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Sheer to waist hosiery


Did you know there are invisible control top shiny pantyhose that look just like sheer to waist hosiery?  Any lady that wears pantyhose, loves the look of  sheer to waist hosiery but needs that little smoothness, these are exactly what you want.  If your mini skirt is really short or you have short shorts on and you do not want your control top to show on the legs of your pantyhose, try these. 


Interestingly, a large majority of men when polled, said it is a turn on to get a glimpse of the control top showing on the leg of a woman’s pantyhose, peaking out from her shorts or skirt, go figure!

 To keep the battle of the bulge under control, 65% of the ladies that are overweight benefit from control top pantyhose, especially with the shaper hosiery out now. Yet, what if I told you a luxurious sheer to waist hosiery with revolutionary invisible control brief exists and that you can purchase it online now? Whether you are small or Extra Tall, you can find these in Off Black or Soft Suntan. Now anyone can have the look of Sheer to waist hosiery by clicking here!

3 Responses to “Sheer to waist hosiery”

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  2. Jason says:


    I’m a male and have a passion for pantyhose. I like to read about other peoples experiences and stories about pantyhose fashion in public. I love to see a nice pair of sexy legs wrapped in sheer pantyhose

  3. brian says:

    I am a male who appreciates women who enjoy sheer pantyhose and all they have to offer.It adds a bit of fashion,fun and eroticism to an evening,a day, anytime.

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