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Opaque Tights Fashion Trend

Opaque Tights in Black move over for the bright colors and fun patterns this Fall, they are on the shelves at a store near you! I first wore black opaque tights in Catholic School while growing up in Canada in Ontario, then developed a love for pantyhose fashion that I share with everyone I come in contact with to this day. Most of the baby boomers remember the “Donny & Marie Osmond Show”, where Marie sings, “I was country when country wasn’t cool!” Well, I am sharing with you that I have always enjoyed wearing high end fashion hosiery, such as Wolford opaque tights,  to compliment my outfits, even when bare legs and flip flops were once taking over.

Opaque Tights can come in White or Skin Tone ALso

Opaque Tights can come in White or Skin Tone Also

Opaque Tights For …

  • Plaid mini skirts with Stiletto’s or boots definitely are a classic for black shiny sexy tights.
  • Bright colored sparkly opaque tights are great for clubbing in mini dresses, make a statement with those sexy legs of yours!
  • Knock your jean skirt or jean short shorts up another level with patterned or colored opaque tights with sneakers and crew socks like the Hooter Girls wear.
  • Black opaque tights with black hot shorts, black sweater and black high heels works for anytime of the day. Actually you can wear all day then out for the evening without having to stop and change.

This is the third year sexy seductive leg wear as a whole has seen an increase in sales here in the United States! I know there are states were you will notice more hosiery being worn and others where it is still seldom seen, but California is where a majority of fashion trends start, besides New York City. Many of the celebrities in Hollywood have been wearing black opaque tights for years, last year leggings and this year are the bright colored opaque fashion tights and pantyhose.

Now if you are an individual that is jealous of someone who enjoys wearing hosiery and has a taste for the finier things in life…what are you doing reading this? Go back to your bare legs and flip flops honey and settle for your lifesytle…that is your choice, but do not take cheap shots at those who know the power of hosiery fashion in the professional arena and there personal life.

Opaque Tights Photo Album Below

So go out and purchase some opaque fashion tights at a high end department store this weekend! If you hate wearing cheap pantyhose, you must spend the money to get those satin feeling tights or pantyhose that feel so good on, you will want to sleep in them, true story. I had a pair of Wolford Satin Neon Opaque Tights in Charcoal, I wore and washed twice a week while working for the government in Toronto, Ontario.  After one year they still looked as good or new as the first day I purchased them, until my puppy got a hold of them, go figure. I paid just under $30 for them, but let’s say I did pay the full $30 dollars. 52 weeks times 2 equals 104 wearings that you divide into the $30 one time purchase, making each wearing only costing me $0.28 each!!! Did you read that just NOW ladies.

So do you want to keep purchasing cheap pantyhose or opaque tights that you only get two to three wearings out of before they tear up and hate the feeling of having them on? Yet enjoy your pantyhose experience and save tons of your hard earned money in the process by spending the money up front for the Cadillac of hosiery, Wolford’s or a comparable brand from Europe for your next pair of opaque tights. Then get wild and go purchase some sexy outfits for your new tights or pantyhose at flirt catalog.

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16 Responses to “Opaque Tights Fashion Trend”

  1. bob davis says:

    sweet, danskin ultra glossy spanks and wolford can not be beat but dont you just love finding something a suprise import at a swapmeat or a discount store ? ive on occasion picked up some very silky shiney off brand things for a dollar or two that you would not belive . shop around and look for close out stuff at little shops and dance stores and buy in quanity . and you can share with your girlfreinds . love nakidned !

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  3. cassie says:

    I love tights!, is an amazing place. Check it out. x

  4. henry says:

    i love the way you dress ..outlaw is one very lucky man to have a women like you

  5. pete says:

    women look PHantastic in tights and pantyhose aswell. your style is great! hope that the pantyhose fashion takes off!! only if there were more women with your passion!

  6. Gentlemen Everywhere! says:

    Fantastic article. Incredible Photographs. We all appreciate the knowledge ya’ll put forth! Please keep up the great work.

  7. cassie says:

    If you love coloured tights, you’ll love They have so many colours, types and patterns. x

  8. Chris says:

    Loving the post, already bookmarked it so I can come back and visit!

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  10. Tedina says:

    I had searched high and low to find brightly colored opaque tights for a tight and bright party, and I have to say nothing compared to the selection and price offered from We Love Colors! Over 50 colors on colored opaque tights!

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  13. Shannon says:

    I’m loving,the tights pantyhose fashion ect, I’m a guy an love wearing opaques under shorts.

  14. hoselover4400 says:

    WOW!!!! You are so damn sexy, I LOVE your pics…every woman should follow your example!!!!!!

  15. pjNici says:

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  16. Meagan says:

    Thanks very much for posting this excellent information! I am looking forward to reading more posts!

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