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ACTIVSKIN® Legwear for men who wear pantyhose



This is NOT your grandmother’s panty hose! ACTIVSKIN pantyhose for men are designed for male dimensions and anatomy. These are not fetish pantyhose for men, but specially designed pantyhose just for men. Benefits in sports they will help increase your lower body power and stamina, making them ideal for running, biking, skiing, football, soccer, and golf. For increased health, this mild compression therapeutic hosiery will stimulate your blood flow and improve leg circulation. Stand or sit all day in your job? For work, leisure, and fashion, the thin, stretchy, engineered fabrics of ACTIVSKIN men’s tights, men’s pantyhose, and men’s stockings and socks can make you feel and look your best! ACTIVSKIN provides benefits you won’t get from ordinary men’s socks and men’s underwear or even from conventional compression hosiery: Full leg support, climate control, energizing massage, and chafing and insect protection, for example.


BENEFITS as listed by…


For men who wear pantyhose, ACTIVSKIN men’s tights, men’s panty hose, and men’s stockings are engineered to feel good and look good, they also improve athletic performance, energize and revitalize tired, aching leg muscles, provide support for men who are on their feet all day, and stimulate circulation for those who sit all day. Unlike conventional men’s compression socks or support stockings, ACTIVSKIN tights, pantyhose, and thigh high stockings for men are designed to provide compression and support ABOVE the knee as well as below. Compression can also help reduce swelling and decrease the dangers of circulatory problems.

Men love the extra layer of warmth without the bulk of long johns (thermal underwear), which is often TOO warm inside. So if your work takes you in and out of doors in cold weather, you’ll appreciate the convenience and comfort of being able to be a little warmer when outside and not too hot inside – and NOT having to put on or remove long underwear all the time.

One of the major reasons people get cold in winter isn’t so much the temperature, but the moisture. The cotton industry would have you believe that cotton is the ideal fiber for every application, but serious outdoorsmen, campers, hikers, hunters, and skiers, know that cotton absorbs moisture and gets clammy and cold. Synthetic fibers like polypropylene and nylon do not absorb moisture and instead wick it away where it can evaporate, leaving your skin dry and warm.

This phenomenon works for men who are in hot weather too. Instead of your skin feeling damp and sticky, sticking to hot car seats and outdoor furniture, the layer of thin nylon keeps your skin dry and comfortable.

And in sports like running and biking, the biggest advantage of all is that you’ll be warm and comfortable at the beginning of your workout, and not too hot once you’re warmed up. A great many men love the convenience of our thigh high nylon stockings – they keep your legs warm but can be easily removed without having to take off your shorts if you get too warm.

ACTIVSKIN legwear for men who wear pantyhose provides an unbeatable barrier against irritation. It helps prevent chafing from running, horseback riding, bike riding, and motorcycle riding. It prevents irritation from wool slacks for men who like the looks of wool but hate the feeling. And it provides a barrier against wind and against ticks and other insects. It can also function very effectively to prevent blisters in hiking boots and running shoes, by acting as an inner sock, staying in contact with your skin, and letting the rubbing take place between the inner and outer socks.

Most of our styles of male pantyhose and male tights glide extremely well under trousers, and so keep your outer clothes looking their best as they stay on you the way they were meant to. And if you like the barefoot look in summer, wearing a sheer style in a skin matching color is much healthier than wearing shoes without socks. By keeping your feet dry you will not only be more comfortable, but you’ll find your foot odor is greatly reduced. Dryness inhibits bacteria and fungus growth, promoting healthy feet.


14 Responses to “ACTIVSKIN® Legwear for men who wear pantyhose”

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  2. MarkM says:

    I have tried these pantyhose and really don’t see much of a difference between them and traditional women’s pantyhose. They last about the same, fit about the same and cost much more than regular pantyhose.

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  4. John says:

    I have tried these and they are superior to most regular pantyhose. Steve, the owner, gives great customer service.

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  6. sadik says:

    Hi I 45 years old straight man and wear pantyhose since 7 years old.
    I wear pantyhose hiddenly underpanty feel very comfortable & warm.
    Now not hidden wear thanks comfilon

  7. Kevin Wright says:

    I have been wearing Comfilon legwear for sometime now and really enjoy them. My legs feel much better after a long day on my feet because of them.

  8. James says:

    I tried ActivSkin full tights or pantyhose and discovered that the quality assurance was lacking. In comparison to the hose made for women, the full hose products from ActivSkin were more like factory second quality; that is the toes were uneven, the center seams were uneven, pulled apart with one wearing, and the yarn was not consitent. They say that you can return the hose, if you have not been satisfied, however, that has been a real inconvenience when you order a more reliable product.

