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Men in Pantyhose


Men in Pantyhose is a great article to check out at Surreal-Georgia. It makes perfect sense that we will see men wearing pantyhose in the next decade. Pantyhose or tights were worn by men in the past, so it only makes sense by society today to accept alternate lifestyles…that pantyhose on men in public is no shocker!

This is your chance, how do you feel about seeing men wearing pantyhose out in public? Please comment below:

12 Responses to “Men in Pantyhose”

  1. Georgia says:

    Thanks for the very nice review of my article!

  2. John says:

    It does not bother me. Men need to take care of there legs also. If a man wears pantyhose openly it says a lot about his confidence level.

  3. keith says:

    I am a guy who wears hose, I started out haveing to wear compression hose for leg issuse, but found those way to hot for the summer . I happened to try a pair of support hose and had no problem with summer heat and the legs feel great. during the last 10 plus years I have wore with shorts many times out shopping ect and have yet to hear anyone say anything about it , not even as much as a giggle from any one.
    If you know your history tights were origanally a mens garment .

  4. Darrell says:

    Not a problem , I’m a guy and I wear pantyhose daily all it takes is just a little shopping around to find the right brand and size that fits best.

  5. Deidre Robinson says:

    I developed a love for stockings when I was about six years old and as I got older, appreciated them more and more. Once I was an adult, I found pantyhose was a great alternative to stockings and garterbelts.

    To me, stockings, pantyhose, suspenderhose, body stockings, etc. tell people you care how you look. They’re definitely sexy and attract people’s eyes. In addition, the feel they give you is marvelous. I think it’s the biggest reason for wearing silky, shiny, nylons and silk hose. In fact, I create a head to toe costune by taking a second pair of pantyhose and wear them on my upper torso. It only takes a scissor to open up the crotch for your head and the toes for your hands.

    There is now a fetish called encasement. It involves encasing yourself in a head to toe pair of pantyhose, alone or with a partner. If this interests you, go to for more information.

    As for my favorite hosiery, I find Wolfords extraordinary but expensive. Secrets in Lace, a website, also has extraordinary hosiery, not to mention the models. Day to day, I wear No-nonsense sheer pantyhose made in Italy. Super slippery and very comfortable. I love the Jet Brown color. They use to sell for just $1. Someone woke up and have since priced them at $3.87. I think they’re still worth every penny.
    If you wish to chat or comment on my blog, write me at


  6. Deidre Robinson says:

    If comments are posted regarding my comments submitted today, please notify me at
    Deidre Robinson

  7. Laura Maria Martini says:

    dear Deidre.
    What is it, what gives you that “KICK”, to wear two pair of pantyhoses on your torso. Is it the material od what ? I can imagin, how you looks like that but can hardly think, a woman would like to see you that way. Are you gay – TG – TS or what ?
    Laura Maria Martini – (lezy woman)

  8. MattinBushnell says:

    I beleive its long over due, men expressing themselves in fashion freedom. Wearing pantyhose is a good start! First and formost, wearing pantyhose of the correct support is a healthy thing to do for your legs. Improving circulation, ect. Use men have legs too! What better way to show off our legs than by covering them with a sheer pantyhose?!

  9. jim shaw says:

    I’ve been wearing pantyhose for sometime now. I’m six foot and weight 184. The best and cheapest panyhose for me has been nononsense six Q2. $2.48/ pair with many having a buck off coupon. Easy to buy along with some groceries and use the self pay check out. The no nonsense wear just as well as the more expensive. They are not as silky as the more expensive brands, but so? Also Just My Size have some nice ones for a half buck more, but usually have to be ordered on line.

  10. Deidre Robinson says:

    To readers of this website: I have been wearing pantyhose for many years. The pleasure I get from wearing them has resulted in a incurable habit to shop for hose of every type. Consequently, I have several hundred pairs in Queen size. In all the colors. I need to downsize (everybody’s doing it!) and will sell you any in my collection. I must point out that I have various brands ranging in price from $2 bucks a pair to $45 for Wolford’s. I’ll sell to you for half price. Ladies as well as men are welcome. Inquiries should be directed to Deidre at If I don’t get a good response from you’all, I’m going to put them on E-Bay.

  11. Tom says:

    I’ve been wearing pantyhose/Tights for over 25 years. I jut started wearing openly. people like to stare but i havent had any negative coments. I also beleive its long over due, men expressing themselves.
    alot of people look down on others for doing so. I belive its about time that the world except the fact that men can wear anthing they want without ridacule.

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