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Best Footless Pantyhose


Best Footless Pantyhose Review

SPANX High-Falutin’ Footless Pantyhose Hosiery

When you mention pantyhose, the first image is the standard pantyhose your grandmother wore! Yet with so many women growing up with never wearing hosiery, they really do not know about the new innovative hosiery designs such as the Best Footless Pantyhose. There are a lot of ways to use the best footless pantyhose mentioned here:

  • Under jeans so they pull on better and do not iritate your legs.

  • Wear with a skirt for a chic look.

  • Over another pair of sheer pantyhose with a long T-shirt as sexy leggings.

  • Get the best control top footless pantyhose to keep your shape with everything.


¬†Hooters restaurants are know for their waitress’s in their sexy shiny suntan pantyhose with those cute orange outfits. Did you know they have moved from the regular shiny suntan pantyhose to Footless Pantyhose that are hip huggers? The Hooter girls still look like they are wearing the same shiny suntan pantyhose they have always worn, yet the Best difference….Footless Hip Hugger Pantyhose!


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