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Guys: Willing to Try Pantyhose for a Day?


Guys Try Pantyhose for a Day?

Good Morning America wants to know if there are men out there that would give pantyhose a try for one day at work, of course under your pants! Women complain so much about wearing pantyhose to work and the majority of men want to see women in pantyhose again. So if men want to see women in them, then they want guys to try pantyhose to see what it is like for themselves. The belief is, if guys try pantyhose at work for the day, they will hate them and feel for ladies who have to wear them. Click here to sign up!

43 Responses to “Guys: Willing to Try Pantyhose for a Day?”

  1. Richard Parsons says:

    Absolutely. I see nothing wrong with a male wearing hosiery. I wear everyday during winter months. Living in north-east Canada it can get really cold and they help keep my legs warm. They also feel soft and rather comfortable. You will be surprised on how many men wear.

  2. Francis D says:

    How about women wear a men’s 3-piece suit and tie for a day? Men have been far slower to ditch the ties than women the pantyhose. The funny thing about the latter is that so many women apparently think that their bare legs look good; most don’t, please spare us!

  3. Jeff says:

    I wear footless black tights and tights that go to below my knee’s … with a long T-shirt…women seem to like them on me. I have no problem with wearing nylons if women will like them … to me its all about what the women like to see on me. Tights are my comfort zone though because I wore them daily for wrestlying practice in high school. Women definitely like the look of tights on men…but I would not be sure women would like nylons though on men.

  4. Mike F. says:

    I try to wear every day… there is nothing wrong with men wearing pantyhose it is just a clothing… I used to wear as a young boy just because they felt good, now that I’m older my doctor told me to wear them for blood flow problems in my legs. I did start wearing them without shaving my legs but soon found out that they would constantly slide down my legs, so i shaved my legs, only over the winter, and it was unbelievable, they not only stayed up on my legs but also they felt so much different than not having my legs shaved. so soft and comfortable. The only time I would get itching is when my hair would start to grow back. I found myself shaving my legs about every 3-4 days, I don’t like the stubble and I have read that guys leg hair is more coarse then womens leg hair. I have read that this is why they don’t have to shave as often as men do. I know there are people out there that think it is wrong for men to wear pantyhose but do they realize that men were wearing them first back in the 1700’s-1800’s, men athletes wear them, normal everyday men wear them. My doctor gave me the choice to wear socks, knee highs, thigh highs or pantyhose/tights. My choice was pantyhose/tights and I’m glad that I did. They also helped in my arthritic problems in my knees. When i wear them my knees don’t hurt but when i don’t wear them my knees can throb in pain. I guess thats what i get for playing sports for most of my life. So guys don’t be afraid to trying them, it won’t make you any less of a man.

  5. Mick says:

    I love women in pantyhose. They look and feel fantastic. I’d be williing to wear them to work. I’m betting I’d have trouble staying focused.

    I might try it just to see how it feels.

  6. gary browning says:

    i think all men should halve the chance to were panty hoseto see how thay feel and look.

  7. Dave says:

    I feel hot and uncomfortable wearing a tie, but I still like the professionalism it presents. So, to some degree, I can understand why women may not want to wear pantyhose. However, women can wear skirts, skorts, open toe shoes and other attire to help cool down their legs and feet; guys cannot.

    Today, in many professions some women do wear ties as part of their uniforms. Some even wear a suit jacket. Usually, though, they are not worn tight as men do. Then, they still usually wear other cooler clothing.

    I suppose men could wear hose as well. Personally, though, I do not want to see men exposing their legs as women do in a professional environment. The hose certainly look much better on women. But, perhaps to give their early summer white legs some help on the beach or at the park, some suntan hose would be alright. If fact, if I could go somewhere where I would not see anyone I knew, I might even give that a try to see if the tan looks real or not.

  8. garry says:

    I can see nothing wrong with men wearing, I do actually wear myself.
    I wear to my place of work, not as part of a uniform, but by choice.

    It annoys me when, in things like, the terms of employment that some companies use you get examples like, as part of the uniform dress code, men must wear black trousers, white shirt, black tie, ladies must wear white blouse, black trousers, tan or black stockings or pantyhose (skirts or shorts are also permitted as a female alternative to trousers).

    I think that is a sexist remark as I would not be allowed to wear a skirt as an alternative by those rules even though I could try it.

    As a wearer of many years, I think pantyhose are the most amazing item of clothing to be seen in.
    Guys, don’t miss out, give it a try!

  9. Laura says:

    I love to see men in pantyhose and during sex.

  10. rick says:

    yes i would try wearing pantyhose i have alot of pain in my knees women look awesome in pantyhose

  11. shaverxxx says:

    Nice to hear that, dear “wanita” BUT, how do you find the RIGHT size as man ? All measure tabels on the phose pockets are for women ?

