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Men Buying Pantyhose

I correspond with a few cross dressers. One of them asked me a interesting question that I did not know the answer to:

“What do the female sales clerks in the department stores think about men buying pantyhose?”


As a female going into the department store, no one seconds guesses me or considers it odd if I am buying pantyhose or other female clothing. I cannot say I have been around when other men were buying female garments so I have no idea what these salespeople thought about men who were coming in and buying the same things.

men-buying-pantyhose-image-4.jpg  men-buying-pantyhose-image-5.jpg

While I usually buy shoes, blouses, skirts and dresses at the store, most of my panties and pantyhose are bought online. These I really do not need to try on. Fro the most part I want to try things on. It has actually been a while since I went into a department store to buy pantyhose.

So here was my mission over the next few weeks. While out shopping, which I do enough of anyway, I was going to go to the pantyhose and stocking section and ask the sales people a few questions:

Do you always work in pantyhose?
How often are men coming in to buy?
Do they indicate if they are buying for themselves or for their wife?
Are any members if the hosiery club?
Do they ever talk to you about wearing them?

And not, the answers.


Do you always work in pantyhose? Most work in multiple sections of the store but seemed to spend quite a bit of time in the hosiery section. It also seemed that many of the saleswomen had been working at the stores for at least a few years. This gave us enough time to relay some actual experiences.

How often are men coming in to buy? Very regular it seems. On average 3 – 4 men a week. Many of the saleswomen say they actually recognize the men as they are coming in. One even said when she sees him come in by himself, he always comes in to buy pantyhose. When she sees him with his wife, he just walks by.

Do they indicate if they are buying for themselves or for their wife? Most of the men come in, buy their pantyhose and stockings and leave without saying much at all. Typical guys. A few had some stories about how the guys would talk about how the hose were for themselves. Others made a point to mention they were for their wives but looked nervous saying it.

Are any members if the hosiery club? Very few. It was as if they did not want a record. It was also worth pointing out that the vast people paying for anything in a department store pay with a credit card, the men buying pantyhose really like to pay with cash. I guess these guys do not want any receipts floating around


Do they ever talk to you about wearing them? For the most part the guys that come in do not say much at all. A few of the sales women did ask some of the guys about their purchase. One saleswoman had sold the guy pantyhose about 3 or four times. She said he was a good-looking guy and she just remembered his face. She just flat out said she remembered him and asked him if he always bought pantyhose for his wife or if they were for someone else. He answered someone else. She asked him if he was the someone else. He said yes. They chatted about his fetish for a while and that was about it.

None of the saleswomen hold any judgment about the men who come in and buy pantyhose. They do talk about it some by themselves. They have a pretty clear idea what is happening. Whenever a guy comes wandering in by himself buying queen size pantyhose and paying cash, they just figure it is a cross dresser who is hiding it from his wife and keeping it to themselves. They also make a point to just ring up the purchase and not say much, figuring that the guy does not want to talk much anyway.

They can also spot you a mile away. Men wandering alone in the women’s section browsing around seems to be a rare thing.

I did ask a few if they wanted to let the guys buying pantyhose know anything. The response was pretty universal – “It’s ok. You can talk to us if you want to. You are not the first guy coming in here making this purchase nor are you going to be the last. We have seen it before and do not think much of it. Let us help you if we can.”

Nice ladies.

Chrissy Stewart is a young women entrepreneur seeking to drive people to her affiliate site – She enjoys the look and feel of hosiery and enjoys the attention she gets when she shows off her great looking legs. She wants to help others enjoy them also.

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92 Responses to “Men Buying Pantyhose”

  1. Andy says:

    Hi all

    Just a quick message. Its soon lunch here. I shall meet Thomas we´re having lunch together. Thomas has started a new job at the firm. Its ok. I have moving in with him so we have more time spending together now.
    He´s driving me to work every morning, picking me up every evning from work.
    Its funny I seems to driving a lot less now. Thomas doing most of the driving. I´m sitting beside felling very feminine, very girly, very sexy!

    A bit then about my outfit today.
    Its cool, its good I´m having the right size. I can easy wear a a skirt suit.
    Today´s skirt suit is a purple one. The skirt is an A-line straight one, ending about 2″ above my knees. Thomas loves seeing me in i short straight skirt. Telling me I look very vey sexy. Seems as the other guys to thinking the same. Me I got quite many looks of my legs, my heels.
    The rest of the outfit, white high cut panties, black sheer pantyhose with reinforced toe and heel. A light blue skirt and a bit darker blue tie.
    As for heels, my heels today is purple colored too matching my skirt suit with a 4,5″ stiletto heel, very toe point.
    The heels lokking very sexy. The girls telling me so. Obviously the guys here thinking the same by all the looks I got. The guys all seems to like spike heel pumps, Thomas is the same. Though I haden´t told him they´re a killer to stand in. You know I wear them both for him and my self.

