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Pantyhose For Men Article Has Legs?

Pantyhose For Men article has legs and is strutting into the USA in fashion legwear, just check out the comments on the article we have a trackback to! Did you know 65% of pantyhose purchased in the USA is by men?


Pantyhose For Men Fashion Trend

You heard right and the movement began about three years ago without anyone knowing. Majority of ladies have thrown their pantyhose in the trash and proudly show off their pale, bruised legs with spider views and all with dirty feet in flip flops, yet they are the ones complaining about pantyhose for men fashion wear. That is just the way I see it, not hurting anyone!

Pantyhose For Men Opinion

Just one comment for this incredibly powerful article below:

I’m from Sweden and I began wearing pantyhose out in public last
year. Sure, it was a bit scary in the beginning to meet the
public reactions, but after a while it felt totally natural.
Combine pantyhose with some traditional male clothing and try not
to completely look like a women, because then you will be
associated with a transvestite. Just act normal, walk with
confidence and don’t look down or away.

Many people seems to associate gay persons with pantyhose. Where
did they get this information from??? Have you ever seen two gay
people living together wearing pantyhose at home and out in
public? Could not be more wrong and I think this wrong fact holds
back many men from wearing pantyhose in public.

Both men and women have legs, so why can’t we share this piece of
clothing? Basically it’s just a long stocking with different
colors and transparency, that is practical and looks great. Why
does women get so upset about it, calls us gay or transvestites,
and forbids men to wear “their” pantyhose??? Women already has
taken over all traditional male clothing, but no one reacts and
they just call it “fashion”.

The Swedish clothing company H&M is introducing a skirt for
men in their spring/summer collection 2010. Time to get rid of
all old fashion rules and update mens boring wardrobe that just
contains trousers.

Just get out there wearing whatever you feel for and ignore these
few narrow minded people that looks or whispers. What are we
afraid of? Why should other people decide what we are allowed to
wear? Fashion is about stretching the rules. The more of us that
“dare” wearing pantyhose (and maybe a skirt) in public, the less
the reaction will be for each day.

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So ask yourself, what can be worse? Two men or two women kissing in public? Well, time to wake up and smell the coffee…that has already passed and gone. What do you have to say about it? We all want to know! Please leave your comments below on pantyhose for men!

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58 Responses to “Pantyhose For Men Article Has Legs?”

  1. Wayne says:

    I’ve been wearing pantyhose and tights for years now, but never out in the open. I started when my wife got me some tights to wear on those cold Winters working outside, at first I thought it was strange but they do keep your legs comfortable and warm, thermal underwear is just to thick under jeans.
    I then started cutting them off above the knees for under shorts, Summer time only, to keep my legs from rubbing together and getting sore.
    I wear pantyhose and tights under clothes when needed, but NEVER out in the open and my wife still buys them for me.

    I think men should wear them with no hesitation when it’s beneficial for them, but come on, not to show your legs off in public, a womans legs look great in pantyhose, not men and I certainly don’t want to see a man wearing them.

  2. Pantyhose for men? Cool! I have not heard any of my boy friends whose into wearing this. Maybe it’s their secret. Like for what purpose is this?

  3. bags says:

    I think men should wear them with no hesitation when it’s beneficial for them, but come onnot men and I certainly don’t want to see a man wearing them.

  4. Richard says:

    I don’t feel that I am unique, as I am a gay man who wears pantyhose 24/7. They are the most comfortable clothing item I own! I wear non-support sheer to waist when it’s warm outside, support when it’s cooler. While on the beach however, I like to tan with sun block products only. I know of many gay men who are pantyhose wearers and only one straight and married man wearer so, I am not aware of a trend for either sex (gay or straight) who is favoring pantyhose. Lots of men just like being comfy. Be free, be comfortable! This site has the best reviews and relevant news.

  5. Nicole Smith says:

    This is too funny. Guys will look like gays if they wear this, no offense to the third sex, but this is just so hilarious. But I think it’s cute.

  6. gabe says:

    I wear them to i wear them under my jeans to keep my legs from rubbing together i wear them all the time all year long i wear tights in the winter the thick ones long underwear is to bulkey to wear i love wearing the with shorts i cut them of at the knee and wear them they keep me from sweating and legs rubbing together

  7. Ryan says:

    They keep me warm in the winter and help with tired legs as I’m on my feet all day. I buy my own and my wife doesn’t mind. She helps when needed. The sales ladies help also, I haven’t had any comments but I don’t wear in shorts outside yet. Just under pants and at home.

  8. Eric says:

    I always loved the way a nice pair of tan pantyhose w a soft, sexy, silky looking sheen, looked & felt on a woman’s legs, and now I wear Hanes Alive Full Support pantyhose all the time, except when wearing shorts or swimming.

    My doctor recommended I wear them because of varicose veins. It made me wonder at first. I talked to my girl friend about it and she said, if you wear them under your pants no one will know. My Mom always wore them for work as a nurse and recommended the Hanes & said how much they helped her.

    So, I decided to try them. I was pleasantly surprised. My reaction when I first put them on was that they actually felt pretty good. They firmed up my legs & gave them a lift. And when my pants slid across them it made them tingle. And dare I say, they felt sexy. They also solved the problem of my pants sticking to my legs & hanging or catching on my skin, which would bug me.

    But the most amazing thing was how much they helped my legs physically or health wise. I worked at a hotel and was on my feet all day. Before I wore these pantyhose, my legs, especially my knees, would start to ache about 2 to 3 hours after being on duty. The first time I wore them to work my legs hardly bothered me at all, and it wasn’t until the end of my 8 hour shift that I noticed it. And even then it wasn’t as bad. It was quite surprising. If someone had told me, before I wore them, that they would make that much of a difference, I wouldn’t have believed it. And I’ve been wearing them ever since. Its been over 20 years now.

    I also found that they helped my recovery time when playing sports & exercising, especially after tennis from running on the hard court, which really punished my knees. Usually, I woke up the next day & my knees, especially my right, would be sore, aching & sometimes swollen from playing. When I put the Hanes support hose on afterward & wore them to bed, when I got up the next morning, my knees were not sore, aching or swollen, and I felt more rejuvenated and refreshed. If it’s cold out, I wear pantyhose under my warmup pants to keep me warm, plus all the other benefits.

    The benefits myself & others see from wearing support pantyhose makes sense if you think about it, since the blood is what takes away the waste from various parts of the body & delivers the necessary oxygen & nutrients to the body to replenish itself with, and the support pantyhose improve blood circulation and therefore improve everything blood does for the body, including reduce fatigue and improve mental function.

    I have to talked to the sales ladies at the department stores about it and they told me how some of the employees wear the Hanes Support Pantyhose and that they swear by them too. They also said I would be surprised at how many men come in and buy pantyhose too.

    I saw a review about the Hanes Alive Pantyhose, by a man, about how he wore them because of varicose veins, and his wife wore them too, & the positive benefits both of them saw from them.

    Women used to wear pantyhose a lot more, but now it seems like very few wear them. I wish they would wear the sheer, silky pantyhose w a nice sheen, but not opaque or designer, patterned type, please.

    And if other men want to wear them, I certainly don’t see a problem with it, especially support pantyhose.

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