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Pantyhose with Jean Shorts New Fashion Trend

Pantyhose with Jean Shorts New Fashion Trend

Daisy Duke started it all back in the 70’s by wearing pantyhose under her jean shorts and it is coming back as the New Fashion Trend. Girls usually wear the footless pantyhose or colored tights, yet pantyhose with jean shorts is the new fashion trend. You can have those sexy legs once again without the cellulite showing or your muscles sagging from not working out. Slip on a pair of support sheer pantyhose in suntan with your jean shorts this weekend and join the new fashion trend popping up in your area!


Pantyhose with Jean Shorts New Fashion Trend

Jean short outfit below with Pantyhose as the New Fashion Trend worn while on a Road Trip!

6 Responses to “Pantyhose with Jean Shorts New Fashion Trend”

  1. Dane says:

    I looks fantastic,I remember when women wore pantyhose even with their shorts,they dont have to be super short like in Daisey Duke style but pantyhose legs look better than bare legs no matter what someone is wearing.

  2. wolf says:

    Pantyhose and jean shorts is a totally awesome combination. i`m in love with the model lady.

  3. pantyhose, boots and shorts….
    I think that’s sexier without shorts 😉

  4. amy says:

    I recommend L’eggs Sheer Energy suntan pantyhose with short shorts. They’re not too obvious, just shiny enough, and they have just enough support. I usually wear them with jean shorts or, if the weather is cold, under my running shorts. But NO SOCKS. Ankles are nice! My boyfriend thinks the look is “too dangerous” for public. But I think more women should try it. It feels and looks great! (But make sure they’re sheer-to waist!!) I didn’t know it was a trend, but I do know it’s fun, sexy and healthy.

  5. Dane says:

    Amy” have you ever tried Hanes Alive? sheer energy look great but Hanes Alive look a bit better,my ex used to wear them with shorts.its hard to find Hanes Alive in sheer to waist in the stores but they do sell them online http// or if they have a legg,hanes,bali,playtex outlet store near you.

  6. Carl Grewe says:

    I think woman look very sexy in shear to the waste pantyhose and high heels, it brings out the musaul ton in their legs and completes any out fit. I told my wife how i felt about seeing woman in pantyhose and she always wondered why men look at her when she whore pantyhose and heels she is 5’7with long legs and she is hot.she has some 6″heels and is 6’3″ with them on and know feels really sexy when she wears pantyhose and high heels.She told me that she gets really horny know when she wears them with no pantys.

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