  2. Andy says:

    Hi all

    Time then for little more pantyhose stories. Hope you loke reading about it.

    Me thinking tell you a bit about yesterday, about Thomas and mine lunch.
    Had a bit busy morning yesterday. Had two meetings, having to do two pressentation. Was up on my feet doing my pressentations.
    Standing there infront of about 8-10 guys takes a bit practising doing this. I remember doing this for the first time wearing high heels, wearing pantyhose I was very very nervouse. All eyes was on me, my feet, my nylons, my high heels. I stumbled over the words. After doing this for a couple of times I sort of got used to the guys looking at me. I felt more comfortable doing this. Most of the time I was the only one wearing pantyhose and high heels there. I started feeling the same way I guess many women feel working in a men´s dominated world.
    I know to my gender I am a man but being dressed the way I am, having a female hair cut, me starting putting on a bit makeup, ear rings, wearing a skirt/skirt suit, wearing high heels I beginning feeling this is also about me and the guys, my male colleagues. I have this feeling I always have to be better then them. To do better then the guys are doing.
    I can´t talking about the way I feel about this to other men. They woulden´t, I´m sure, not understand how I´m feeling.
    Even Thomas, my boyfreind (yes we´re an item now) doesen´t quite understand what I´m talking about when I tell him about this my feelings.
    Other women though, my female colleagues (I have a couple of them) knew all about my feelings about this, having the same feelings.
    Its a bit scary feeling but its also a good feeling I have inside of me. Not only am I wearing panties, pantyhose, skirts and high heels. I am also starting to feel to think as my female freinds.

    Thank God nowadays I´m quite used to stand talking infront of a group of people, in a skirt, in high heels. I have started also taking advantage of being in a short skirt, a pair of sheer nice looking pantyhose (they do wonders to my legs) and a pair of good looking stiletto pumps.
    Little me standing there infront of the guys, in my short skirt and high heels makes me feel sensual, making me feel sexy, making me feel powerful and at the same time a bit vaulnurable.
    Wearing a skirt, often a short one, a tight one, I can´t stand, walk or sit as I used too. Wearing high heels I can´t walk as I used to do. I can´t stand the way guys stand. I have to do it I have to walk, sit and stand as a woman.

    The meetings yesterday went fine, yes I was a bit nervouse but I didn´t do bad. The guys seemed to lissten though I saw they was quite interested in my legs, in my heels. Particulary my heels seemed to be to a lot of interest to them. They had a very low vamp ending in a very very pointy toe box. Because of the low vamp the upper cleverage of my toes was vissibly for all to see.
    Thomas told me when I slipped into my heels yesterday morning; “Oh Andy those heels looking sooo sexy, your legs looking sexy too in your black pantyhose.”

    Its funny, guess the guys at the office thinking the same as Thomas, because most of them coulden´t take theirs eyes from my legs and my heels.
    I got you there guys, I got you to lissten to me. I even teased them a little, hi hi. I standing pivoting, rocketing on my heels.

  3. Andy says:

    Hi again pantyhose guys

    Thinking going on about yesterday.

    Lunch was aproaching. Had a lot of things to do. Had to go, had to meet with Thomas. Looking to my wrist watsh. Oh no! Had to run, had to hurry my self.
    Its a strange feeling, a funny feeling I have now. Living my life a lot more different then before. Feeling a lot more girly, feeling a lot more feminene. Before I go I had to check my hair. I had to check my makeup. Nowaday I have a mirror haning on the wall behind the door in my office.
    Standing there, checking my hair. It was looking ok. Checkimg my makeup, I need to put on a bit more transpante lip stick.
    One of the guys came in wondering if I would join them for lunch.
    Told him, I was sorry, I coulden´t. Told him I was meeting my boyfreind.

    Oh I must hurry now! Passing the girl in the reception. Asking her how I look. Yes I did. I feeling very “girly, very sexy, I was longing for Thomas.