  12. shaverxxx says:

    Thanks for your advice. Will see, ehat I can find. I am slimm and tall and will try it. Legs are not shaverd, but “other” you know.
    Do you buy it in a special hosiery store. I am sure, the ladies there can help me to find the right size.

  13. rick says:

    to shaver i wear pantyhose all the time now and all i ever go by is the size on the pantyhose package sometimes one size smaller

  14. rick says:

    shaver be sure to let us know how much you enjoy the silk feeling of pantyhose try wearing to bed also

  15. shaverxxx says:

    Thanks for all your advices, I will go and buy some “silky smooth” ones and try it. hope, the lady there dont think, I am stupid to wear women pantyhoses…. IN BED, Rick ???? you’re sure ????

  16. shaverxxx says:

    BTW. wha not discuss, the more “sexual” feelings” private with emails ?
    My address is:

  17. rick says:

    hey shaver all i meant was that my wife suggested that i try pantyhose while sleeping now my leggs dont ache while slepping and the pantyhose are silky

  18. Guy says:

    I love this idea ! Best case , women find out that they like their men in pantyhose . Worst case , a few guys get razzed at work . I honestly don’t think it will help in our plight to get women back into pantyhose . Is a shame too , they are the sexiest thing a woman can put on ! It seems that these days women want to tell “us” what’s sexy . The fact of the matter , is that “sexy” is anything another does to get your attention in a positive way . That isn’t something that can be dictated by the one viaing for your attention .
    Who knows , this might be just the thing some of us guys are looking for to make wearing pantyhose acceptable instead of hiding at home behind a computer screen , jumping at every noise because our wives are due home abd we don’t want to get caught ! lol Most of you know what I mean all too well .

  19. Laura Maria Martini says:

    Dear Guy. I hope for you, you can have the “best case” and you are willing to wear the pantyhose, whatever “your ?” wife or other think about it. WE NEED more that men, showing us women, how nice it shows and we sure know, how it felt on the legs. BUT, unfortunately, there are less women who buy and wear phose, because they say; ” I DONT like that feeling on my legs and over the ass”. Can imagin why. Pantyhoses under pants and jeans are NOT that comfortable. But when men likes to wear it – DO IT.
    Laura Maria

  20. garry says:

    I am a far better person for wearing pantyhose all the time, I am more relaxed for one thing, I find it is impossible to stress out while wearing such a nice item of clothing on my legs.
    I hope to see that day when ladies stop looking on male wearers as weirdos and freaks of nature just because we enjoy the feel of a harmless piece of stretchy, snug fabric, I have been wearing for best part of 30 years, last night I went out to a local theatre dressed as an Angel…I was wearing a long white dress, sheer tan pantyhose with a pair of white fishnet pantyhose over the top of them, a blonde wig and a pair of 3″ high heeled black court shoes!!!
    I had admiring glances from a young, cute female usher and one of the cast of the show said I had marvelous legs…even my sister was jealous because she has, in her own words, “short, dumpy little legs” (instead of long, thin, shapely, slender legs like me!)

    Basically, the way I figure things out is like this…

    If the ladies do not like/want to wear them that is their choice, if the guys decide they like /want to wear them that is THEIR choice…and if the ladies are not buying/wearing/enjoying them then there will be all those pairs being made and never, ever getting worn, so it is down to us, the pantyhose wearing males to keep the balance of the economy in check, and making sure that the hosiery manufacturers have a supply line that supports them the way they “support” us.

    I should be a spokesperson for the male hosiery industry, I LOVE WEARING MY PANTYHOSE!!!!!!!

    There, I have said it, now be brave everyone and just stop hiding the fact you enjoy a harmless little treat!



  21. Laura Maria Martini says:

    WELL said, dear Garry.
    I ONLY can agree with ALL you siad here and I REALLY hope, the women accept pantyhose wearing men much more and respect that.
    It would be very nice to see you as “Angel” dear Garry. Do you have a picture of it ? If yes, pleas send it to my email.
    Too bad, they here have NO photo album in this Forum, so we could share pictures.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Kisses – Laura

  22. Darrell says:

    It takes more than one day to find a pair of Pantyhose that fit correctly as with anything else being male or female different brands, styles and deniers are going to fit differently , in order to give a fare trial several sizes and styles should be given equal time especially where warmer environments may have an impact on heavier denier hose and also price can effect the quality of hose also Ive had some really cheap pantyhose develop runs within minutes of slipping into them.
    I would try any pantyhose brand or style I think they all have a nice feel to them.
    : Darrell

  23. barry says:

    I’ve wanted to try wearing (both of us) pantyhose during sex with my girlfriend, but the last two girls I have been with since I heard about the idea of doing it never wore them.

