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Shiny Pantyhose purchases made by who?

Shiny Pantyhose sales are on the rise for the past three years here in the USA where they seemingly have almost disappeared from public view, go figure. But there is an underground swell of support for shiny pantyhose fashion among people everywhere!


Shiny Pantyhose purchases made by men 40% of the time?

Shiny Pantyhose manufacturers have taken polls to discover 40 percent of the shiny pantyhose are purchased by males. That leaves 60 percent to the women that know the benefits that shiny pantyhose provide health wise and the sexual attraction effect they have on men.

The outdoorsmen online websites suggest sport tips on how to use pantyhose in the outdoors. I wonder if they suggest the sheer to waist or invisible control top? Then there is the issue of the proper denier for the temperature, eh? Just kidding, here are some of the reasons why these guys are “stocking” their backpacks with shiny support pantyhose.It is general knowledge, that soldiers wear pantyhose to keep from chaffing and reduce bug bites, the same goes for hunters. When out in the woods, it is you against the elements and they can be harsh. Shiny Pantyhose are less bulky than underclothes and provide warmth, while keeping the ticks from biting. Football players during the winter months are definitely slipping into several pair of pantyhose to keep their muscles warm and from cramping.

Shiny Pantyhose Trend

It started three years ago with footless leggings and spanx body shapier pantyhose. This year it is opaque fashion tights that are rolling in to be followed by the shiny pantyhose at the end of 2009.

So if men are purchasing pantyhose for so many positive benefits, then it makes my head spin why ladies do not wear shiny pantyhose for working out in the gym any more. Despite fashion trends, the benefits are too numerous for not wearing pantyhose or tights.

Shiny Pantyhose Pics of Fashion

16 Responses to “Shiny Pantyhose purchases made by who?”

  1. Laura says:

    You mean, men are buying this hose to wear it ?
    If so, I like to see men in panthoses.

  2. garry says:

    I have been wearing the Tamara pantyhose for about 6 weeks now and can honestly say that they feel wonderful to be in!
    I love them and now know why the Hooters Girls enjoy them too, lots of support and they make my legs look amazing and glossy.

  3. justme usa says:

    I am a straight male and I wear pantyhose many times, I wear them under jeans and suits they make the clothing look so much better. The more shiny they are the better,You would be surprised how many women enjoy men in hose…… and the extras that go along with it is super….. Laura or any other females email me if you would like…

  4. I discovered that I was mesmerized by sheer nylon stockings at an early age. It was like a magnet. I could not avoid the sight of women wearing sheer, sexy nylon stockings and high heels.
    I also couldn’t resist trying stockings on. They felt so good I had to have pairs of my own. I use to wear stockings on the weekends. Then, occasionally to work. Then I had to wear them to work all the time. I now wear them 24/7/365. I’ve been doing this for close to ten years and can’t shake the need. I guess you’d have to call me addicted to nylon.

    This addiction has grown to where I now have a fetish for “encasement.” This is a fetish where I envelop myself in nylon from head to toe. It’s enjoyed most when you have someone share the experience. If you want to learn more, write me at

    Sincerely, Deidre ( aTransvestite)

  5. Bill says:

    I’m also a long time male pantyhose wearer, straight and married. I have enjoyed the fit and feel of pantyhose everyday for many years. I don’t think pantyhose are too hot or uncomfortable to wear daily. Lighter denier in the summer and heavier in the winter. Shiney pantyhose under pants help my pants hang nice. Sorry ladies but I don’t buy the “too hot” to wear excuse. I wear them under pants and you get to wear them with skirts or dresses. I proudly buy my pantyhose at department stores and have tried several brands. I enjoy sharing my interest with other pantyhose wearing lovers. I wear pantyhose for many of the same reasons women wear them, they just feel great! I think pantyhose should be marketed to men but I don’t care it they’re not because I can find what I like with women’s hose.

  6. Marty says:

    First of all Sweet, I love the pics of you in the shiny white, magnificent as always! I am one of the 40% of men, I bought a pair this year and asked the woman that cuts my hair to wear them with 1 of her short skirts for me, it was wonderful! I like women in any pantyose, but shiny are best.

  7. Ian says:

    Just wondering if there are any retailers up in Canada who sell shiny pantyhose in store?

  8. Marcel says:

    I love to wear pantyhose, I am married man. It is the cross dressers that give regular joe’s who wear pantyhose a bad name.

  9. rif says:

    Just to let Canadian to we are a online pantyhose/tights line,we are proud to be Canadian and what we sell are our own creation we do not import orbuy from elsewhere at very reasonable price
    check out

  10. Mike says:

    I specialize and sell shiny pantyhose on eBay. Imported from Europe and around the world. I also sell pantyhose made just for men complete with the “third leg”. You can view my eBay store to see my current products. My user id is ExquisiteNylons.



  11. Charles says:

    Shiny tights tend to slim the body figure, and remove any skin blemishs. Great hosiery discussion site Sweet. Keep up the great work to get the truth out there.

  12. ashcan says:

    Shiny pantyhose rule! If they don’t shine, why bother with them, they may as well be tights.

  13. Marios says:

    Shiny pantyhose is by far the sexiest piece of clothing ever. I go crazy over beautiful women who wear shiny pantyhose. I get so turned on over pantyhose that I have come to wear them myself all the time. It is a remarkable experience to be around a girl who both of us are wearing sexy shiny pantyhose. I love them on my woman’s lges, I love them on my legs too. Women is what lights my fire but pantyhose is the rocket fuel that takes this fire to a whole new level!

  14. james says:

    I love shiny pantyhose and wear them 24/7 always looking for the ultimate shine love the support the feel the way my legs look when wearing the warmth to to me its a article of clothing I love to wear

  15. james says:

    I just adore shiny pantyhose always looking for the glossiest ones I can buy love wearing them love the look of my legs when wearing the feel the warmth the support I wear 24/7 to me not a fetish its just something I love wearing

  16. Arturo says:

    Which lady wants to see men in pantyhose?

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