    The girl told me; “Oh Andy you look so good, have fun.
    Out to the street. The sun was shining. Taking out my sun glasses from my handbag, putting them on. Had to hurry. Trying running. No it wasn´t a good idea. My skirt was to tight, my heels was too high, too spiky.
    Had to trotter my way. I was thinking, Thomas is probably sitting waiting for me right now.

    I was almoast there just had to cross a big big street. Had to wait for the green light so I could cross the street.
    Standing there waiting, no those heels I wore wasn´t any good for standing in. Walking is ok, standing is NOT.
    Standing I felt all the pressure on my toes standing in those high heels. Thank God I could be sitting down soon. Standing there rocketing on my heels I saw Thomas on the other side of the street. I waved to him. He was smiling, I could see.

    The green light came on. Me crossing the street. Heading straight over to Thomas. Saying; “Hi love, sorry you had to wait for me.”
    Thomas just smiled. I had to kiss him. I just had to.
    He told; “Oh Andy its ok, now you´re here. You looking so so sexy. Do you know that. I love you, I like your outfit. Especially your heels. Wow you look so sexy!”

    What could I say. I thanked him for his sweet compliment to me, on my outfit. Didn´t tell him though my feet was killing me. He didn´need to know. Well not just there and then.
    We went in to the resturant. Thomas opened the door for me. We heading for a table, Thomas pulling out the chair for me, then letting me sit down then he sat down.
    Me I crossed my legs. I felt such a warm nice feeling inside of me.
    I was sitting looking in to the eyes of the guy I love, feeling very very girly. Feeling very very romantic.

  4. Andy says:

    Hi again pantyhose guys

    To go on a bit more telling you all about the lunch we had Thomas and me.

    Oh its nice sitting down. Its nice sitting having lunch with my boyfreind.
    Having a nice lunch. I took a sallad, some bread, some minral water. I need to think about my figure. Thomas took the same. He too takes a good care of his figure, of his body.

    Talking about my figure, my body. I have been taking female hormones for some times and it start to show. My facial hair my body hair has almoast dissapered. My body started getting a more female look to it. I started developing breast. They´re not that big but from now on I need to start wearing a bra.
    Told Thomas this was probably the last time the last day he seen me wearing a shirt and a tie.
    From now on I need to be dressed as woman from head to toe. It should be feeling so nice, so good. I can start wearing a dress. Live would be a bit more simple, for instance going into the ladies room.
    I´ve also beginning feeling I´m not as strong as I was before. I haven´t never been that strong but now I would say I´m as strong as other women in my age. Thomas is much stronger then me. Its cool, kind of sexy too Thomas have to help me lifting things. Me feeling vaulnurable, I need guys varound me helping me. Perferably my guy Thomas, he´s helping me. YES I FEEL VERY FEMININE VERY SEXY!
    Nt only that but I´ve changed the way I feel, the way I think. Guess I think and feel more as a woman, as women do.
    Let me tell you, hope you don´t mind. A couple of days ago Thomas and I watching TV about children having it difficult in lives.
    Suddenly I coulden´t see this. I started to cry. I have never done a think like this before or felt like this before.
    Thomas puted his arms arond me asking; “whats the matter, love?”
    Told him I just felt so sad, so sorry for those kids. Told him its my hormones, my female hormones playing trick with me. Told him; “this is the way I am now.”
    Talking to the girls at the office the next day. They too been watching this. They too been crying, just like me.
    Well that´s the way I am now.

    Our lunch had to end. I had to hurry back to office. I was gathering Thomas was too but he told me he was taking the afternoon off. He had something he needed to do. He didn´t want to tell me though, just smiling, telling me; “you´ll found out latee, love.”

  5. Andy says:

    A bit more for you all pantyhose lovers. Hope you don´t mind me, us Thomas and me telling about us our lives.

    Living the way I do, we do Thomas and me, living as an item under the same roof mean I have taken care of the home, the household.
    I´m taking care of most of the housework. Cooking, washing, shoping thats sort of thing. Thomas is helping me but I´m doing the most of it. I guess I´m doing likewise as most women around the world.

    This day I had to go shoping after work. Thomas and i desided to meet up in the supermarket after finnishing work.

    Had more meetings in the afternoon. After a long day at the office I kind of feel a bit tired, worn out. My feet was sore, I was tired still I was pleased with my day, my work. Phoned Thomas, he seemed to be very cheerful, very exited. I wanted to know what he was up to but he just told me; “You just have to wait love.”

