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Best Pantyhose


Do you know what are the best pantyhose for you? Are you guilty of purchasing the same hosiery just because? If you are going to wear hosiery, then why not slide into something that you actually enjoy feeling against your skin. The only way to find the best pantyhose is to start experimenting and finding new hosiery to purchase. Stop and take inventory of what you want on your legs. Silky or scratchy, shiny or matte finish, sheer to waist or control top, heavy denier or light, chocolate brown or suntan….you get the picture!

Check out the picture above, do you think it was an accident they all have shiny medium support hosiery on? Surveys have shown the pantyhose best for your legs for style and sex appeal are the ones above. Take the time to find the best pantyhose for your legs and you will never complain again about hosiery.

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    The only time women should not wear nylons is when they take a bath or a shower.

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