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Opaque Black Tights are Always in Fashion Even at Work

Black tights are always the second biggest sellers next to the shiny suntan support pantyhose in the hosiery section. If a female has owned or owns hosiery, you can count on black opague or support tights were a part of it. Simple because the opaque black tight never goes out of style! Each day, thousands of Americans, if not more, research workplace hosiery or legwear fashions.  Workplace hosiery fashion is often a term that is used to describe the pantyhose or leggings accessories that are worn to work to compliment a woman’s heels.  Many of those individuals are looking for the “hottest,” legwear trends in workplace, so that they can “fit in,” with the fashionable or well-dressed pantyhose crowd.  Many people believe that dressing in the latest leg wear fashion trends may give the reputation of being fashionable and trendy. While it is more than possible to do this, you need to display caution.

black opaque fashion tights are always in fashion.

black opaque fashion tights are always in fashion.

What many individuals do not realize is that there are a number of pros and cons to relying on workplace pantyhose fashion trends.  One of those pros or plus sides was mentioned above.  When you wear  fashionable black tights or support pantyhose to work, there is a good chance that you will receive a lot of compliments on your outfit. This is a nice feeling and it is one that makes many feel proud of your legs. I only know of a few ladies that can actually get away without wearing pantyhose and unfortunately that always changes as we get older.

Black tights always compliment heels

Black tights always compliment heels

The only thing that you need to remember is that coming out of the bare legged trend,  their are many more cons or downsides to relying on workplace leg wear fashion trends than there are plus sides. For instance, workplace leg wear fashion trends do not always distinguish between jobs and careers.  For instance, if you worked at a trendy coffee shop or retail store, there is a good chance that the dress code would be casual clothing and trendy work attire may actually be encouraged.  However, if you were to work at a law office or an insurance company, you may be required to dress more professional.  Unfortunately, many workplace leg wear fashion trends are designed for the working population in general, not specific careers.  This is where you can run into trouble if you are not careful.

Before relying on workplace leg wear fashion trends or running out to buy a new work outfit, you will want to take a good, close look at the trend in question. For instance, does the trend require the wearing of a shirt or a dress, no matter what the length?  If so, it is important that you look at what you do for a living.  If you are in a professional office setting, a dress may be perfect for you.  On the other hand though, if you were to work in a retail store as a manager or a store stocker, a dress or skirt may actually get in the way and hamper your efforts to work and be productive.

You also need to take a close look in the pantyhose fashion in question. For instance, it is not uncommon for women to wear casual business suits with a tank top or cami underneath.  Before joining in on this trend, you need to remember that you may not necessarily be able to take your work coat or sweater off, as some businesses frown upon tank tops or other revealing shirts.  Unless you regularly bring a change of clothes with you to work, you should prepare to wear what you have on all day long. Also do not be surprised the first day you see a man coming to work in black pantyhose, they now have pantyhose for men on sale all over Europe and online here in the USA.

Make your black tights sexy with patterns or shiny support

Make your black tights sexy with patterns or shiny support

As previously mentioned, by wearing trendy workplace hosiery fashion pieces, like leggings and legwear accessories, many people are given compliments, but not always.  The last thing that you want to do is get a bad name for yourself instead of real compliments.  That is why it is also advised that you take what others may think of you into consideration.  If you work in a workplace that is known for its gossip, you may want to take a close look at the hosiery fashions that you are interested in displaying.  The business world is a tough one and although it is nice to make a good impression, you need to make sure that the impression that you would be making is a good one. Although black tights are always in fashion, shiny suntan will always make you more upwardly mobile and professional.

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The decision as to whether or not you want to incorporate the latest workplace pantyhose or tight fashion trends into your wardrobe is yours to make, but you may want to take the above mentioned points into consideration before doing so.  Unfortunately, in  today’s society it often seems as if bare legs is politically correct for the time being, although pantyhose being worn in the workplace makes you more profession like the black tights that never go out of style! To set off your black tights or shiny support pantyhose I know you will wear sneakers to and from work, but slip into a pair of stilettos during work for that sizzle!

If you want to be brave and step out of the box when it comes to legwear…I know the shade that will have other ladies asking you what shade you have on nd the men complimenting your legs! Here are a few fashion pictures below to show off a pair of Wolford Neon Glanz pantyhose, expensive but last forever and feel like silk on your legs! Darn they feel so good I feel asleep in them and me legs felt wonderful the next morning, maybe it was because my hubby was massaging my legs in my pantyhose, go figure! Anyhow these are a warm Taupe shade and will rock the legwear fashion in your workplace instead of the acceptable black tights!

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8 Responses to “Opaque Black Tights are Always in Fashion Even at Work”

  1. Rhonda says:

    One thing I’ve noticed lately is young Asian girls wearing black tights with shorts usually blue denim. It’s a very attractive and sexy look. It reminds me of the Hot Pants I wore years ago.

  2. Tedina says:

    forget opaque black tights. We Love Colors has got over 50 freakin colors on opaque tights! you can see them all here:

    We Love Colors is the only website I’ve found to have the variety of colors that I look for. The quality is superb and their prices are wonderful!

  3. lover of tights says:

    Black will always be the number one colour.

  4. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by SweetnPantyhose: Opaque Black Tights are Always in Fashion Even at Work so make those lesg of yours as sexy as you can in pantyhose

  5. Safe Suntan says:

    Very well written post, do you have an rss feed I can subscribe to?

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  7. John says:

    I love tights and I wear black tights under my clothes almost everyday
    I shave from the waist down and my tights are from legs opague sheer to waist
    My legs feel so great and never feel tired
    Tights are great

  8. John says:

    I like pretty polly pantyhose in the summer and I wore them under my pants with no socks and no one new I had them on except my wife
    They are soooo smooth and with the oil in them my skin is so soft
    Great product

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