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Pantyhose For Men – How to Purchase

Males who wear pantyhose for men reap many sports and health benefits. Pantyhose for men can soothe muscle aches, reduce swelling, stimulate blood circulation and protect against chafing. Wearing pantyhose also deters foot odor and athlete’s foot by keeping feet dry inside shoes. Buy pantyhose for men and begin experiencing a new way of keeping yourself healthy and at the top of your game.

Pantyhose for Men

Shop at online stores dedicated to pantyhose for men. Visit websites like, and I know men have worn ladies hosiery for decades, yet it is not durable enough for males.

While browsing online catalogs for pantyhose for men and you do not have a choice except for purchasing ladies hosiery, be sure to check for a few things. Note the fiber contents of each style and brand of pantyhose. Give preference to support pantyhose that contains at least 30 percent lycra, as a high lycra content increases comfort levels.

Consult sizing and style guides available on the website, as not all pantyhose will fit all body types.

Select the style, size and color of your preferred pantyhose realizing to always go with the larger size. Note the compression level of each style of pantyhose before selecting it. Some compression levels may be more uncomfortable than others. It is only a matter of time until these hose can be found regularly, since pantyhose for men on the rise.

Pick extra features for your pantyhose for men. Zippers, comfort panels, reinforced toes and opaque ankles increase pantyhose for men’s usability. Buying pantyhose with opaque ankles, for example, allows you to wear the pantyhose in place of your regular socks.



7 Responses to “Pantyhose For Men – How to Purchase”

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  2. Paul says:

    Thank you for this post, i work outside and am looking for more hose made for men in stores in the US, do u know who carries them?
    I am also a lover of pantyhose as well, my first pair was at age 8 or 9 and i loved it! Would like to find others who share my love of hose as well. Thsnks Paul

  3. Nelson says:

    I prefer nurse mates. They are very rugged and I have some I have worn for several months. I have edema from congestive heart failure and pantyhose help keep the edema down and I like the way they feel. I also have a wonderful wife that enjoys the way I look in my hose.

  4. Toni says:

    HI, wearing pantyhose is wonderfull. I am male and
    I like to wear pantyhose every day for many reasons,
    but wearin them for pleasure is most inportant.

  5. Gary says:

    I either wear Hanes full Support or ActivSkin support for knees and circulation. I also enjoy wearing them and encourage other men to wear support hoisery. Many women dont know or pretend that they dont know that for men support hoisery is also beneficial for their health too. My boss and office staff knows that I wear support hoisery and the VA provides medical thigh high stockings for night time wear. I dont enjoy those very much and the price $ 90.00. Thank goodness for Haines and ActivSkin hoisery

  6. Gary says:

    Oh yes I forgot my girlfriend goes wild when I am in my short shorts and nylons – I also have to use “SOMBRA” pain jell before I go to the gym to exercise my knees – got alot of strange looks and snickers by men and women – until they also see my brace I have to wear occassionally. I also like the idea of ActivSkin providing discounts to prior service, active duty service police and fire etc

  7. gabe says:

    Hi there everybody i like wearing pantyhose tights and all kind of stocking to i tried my first pair when i was 10 i took a pair of my sister pantyhose and i love them ever snice that i wear them all the time i wear them under my jeans wear them with shorts and wear the thicker thights in the winter when working in the cold people look at me funny when in pubic wearing shorts with my pantyhose i do not think they is any thing worng with wearing pantyhose if you are a guy i do not think it matters if you are male or female both should be able to wear pantyhose or tights if they want to i whould be nice when that happen’s that whould be great

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