    As far as wearing them for just a day, I’d do it and would wear them anywhere, but I think a better challenge would be to try it for at least two weeks or a full month of wearing them at least 14 hours every day. Make it really interesting and see if men who do this will wear panties for this time, and keep their legs smooth while they’re at it too.

    I actually think men would like it if it was socially acceptable, and that a lot of women wouldn’t complain about wearing them if men were wearing them too, and the women didn’t feel as if they were forced to do it.

  24. Laura Maria Martini says:

    Dear Barry.
    I only can recommand to wear both pantyhoses during sex and my girlfriend and I try it once and the feeling of rubbing legs_on_legs was increddible. Too bad to hear, that your girlfriend does not likt to do it with you, Barry.
    Good idea to wear it for a long time, I think. No matter if you shave your legs or not.
    Try both, the hair will grow again.
    Always new to hear from “socialism” and I really hope now in 2009, women accept the pantyhose wearing men anytime and anywere.
    I wish you all the luck to find a girlfriend who accept you in pantyhoses, Barry
    and the for the other guys here too.
    Happy New – pantyhose – YEAR

  25. Roger says:

    I too have been a pantyhose wearer for a number of years. Pushing 50, I suppose, then, that I have been wearing them for over 20 years; in hotels while on the road, during sex with a couple of previous partners, for masterbation, and to simply feel good. However, I have always felt somewhat “shy” about this particular preference and, in fact, have yet to broach the subject with my current partner of 3 years.

    Nonetheless, my current partner is quite willing to wear them for me and, as stated previously, they are the sexiest item (in my mind) that a woman can wear; particularly without panties.

    My preference, for both me and my partner, are seamless pantyhose; with a special fondness for Woolford Fatal. Unfortunately, they can be rather cost prohibitive and, as also referenced earlier, can be difficult to keep up and snug.

    I am fascinated by this subject and would be eager to hear from pthers, especially women.

    Obviously, then, my vote is for removing the stygma of men in hose!

  26. Laura Maria Martini says:

    Dear Roger.
    Thank you for your posting. I see, some more men comes out and write your pantyhose stories. Nice to hear, you have fun wth your girl/lady into pantyhoses from WOLFORD. Hmmmmmmm, cost’s a lot of $$$$ I know.
    It only was to encourage you, male fellows, trying to wear it with your partner and have all the fun in it and other male friends are thinking of wearing it with NO shame.
    Laura Maria Martini

  27. Chris says:

    hey i just started wearing pantyhoses and they feel great. i love them and would wish i could wear them a lot but i am still in high school so i can’t risk getting caught with them in school or with friends. i wish a lot of people would accept men in pantyhoses and if women don’t wanna wear them thats their choice. i think its wrong that men can’t just wear pantyhoses without being judged especailly straight guys! i wish people would accept the fact that men can wear them if they want but they do look better on women. i shaved my legs and when i put shorts on i look like i have girlie legs. sexy! lol


  29. Lucky you Gary, trying pantyhoses for a day.
    How was the feeling ?


  31. Nice tio hear that, dear Gary. I have sent you an invite to our new yahoogroup
    Come on over and join in.


  33. Nice to hear that, dear Gary.
    I see, you’re 100% pantyhose addict and the more men wear pantyhoses the better, I think. Sure, legshaving is a MUST for you men, wearing the hoses and for a much better feeling, shave the co** too….
    Are you married or do you have a girlfriend ? What is SHE saying, when you wear pantyhoses ?
    Laura Maria Martini

  34. andix laura martini fan says:

    na du kleine lesbe: jetzt plötzlich voyeurin geweorden? na gefällt mir gut. hoffentlich stehst aber nicht auf die alten tage doch noch auf männer?

    luft schon raus in der frauenbeziehung?

    na wie gesagt hoffe ich noch immer auf unterstĂĽzung mit dem pantyhosekauf von dir; denke ich habe noch einen wunsch offen bei dir…

    kiss andix

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    i have many bisexual relations: the woman like when im present my catsuit and heels. im like this at the dark room and at swinger partys.

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  37. billy says:

    I wear pantyhose daily as they help my legs at work I love wearing them my wife is ok with them as long as they don’t show. When we ride our motorcycle in the fall and winter we both wear our pantyhose it’s great. I also want to thank you Luara for supporting men in hose.

  38. smoothbill says:

    After my girlfriend suggested that I try them for warmth in the winter I wear them all the time. She likes theway I look in them and loves the way they feel when we’re having sex. We wear them when we go out and no one seems to notice or care. I wear JCPenney sheer caress and silky sheer. They seem to hold up the best for me. Thanks hon for the suggestion !!

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  40. I know this is really boring and you’re skipping to the subsequent remark, however I simply needed to throw you an enormous thanks – you cleared up some issues for me!

  41. phboy38 says:

    yes i would give them a try… thanks

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