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Best Pantyhose Review Links of April


 Just wanted to share some links I found on the web that you might share an interest in regarding pantyhose review of the best links! If you want to link to us, it would be greatly appreciated or share our link with friends! When it comes to hosiery, I hate the 100% nylon pantyhose….but I love the shiny European Hose that feel as great as they look!

Hosiery in Second Life

Reg Dean is known in Second Life as the founder member of the Nylon Genes Group, a group of hosiery lovers, whose motto is “Tights feel Right”. Review this best pantyhose recommended link and let us know by posting here of what you thought!

Not a restaurant review

I  discovered hooters with the hosed waitress’s when I was twelve years old. I discovered Hooters Restaurant at the same age. Until then, my familiarity with the chain extended only to the tacky white T-shirts I saw college kids wearing every summer when my family and I made our annual trip to nearby Cedar Point.

Can Pregnancy mix with Pantyhose?

Best pantyhose review found the link to Italian leg wear and shape wear company, Solidea, has just released a new line of hosiery created specifically for expecting mothers. The Maman Maternity line is comprised of full-length pantyhose and anti-cellulite shaping panties, and both offer support for the lower body during pregnancy.


Gerbe, who already produces the highest quality pantyhose for men in Europe is preparing with an ultrasheer design for the coming season…

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