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Stirrup Tights Rock for 2009

Stirrup Tights are great to compliment your legs without the worry of pantyhose pinching your toes off, did you hear me girlfriend? Lindsay Lohan the pantyhose and tights queen of Hollywood hardly ever seen without hosiery actually came out with her own brand of footless and stirrup tights. I thought stirrup tights were back in the 70’s, but it looks like they are catching on like Wild Fire as the baby boomers say, go figure! Well I tried them and darn, I am a pantyhose addict or should I say…stirrup tights addict! They look Awesome with my four and five inch spiked heels, the boys eat them up!

Stirrup tights for a new generations

If you do not have stirrup tights in your drawer, then you better run out and purchase several pair or get left out of the hosiery fashion trend upon us! If you enjoy wearing pantyhose, then just layer your stirrup tights over your pantyhose, it gives an incredible sheen that you cannot immitate unless you know the secret!!! The Playboy bunnies do not wear stirrup tights, but always layer two pairs of pantyhose to get the sheen effect in the pictures.

Stirrup tights in fushia are so exciting and fun to check out with a denium outfitI remember back when I was a young girl and wanted to wear pantyhose so bad because I wanted to be adult and classy looking, then in my work out classes stirrup tights came along. If you didn’t wear the shiny tights with a thong leotard, then you were wearing the stirrup tights…but they only came in a few colors back then! Now that stirrup tights are making a major comeback, it is great to see they have the new innovative fibers that feel great on your legs and do not bunch up at the ankles.

Find the right colored stirrup tights for youGone are the days of grandmothers saggy pantyhose with runs in them! Time for a new generation to show off their sexy legs in stirrup tights, shimmery sheer to waist pantyhose, thigh highs and bodystockings that shape your botty! Check out the many colors above and you will have an outfit for your next purchase of stirrup tights.

If not stirrup tights, then any kind of hosiery will doI regularly wear hosiery all the time, yet I wish I had the chance to wear the tights and leggings they have on the market today! I do not understand why any female would be caught dead with bare legs, showing all their imperfections (bad complextion, bruises, cuts, cellulite and tuna legs).  It is like avoiding make up, saying he should love me for me, when men are drawn to those ladies who wear make up….although you do not have to cake it one, understand? Stirrup tights are just plain sexy!

I love my stirrup tightsSometimes you just have to follow your heart and become a leader, despite what others may say about you wearing stirrup tights. Check these legs out above in stirrup tights, beautiful shade and only suggestion is to make sure you wear spiked heels with stirrup tights to compliment your calf muscles in that shiny nylon/spandex material, it will hypnotis men and have them in your power!

Enjoy the video below that includes a pair of Stirrup Tights

If not into stirrup tights you always can enjoy the newer pantyhose out that are comfortable enough to sleep in

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