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Men Like Women in Pantyhose – The Experiment

Men Like Women in Pantyhose – The Experiment




My girlfriend and I did a little experiment over the last few weeks. I believe that more men like Women in Pantyhose rather than a woman who does not.

First of all, I am a girl who likes wearing pantyhose. They look good and feel good and you guys love it when I wear pantyhose.

Back to the experiment. My girlfriend (not the lesbian kind) is a hose hater. She hardly wears them and gets on my case for wearing pantyhose as much as I do. We are both young, in shape and pretty. Neither is going into modeling anytime soon or being voted most beautiful but we are both fairly pleasing to the eye.

I have been telling her I get a lot more attention from the men when I am wearing pantyhose rather than going bare legged. She did not buy into it. So here is what we did. We went to a bar popular for happy hour for professionals. We went two weeks in a row. We do not frequent this place a whole lot because it is not that close to where we live.

The idea was go there the first time bare legged and the second wearing pantyhose with the same outfits. The rest of the outfits were high heels, pencil skirts and white blouses.

We got hit on and bought drinks both times, but the time we wore pantyhose with the outfits we had to beat them of with a stick. On the bare legged night there were some groups of much prettier model-type women who received a lot more attention -as expected. On the pantyhose night, while it was not the same other groups, but there were still prettier women who did not receive the amount of attention we were.

The bottom line is most men like women who are wearing pantyhose rather than going bare legged.

Chrissy Stewart is a young women entrepreneur seeking to drive people to her affiliate site – – She enjoys the look and feel of hosiery and enjoys the attention she gets when she shows off her great looking legs. She wants to help others enjoy them also.

8 Responses to “Men Like Women in Pantyhose – The Experiment”

  1. Matt says:

    Sweet, you are absolutely correct! I LOVE a woman in pantyhose. It is very sexy. Most of my friends may not push their girlfriends/wives to wear them, but they have all said that they much prefer it when they do wear hosiery.

    Did your friend come around? Is she wearing pantyhose more now?

  2. Ralf says:

    Yes, honey, no doubt! Every man like girls/woman in pantyhose. It looks awsome, sexy and gives you a very big advance compare to other women without tights. Additionally it feels great to touch those legs and so on. How can I find you to try yours? (joke!) 😉 You look beautiful! Bye

  3. Dane says:

    You are right” if I see a group of women the one wearing pantyhose will always get my attention first ,hopefully your friend changed her opinion about pantyhose.

  4. Darrell says:

    Silky sheer nylons can’t be beat. From a teen to a older woman they look good, feel good and are nice to the touch. Pay a little more and it is all worth it. Lots of eye attention to the nyloned legs. Especially with heels are the best.

  5. Shawn says:

    Exercise in Pantyhose …HOT DVD !!!!
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  6. bobby says:

    absolutely. women in patyhose are sexier and more exciting. so much curiosity to find out if they are even wearing it without underwear

  7. greg says:

    there is an elegance when wearing pantyhose. a man always likes a woman to be dressed to the tens. a man wants a lady not a girl. thats why tats on a lady dont add to a womans beauty

  8. greg says:

    do you ever notice when a lady is wearing pantyhose and sitting down she will be talking she might have an inscure feeling, be touched with emotion, she will reach down in feel how sensuous her pantyhose feel this drives hormones up the wall

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