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Awesome legs for under $20


As a female we want the perfect face, awesome legs with cute feet, eh? Billions are spent every year on cosmetics to make our eyes striking when you look at us, yet we have forsaken one of the additional things that makes us ladies sexy…our legs! I disagree when a female slides into a sexy mini dress with bare legs, flip flops and you can see how dirty her feet are. No wonder men practically fall over and do not know what to say when they see a female in a sexy pair of shiny pantyhose with heels on. Please do not take this personal, but I like it when a man compliments my legs or stocking feet, that is pure sex appeal in action. You too can have Awesome legs for under $20.


I am just like a lot of you and hate pantyhose, you know the ones that grandmother wears? That is why I have fallen in love with European hosiery, they have spent the money for innovative pantyhose that will make your legs Awesome. Don’t you think it is wise to be the first leading the way, before it becomes common place again to wear pantyhose as a fashion statement? The positives are too many:


·        Make your legs sexy

·        Men love them on ladies

·        Men will do anything for you

·        If you want to be sexy, you must look sexy

·        European hosiery will not bind at the waistband

·        European hosiery last a lot longer than USA brands

·        European hosiery feels as great as they look


I had a pair of hose that lasted close to ten wearings, take the cost of $20 and that makes it $2 a wearing for luxiourous feel of heaven on your legs that make men stop in their tracks and isn’t that what this is all about (wink)! Check out a Video German commercial on hosiery, they are chatting about the durability, comfort and life of washing European Hosiery!

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