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Can you Tan Thru Pantyhose?

 Can you Tan Thru Pantyhose?


Are there any ladies out there or do you know of any that every got a tan thru pantyhose or sunburn while wearing pantyhose? I am not talking about Opaque Tights or heavy support pantyhose, yet the shimmer light sheer pantyhose. Me personally I have experienced a darker tan while at the beach in a pair of pantyhose, that looks like you have baby oil on your legs. I had several ladies tell me how nice my legs looked and took a double take, asking if I had baby oil on or pantyhose since they were so close to me. The various styles and brands of pantyhose that I wear from Europe, the best for getting a tan thru pantyhose are the Pretty Polly 10 denier Oil Sheen. It is very hard to tell you have them on, thus reducing any cellulite problems and bruise marks that you might get from stress, etc. Make sure you have a back up pair in case of a run or then your secret is out, eh?

Now if you are going to Tan Thru Pantyhose, after you get the Pretty Polly 10 denier Oil Sheen Pantyhose, make sure your swimsuit is a Tan Thru like the one in the Top part of this posting if you do not want tan marks!

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