    In contrast, the WoMan brand unisex hose have been consistent for quality, durability, and price. I will not order the ActivSkin full tights again.

    However, the ActivSkin thigh high hose were superior to those made for women. As such, I have had more satisfaction with the “stay up” styles than with the full hose.

  9. Graeme says:

    I was a big fan of the A577 style, but they have recently changed them to be thinner and more flimsy. The control top nylon pulls away from the seam way too easily and makes holes.
    Really disappointing…

  10. Mr. Jack!!!! says:

    I am a 54 year old Heterosexual Conservative Republican. I have had trouble staying on my legs at times due to an accident that I
    had in 1974 working at the time in a Mushroom Plant I fell 15 feet on a Minor’s Battery I was wearing at the time exactly like the fall that Danial Day-Lewis took in beginning the movie “There Will Be Blood” where he goes back down in a Mine and grabs onto a run
    of a fixed latter it pulls out one of the runs and he falls down to the bottom of the shaft it was like to me Deja Vu for me to see
    that “Ouch” and I had the battery on my rear at the time. I will tell you this it hurt God Damn did it f – – – king did it hurt, I shook it off I didn’t tell the Boss or put in a claim I should have reported it to the Boss and gone to the Doctors office or Emergency
    Room to have it looked at but didn’t I believe that is the cause of my trouble today. At times staying on my legs standing after walking for very long periods of time without sitting down and feeling fatigue and tired in my thighs and gluts and 5 years ago I started to experience cold flashes in my thighs I did go the Doctors this time and I then told him about the fall that I had he had no an ansewers for me about my fall and what is causing my cold flashes however. I am willing to be a good customer to this Company and it’s Website. I am very-very open to wearing this product for medical and I suppose also comfort reasons too. Even the sheer styles in the waste highs thigh highs and knee highs I am willing to wear for very-very certain times, one of those times I think it would be appropriate would be at a nudist Beach’s or Colony’ I like going natural and would wearing only the knee highs, wearing the waste highs and thigh highs at a nudist beach or colony would not be appropriate if that the knee highs would turn head and get the wrong looks and be miss understood in such a public place. I do draw a very-very strong line against wearing what I will call the briefs especially those with garters attached to them that I do mark as crossing the line of public decency and gender decency and would not endorse that. What is the purpose in this leg wear is it to provide aid and comfort to men or is it more deep seeded a way to devastate or degrade men another attempt to create a bad inflection on men?

    “DESIGNED FOR MEN, APPROVED BY WOMEN” Just what does that mean if I am to believe that women like Feminist who want men to degrade themselves of self respect of their masculinity or Women who embrace and have beliefs of standard gender role of men and women in this society approving men wearing this leg wear garments. And that term Pantyhose for men well that has to change too. Now I’ve heared the term Mantyhose. Well we are getting there. I would like and prefer the most simplification of a term and that is Waisthighhose
    or Waist highs a more dignified term and definition to describe this product.

    Some years back and now it was about purses for men and now like with that Progressive Auto Insurance commercial and that
    dumb rube, “It’s A European Shoulder Bag” or maybe wear now it is to be believed that what is now Pantys, Pantyhose and Thigh High Stockings are now It’s A European Leg wear” for men all for the sake of sexual equality, making men ripe sport for ridicule and humiliation. Of women like Feminist who would like to womanize men I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Of women who appreciate men of strong macho masculinity with positive understanding and have a erotic affection and actraction for seeing men wear such garments, God Bless, God Bless them very much and I Thank Them Very Much!!!! For those with no thought or understanding that would like to ridicule us like in us to a woman, transvestite or transsexual or some other miscreant their headed for a (fall) and “There Will Be Blood” ! Come on guys let’s grow some of course let us be very-very open minded but grow some.

    I can’t make a judgment or what I think of them I haven’t bought any items of this product yeat but I will return to post what my
    assessment and evaluations are what I my feeling are about the product after I have bought this product.

  11. Yahoouj says:

    Really good work about this website was done. Keep trying more – thanks!

  12. Scott says:

    Currently I wear womens tights. I would like to find a product made just for men , just for the fact that it wouldn’t be womens tights. I wear tights year round. Mainly for warmth and coolness.

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  14. Gary says:

    I like these support hoisery – they are better than the Hanes full support – I know I have worn the Hanes for years ActivSkin has just a bit more support – with 2 bad knees I have to wear everyday and have to exercise my legs daily or I dont walk. Better to go to the gym and wear my ActiveSkin then go through another surgery

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