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Girls of Hooters

Hello to all the girls of Hooters out there that always bring your best game to work and take pride in showing off those legs in shiny Peavey pantyhose! So many places throughout USA and Canada … we have asked the  girls of Hooters why they think they are so popular and you would be surprised, that pantyhose are rarely mentioned on their list. In reality their food is not the best, their beer is not the coldest in town and other sport bars have their waitress’s dress up in sexy outfits, but no pantyhose. So we have always taken the time to share with the girls of Hooters the powerful effect of pantyhose on men.

Hooters girls header

The one thing that sets the  girls of Hooters apart from the rest, are the shiny peavey pantyhose they wear with their sexy outfits, even if the young ladies wearing them chose to slip into the footless style of sexy leg wear! The only other way the   girls of Hooters could kick it up a notch in marketing is to put all the girls in stiletto high heels like in the picture above, help us all!

Girls of Hooters that do realize a large majority of men that visit regularly, do so to get their pantyhose fix and watch those shiny pantyhose encased legs as the light reflects from them while they are running around.  Some men have even stated it is a turn on to see some of the  girls of Hooters with control top pantyhose on with their skimpy shorts, where you can notice the panty line at the top of their legs.

Hooter girls that realize pantyhose are sexyThe  girls of Hooters that realixe pantyhose are a major turn on among many of their customers that visit and work it, make excellent tips from their patrons! So be sure to learn if you clients enjoy those lovely sexy sheer garments and tease him with your legs,  by asking him next time… if he can check the back of your pantyhose encased legs for a run…he will surely show his appreciation for you by the tips he leaves! Those men out there reading this, always…always tip above 20% for the  girls of Hooters that play with their pantyhose or mention them to you during their conversation with you.

For those Hooter Fans out there that want to visit the Hooters Casino in Las Vegas better do so quickly, they missed an interest payment and looking at the possibility of filing bankruptcy.“Based on our anticipated future operations, we do not believe that cash on hand and expected cash flows will be adequate to meet our anticipated operational expenses, debt service on equipment leases and Credit Facility, capital expenses, and scheduled payments of interest on our notes. As a result, we will be unable to make the interest payment on the notes due April 1, 2009,” the company said in a 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission today.

Now sit back and enjoy the video below:

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  2. Georgina says:

    Trying to get info for which panty hose are best to wear to wedding and toe less ones for rehersal dinner~thanks 🙂

  3. Rizzo4shizzo says:

    Nice intro,Will be back

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