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Crotchless Pantyhose for Summer?


Crotchless Pantyhose for Summer if you wear above a 15 denier to prevent any feminine problems from the heat. I attended the SAR’s concert in Toronto, Ontario in my cut off jean shorts and pantyhose in the middle of summer. I got so many compliments on my baby oil legs or so everyone thought until I pointed out I had pantyhose on! They were the Pretty Polly 10 denier Oil Sheen which feel very silky on your legs. The summer heat was no problem in these pantyhose, yet if you are in heavy support pantyhose then go crotchless to keep from getting to much heat and letting your body breathe properly. Crotchless pantyhose do not have to be purchased. Just take a pair of your scissors and any of your support pantyhose can be crotchless in less than 60 seconds.

Next idea for wearing hosiery in the hot summer heat, stay up stockings! Generally I always wear a light sheer suntan pantyhose with my stockings over them, whether I use a garter belt or stay up’s! Yet if the summer heat is being cruel and you just have to have your hosiery on, then grabĀ a pair of thigh high’s, eh?

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