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How Pantyhose are made Video

How Pantyhose are made Video that you will find extremely informative! No telling how much these machines cost. Enjoy the video on how pantyhose are made!

Just wanted to include a few links on pantyhose to check out on the blogoshere!!!

  • Reviews of the top rated Pantyhose:
  • – Pantyhose, also commonly referred to as tights, nylons, or stockings in other parts of the world, are worn mostly by women and made of nylon material. Women wear pantyhose for a variety of reasons – make their legs look smoother and …

  • Pantyhose, a tutorial
  • – The basic and most inexpensive type of pantyhose is made out of nylon. This type usually tends to rip or “run”. These are the kind you find in the grocery store or the drug store and are great for when you are in a jam or everyday wear. …

2 Responses to “How Pantyhose are made Video”

  1. Amy Beneitn says:

    That was an interesting video. I never know how they were made. Thank for showing everyone, 🙂

  2. pamela says:

    Now that I can see how pantyhose are made. Is there any information that could help me turn my sketched pattern or print design into life.
    Thank you in advance for any comments shared with me.

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