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Footless Tights and Todays Fashion

Footless tights are really beginning to show up regularly after Lindsay Lohan showcased them a year ago with her new hosiery store. Fashion truly does go full circle and if we are lucky we get to experience certain styles more than  once.  To be specific, footless tights.  I’m sure I’ve worn them at least once before, lol!!!!

Footless Tights Are Here To Stay For A While

Footless Tights Are Here To Stay For A While

Footless Tights Are In Fashion

There is something extremely sensuous when you see a woman in a pair of leggings with a fabulous sweater and a pair of heels.  Add a scarf or chunky necklace and you have a great fall/winter “run about” outfit.  Now, as eye appealing this outfit can be there are some definite “no-no’s.  Read on….

Be sure as you put footless tights into your wardrobe you don’t make some fashion faux-pas.  For example, if you are putting together a fall/winter outfit don’t have bare feet and open shoes.  You give your look a “not quite there” or “quick throw together” outfit.  A great suggestion if you plan on wearing heels may I suggest wearing a neutral pair of pantyhose underneath your leggings, together with a closed heel.  A fitted long shirt or fitted long sweater is much more appealing then a sweater or shirt that is too big.  Anytime you wear something over-sized you look “larger than life” whereas anything form fitting is believe it or not a better fashion choice.

Wearing coordinating colored pantyhose under your leggings is also a great look and gives a more trendy look as apposed the classic look.  If casual is your personality, try leggings with slouch socks and short boots.  These fashion choices work well for most women regardless of age.

Spanx Tight End Tights - Footless Spanx Tight End Tights – Footless – $ 39.25
Footless tights, the fashion phenomena of the moment, are, well, great. But we’re women, and we need more.And so we turn to Spanx, who else, to make sure, not only do our legs look good, but so do our butt’s. With a 50 denier appearance, these have an all over body shaper with extra tummy control, to make sure you look sleek and slim.They have a soft, comfortable waistband that won’t dig into your waist, and an adjustable leg band, so that they can be worn anywhere between the ankle and the knee.

Footless Tights Not For Everyone?

Finally, one of the current fashion trends this season is footless tights under a skirt.  Cute, yes however keep in mind this look does not work well for all women.  This is a look great for those that are young or have a youthful look.  Truly does not work for all ages.  Older women are better to wear tights with a skirt and again give a more classic vs trendy look.

Footless Tights Video

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There are many brands and styles of leggings and tights available.  Prices range from $2.99 to $59.99.  Many different colors, textures, and deniers are available.  Experiment with leggings in your wardrobe and enjoy not only warmth since winter season but a fashion that has come back again for footless tights!

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17 Responses to “Footless Tights and Todays Fashion”

  1. PHman74 says:

    I’m sorry, but unless you’re wearing pantyhose underneath these footless tights (as Sweet is), they’re just leggings, which are another version of pants. Footless ones are not the same as pantyhose, and never will be.

  2. danskinfan says:

    Classic footed tights are the only way to go! Footless, no thanks!

  3. Jono says:

    Footless does nothing for me. Bad idea.

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  5. Merle Kalyn says:

    I agree with all the other comments. Nothing beats the full tights or pantyhose. They would be ok with boots that were covering up the bare feet.

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  7. Footless hose is ok too. that one with the lace on the bottom looks great!

  8. Sweet says:

    I always wear footless tights, pantyhose and stockings now…it compliments your outfits and the guys love to see hosiery on us ladies!

    If you click on me you will get to a posting that shares how I use fashion tights for everyday wear.

  9. Jessica says:

    Pantyhose are fine to wear and I’m wearing it now. Thank you for the sharing of post.

  10. loveroftights says:

    Hate footless tights. Don’t see the point of them.

  11. Don’t think there’s any particular point in them other than the fact that they rock lol, with that cute little lace piece on the bottom…

  12. Tanya Taylor says:

    I really hope that pantyhose make a return soon because the selection in stores is only about 20% of what it use to be:( I wear pantyhose almost everyday, especially in the fall and winter months. The legs look so much better in any type of hosiery, c’mon girls!

  13. Gini MacRae says:

    I’m with YOU 100%, Tanya, give me pantyhose or give me DEATH! LOL! I have stopped shopping in the stores and I buy online only … LOVE Aristoc and Pretty Polly!

  14. Richard says:

    I’m a male who prefers the cooler wear pantyhose that sheer to waist provide during warmer weather. They are comfortable, have zero support without a built in panty. These are great wearing under jeans or while wearing shorts when out and about. I get possitive comments from both male and female.

  15. John says:

    I love to wear sheer to waist pantyhose and in the winter I love to wear black leggings over them
    Soo comfortable

  16. Trishia says:

    i agree with most people if there are no toes it just leggings or pants, ther is somthing about a foot incased in nylos that can’t be matches whether is sheer toes or reinforced

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