinforced they all look good to me and with any occasion . : Darrell

  2. name says:

    Your ‘you tube’ video does not work due to some terms of use violation
    As far as the hose in sandals, maybe if the model wasnt wearing renforced hose, they might look better

  3. Tom says:

    Ok first understand that I do not mind if women wear bare legs despite my listing some of the downsides. What I don’t like is that *all* women *always* wear bare legs and never hose even when it makes their legs look better because they don’t think they can do this with open toed shoes. I’m a guy who likes nice legs and can appreciate a coordinated professional look on a woman.

    General barely on topic rant:

    Like all fashion trends this is based on what we know. In the 90s bare legs (and corporate casual) became all the rage. And many young women who grew up then will always prefer that. I grew up in the 80s and a former girlfriend I know still loves shoulder pads. She just thinks they are great. I’m not trying to pull rank based on age but those who grew up in the 90s not only saw a rejection of hose but they saw a rejection of professional dress. The hose were just one part of that general rejection. Offices that used to be full of men and women dressed in suits are now full of portly men in kakis and short sleeve plaid shirts, and women, well, in all sorts of things. So certainly if a woman has on some sort of suit any sort of suit it will seem plenty professional. If a guy has a collar and sleeves longer than his elbow he is “dressed up.” Or so the children from the 90s think. I’m not trying to make this into a generation war. Instead I’m saying just please try to understand that certain things are sometimes trends that really have little to do with true aesthetics. From the 80s we had all sorts of things we thought were cool. In the 90s a generalization can be made that there was a rejection of professional looks.

    Ok now on to the specific question: Can women wear hose with open toed shoes?

    The answer was no if you are living in America in the late 90s. But it is yes if you want to look professional. Women couldn’t wear flatter hair in the 80s but in later decades it is recognized as fine if there hair isn’t so high. In the late 90s women couldn’t wear hose with open toed shoes but now if you want to look professional and coordinate its fine.

    One objection that you often hear is that open toed shoes only purpose is to show your pedicure. Well no. That’s sort of like saying the only purpose to wearing footwear other than boots is to show off that tattoo on your ankle. Or the only reason to wear a sleeveless dress is to show off how well shaved your armpits are. Yes if you have fungus and dirt on your toes and hair in your armpits then don’t wear open toed shoes and sleeveless dresses until you wash and shave. But there are other reasons for these styles of clothes.

    Why do they make open toed shoes? Because it is a shoe style. That’s all there is to it. Some shoe styles are sling backs showing the heel some shoes show more of the instep or side of the foot. Sandals and peep toe show toes. It’s simply the style of the shoe. It’s not all about the pedicure. Believe it or not, it also has to do with how well it coordinates.

    That’s a key to professional dress – coordination. Often when I see someone complain about hose and open toed shoes they will show a picture of the foot and the foot alone. They do *not* show how the footwear and the overall look goes even up to the knee of the leg!

    When a woman wears a skirt hose help her foot and toes *match* the color of her legs. This uniformity of look is a key to looking coordinated. This is why toeless hose are ridiculous. People can see that that “does not look right” and of course it doesn’t hose makes you look uniform and coordinated but when the toes are different it defeats this purpose. Bare skin is blotchy, some is better than others but generally it’s never as uniform as legs in hose.

    So when you’re wearing a skirt, hose are good not only because your legs look better but also because any part of your foot (toes heels instep) that is exposed will better match your legs and give you a more coordinated look.

    What about if you have pants on? Well the same thing goes. Even though you won’t have an exact match between your legs and exposed part of your foot you should coordinate. What does that mean? It means if your pants have a fabric that you should wear hose or socks with then wear them, if they don’t you don’t have to wear them. For example if you have professional wool pants wear hose. If you have casual cotton pants you don’t have to and probably shouldn’t wear hose. If a man wears a wool suit and no socks just his dress shoes how does that look? Well women are doing that now and people who are old enough to see how much that clashes cringe.

    It’s a shame to see women avoid something that makes their whole leg and outfit look more uniform and professional because they are so myopically focused in on a seam in the toes. Zoom out a bit and look at your whole outfit. You’ll see that hose can pull everything together and yes even the toe area from open toed shoes will coordinate.

  4. 10304 says:

    100% agreed. sandals and pantyhose is so sexy

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  6. buy diggs says:

    I sent this to my brother he’s really into this kind of stuff! He said he’s going to share it with all his friends on facebook tomorrow!

  7. Dan says:

    I definitely like sandals and pantyhose, it’s very erotic for me, especially seamed pantyhose in the toe area. A good skirt and high heels are not the same with bare legs than in pantyhose. I always ask my office companion for wearing pantyhose and ask her to let me see her feet. Whoaa….I like that..!!

  8. jose vasquez says:

    im fun about ladies with pantyhose on.

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