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500 years after they fell out of favour, Men are Wearing Pantyhose again!

500 years after they fell out of favour, Men are Wearing Pantyhose again!

Pantyhose for men!

We have all seen it on TV or the Internet, Pantyhose for men. Yet did you know manufacturers are quick to jump on board to get a piece of the pie or market share of men’s pantyhose.

The metrosexual trend is driving a market for men that want to take better care of themselves. Just last week, a man only eye-liner called “guy-liner” and a mascara dubbed “manscara” were launched. Also, some of the World’s biggest manufacturers of hosiery and lingerie are making pantyhose for men, to join the resurgence of men starting to wear pantyhose again.

Pantyhose for men!

They are selling men’s pantyhose out of stock so fast in Britian, that they cannot re-supply them fast enough.

Gerbe Hosiery, French lingerie company, now sells 11 hosiery designs of men’s pantyhose. You can find anything from ultra sheer to a matte finish with a proper opening in the front for restroom breaks.

Pantyhose for men!

Get ready for this stat when it comes to men in pantyhose, German men have been wearing them for years. In fact over 50 per cent of German men wear pantyhose, including the famous football players in Germany.

Despite a majority of American ladies that would not be caught dead in pantyhose, they think the whole concept of men in pantyhose is absolutely ridiculous.

It looks like men are going back to their colonial ancestor’s leg fashion, not only for the look of pantyhose, but also the insulation and improved blood circulation to the legs that pantyhose are known for.

12 Responses to “500 years after they fell out of favour, Men are Wearing Pantyhose again!”

  1. Laura says:

    nice to see men in pantyhoses too.

  2. Adam says:

    I wear pantyhose once in a while. They are super comfortable and my legs look sexy. Any ladies who like a man in pantyhose should consider dating one….

  3. Kevin says:

    I wear activskin hose daily even with shorts and really enjoy them. Legs look so much more neat in hose male and female. I do not worry too much about the narrow-minded. My wife agrees my tanned, hosed legs look much better than some pasty, hairy legs that look like they have white hose on.

  4. Bill says:

    I’ve been wearing pantyhose for almost 30 years now. It sure would be nice if folks here in the US would open up to the idea more. Glad to see that there are more hose made just for us guys these days.

  5. jm2fd says:

    I’ve been wearing pantyhose for 30 years. We’re just looking for equal rights to clothing of our choice like women have had the last 40 years.

  6. rich53 says:

    Well I have not been wearing them 30 years, only about 12. Back then to keep the biting bugs off of the legs, Now I use one of the energy, mild compression, active types, for I am on my feet 8 to 12 hours a day. Some times I drive 150 miles + a day and they help with my restless leg syndrome.
    In the summer under shorts I put on some colored or patterned stockings just for the fun.
    But then again while hiking you can usually find me in a sarong.

  7. Nicole says:

    It took much fussing and fighting to get my boyfriend to put on a pair of my ballet tights just so I could see what they would look like. Well guess what, they look great on him and his already very shapely sexy legs looked even more sexier then every! I would love to see him wear them far more often, but I do not see that happening any time soon with all the closed minded people out there. I wish, oh do I ever wish that someone would start running TV ads for men’s nylons and tights and show sexy men in nylons and tights out in the open. Maybe then, just maybe, would it become more acceptable for men to wear them. You know what I have found in my hunting around on the net, it’s not men that do not want to wear them or would not wear them. It the fear of being made fun of and put down and the name calling that I see as being the biggest and more hugest problem in why many more would not wear them. Could some body tell these companies that make nylons and tights for men to please start running some news paper and TV ads about mens nylons and tights so that its out there and will somehow open some close minds up some. I would love to take him out with tights under his pants, but he will not do it. No way, no how, is the answer I get from him. However he did say that, once he sees men out in public wearing them, then he would give it a try…maybe. PLEASE someone start running some TV & News paper ads showing mens nylons and tights. No one bats a eye at seeing a man in a KILT, which is after all a skirt by a different name, so then why not tights and nylons then? I just wonder how many other are out there like myself that would love to see our boyfriends or husbands in them? I hope I am not the only one out here. I think they look down right sexy on a guy.


  8. Nicole says:

    I thought I would just drop a little advice to the men on here that do wear them. Try out ballet tights, a good brand that is man friendly are BLOCH ballet tights. Even the MONDOR brand of ballet tights work for guys, then there is M STEVENS which are men’s ballet tights, but I do not like those so much. They have a seam running down the back and are to thick for my liking. I like to see some skin through the tights on my guy. Just thought I would pass that along.


  9. BB says:

    I have worn pantyhose off and on since I was 12 years old. I just like the way they feel on my legs. I too wish it was acceptable for men to wear pantyhose in the US without the fear of derogatory comments.

    I am not a homosexual male but I love wearing pantyhose or stockings. They help my leg circulation.

    I wish someone would market men’s pantyhose, tights, and/or stockings in the US so that it would become acceptable for people like me to wear them in public.

  10. Thomas says:

    I’ve been wearing pantyhose most of my life hidden under my slacks or in my private living area , .
    I also would like to see tights and pantyhose for men marketed in the U.S stores and advertised in news paper’s and TV to help open the trend here in the U.S.A.

  11. rich says:

    alot of guys wear hose no biggie just some think there women only thing guys wore them yrs before

  12. fitness ABC says:

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