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Pantyhose With Jean Shorts New Fashion Trend

Katie Holmes in Pantyhose With Jean Shorts comes out of her New York City Apartment December 28, 2009! Although pantyhose with jean shorts have been spotted on many other celebrities this year. We recommend wearing high heels or spiked boots to compliment your jean shorts with pantyhose in any shade or color, when showing off your legs in public.

pantyhose with jean shorts for Katie Holmes

Have you ever tried pantyhose with jean shorts while running about during the weekend, take notice how the men love checking out your legs and count the number of compliments you get on your legs with your sexy shiny pantyhose on. Pantyhose are everyday fashion accesories with the “Well to do”, “Movers and Shakers”, and “Celebrities”! So why cannot the average person enjoy wearing pantyhose with jean shorts, it really isn’t that hard, except for one thing. The peer preassure of having to be bare legged in flip flops, if you break away with pantyhose in jean shorts…then your friends will roll their eyes at you!

Jean Shorts go with Pantyhose, Tights..actually anykind of hosiery

Let’s take a box of crabs that are alive and watch them for a few minutes. They move around, yet if one crab begins to climb out of the box to escape, the others will pull it back in. So if you are to enjoy the many benefits and attention from men by wearing pantyhose with jean shorts…you must be a leader and not a follower when it comes to fashion. Heck I live on the extreme and have been known to layer a pair of knee highs over my pantyhose when wearing spiked heels with jean shorts!

Wear Black Tights first time with Jean Shorts to get a feel for it

Let me share a short story with you on a lady I chatted up on wearing pantyhose with jean shorts as casual wear on the weekends (her boyfriend loved to see her in pantyhose). When we first met and started to chat about the Wonderful World of Pantyhose…she only wore hosiery for special events and then it was nude drugstore control top. You know the kind of hose that sag, bind at the waist and run easily? Well, I steered her boyfriend to purchase the higher end hosiery like Wolford, Levante, Chardnos, Pretty Polly, Hudson and Cette. Once she tried on the sensual feeling elastic material of the more durable and sexier looking pantyhose with jean shorts….she caught on! Her neighbor of 15 years that never talked to her, noticed she was wearing pantyhose with jean shorts regularly. He strolled over one morning and introduced himself with a smile and complimented her on the outfit, pantyhose with jean shorts, she had on. Then went on to say if she needed any help to let him know and that he would move her trash to the curb for her weekly. Pantyhose with jean shorts is a fashion secret that men will do anything for ladies.

Just an example of wearing pantyhose with jean shorts above! The only difference is… you would want to get Hip Hugger, Sheer to Waist Pantyhose. Then you do not notice the pantyhose waistband above your Hot short Jean Shorts. Although it is a turn on for men, when they see us ladies pantyhose waistband showing above the waistband of our jean shorts believe it or not (wink)!

To show that I am not just talk, but walk the walk in pantyhose with jean shorts, check out my pictures below of me in public…give it a try!

10 Responses to “Pantyhose With Jean Shorts New Fashion Trend”

  1. […] Katie Holmes in Pantyhose With Jean Shorts comes out of her New York City Apartment December 28, 2009! Although pantyhose with jean shorts have been spotted on.[Continue Reading] […]

  2. pete Davies says:

    Very very pretty/sexy ilove it!!!!!!!!!

  3. Erik says:

    I agree whole 100%
    And YES, showing the Waistband/Top of a Girls Pantyhose-
    We Men do not know why- but it IS a huge turn on!
    Maybe it tells us, subconciously, that she likes Lingerie!

  4. Darrell says:

    Wow I love the looks of pantyhose and jean shorts they look good, it reminds me of the hotpants look from the 70’s …..some of those short pants were suade and those were very sexy .

  5. Doug says:

    Nice pictures

  6. Ciro says:

    Awesome pics. There is a very LUCKY man out there that gets to worship a woman that enjoys wearing pantyhose like this. Where the heck can I find me a Great wife like that? I need that hookup!

  7. Ciro says:

    I speachless!!!!

  8. kelly says:

    I wear denim shorts with tights and pantyhose alot,I love how they make my legs look and feel as they are soo comfortable.Of course I wear em with short denim skirts and wear leggings with socks or boots with denim mini skirts or short plaid pleated skirts

  9. Mike says:

    As a straight guy, I wear shorts with suntan hosiery.Why because I want to.Makes my legs look like I got a tan besides I hate hairy legs and shave them each day for a great look.The only problem is no-one notices .I’ll have to switch to a darker hose someday.

  10. bob says:

    i luv wearing womens nylons & lipstick with a KIM KARDASHIAN K-DASH pleated pencil skirt! my black friend can’t keep his hands off my legs a we kiss with moaning passion! he is EXTRA PASIONATE when i’m wearing hose

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