    It was just a few hours still to work. After work I hurry my self over to the big supermarket. Its just a short way from my office.
    I clicked my way over there, click-click-click-clack-click-click-click. My heels sounded all over the place. Those heels are very very good looking, looking sexy and yes they had been helping me during my meetings. Me feeling more powerful wearing them. Thank´s heels! Must say though, they are not very comfortable to stand in.

    Saw Thomas standing waiting for me, hey wait a second. OHMYGOD, ohmygod, Thomas was wearing high heels, coming closer, yes he was wearing nylons. Yes he was deffinently wearing sun tanned nylons. I know becaues his skin isn´t that sun tanned normally.
    He also was wearing other type of jeans. The jeans he had on now, was dark blue, very very tight boot legged.
    Must say he looked very handsome, his figure, his little sexy bump. His new jeans went very well to his light blue shirt and brown blazer jacket.

    Had to wait crossing the street. Standing there me rocketing on my heels. My feet felt sore. Standing my feet was killing me.
    Obviously Thomas had problem too standing in his heels. He was standing like me.

    Coming closer, walking up to him, “OHMYGOD” Thomas WAS WEARING PANTYHOSE. He was wearing lady styled boot cut jeans AND HIS HEELS! Well his heels was a pair of black Jessica Simpspon “Parigi” pumps with a 4 3/4″ heel with 1″ platform.
    I just went OHMYGOD, ohmygod. Thomas YOU LOOK SO HANDSOME! Why didn´t you tell me about it. I woul go with you shoping all this. Thomas just smiled, looking good. I wanted to kiss him. I did. He seemed a bit longer in his new heels. Me I went up o my toes, Thomas bending down so I could kiss him.
    Asking him how he could walk in those heels. Thomas told me; “Its ok I doing fine, its feels just great, cool. I feel good. Though I must say, they´re a killer to stand in.”

    I laughed, Thomas laughed. Told him my pumps, my heels was the same. Told Thomas, wispering, “my feet are killing me.” Thomas smiled, wispering,”mine are too, loove.” Well we had to go in, clicked our way into the super market. Must say it was such a good feeling going shoping with Thomas. It always are but now it was a much better feeling.

    More to come

  6. Hello my dear Andy.
    What nice your write here and I feel so lucky for you, how you dress and feel in your girly warderobe. And sure, you’re in LOVE with Thomas, right ? I hope, you both will be a lucky cpl. together. LOVE_n_KISSES – Laura Maria Martini

  7. Andy says:

    Dear Laura Maria

    Thank´s Laura Maria for thinking my postings here is nice and also I am feeling very very greatful you feel lucky for me.
    Yes Laura Marie I feel very happy , I feel very girly, very feminine. Its just a great feeling.
    Yes Laura Marie I´m sure, I´m very very sure. I´m in LOVE with Thomas. I feel Thomas is the right guy for me.
    I´ve come to this conclution, I need a guy, I need a man in my life and Thomas is this man.
    Living the way I do now I need a man in my life to love, I need a man to support me, to comfort me, to love and Thomas is that man.
    He gives me all his love, his support, I feel very good very secure, we´re an item. Its feels good to know Thomas is there for me all the time whenever I need him. He taking care of me, we taking care of each others
    I know Thomas is feeeling the same for me. He loves me, he cares for me, he protects me.

    You know Laura Maria there is so much in a relationship. There is so many many things living in such a relationship that we do, Thomas and me. Ofcourse its this the loving feeling we both share for each other but is also all those little every day thing in a relatioship.
    I love doing this little every day things. I love preparing dinner for us. I kind of like doing the house work. I don´t no why I do but I guess since starting living feeling more and more girly, more and more feminine I have taken this role in mine and Thomas relationship, yes I do the most house work.
    I like doing this, I´m doing this for us. Looking to my life now its funny. I´m doing the same things my mom is doing. I´m doing the same things as my female freinds are doing.

    Must tell you also Laura Marie. Since Thomas started wearing pantyhose and high heels, panties and lady styled jeans/slacks, he´s becoming even more good looking, more, handsome, more SEXY. HE´S MORE A MAN to me. To little me.

    I also have to tell you. Guess you remember Laura Maria I told you I now have to start dress as a woman from top to toe. Nothing new for me dressing as a woman from my waist down with panties, pantyhose, a skirt and heels only now the differnce is, now I need a bra. My breast are not big but they´re there for all to see. Can´t hide them any more. And I don´t want to hide either. They´re no big but they´re looking perfectly well too.
    Last Friday was the first time I wore a dress to the office. A black slim dress, with a low scooped rounded neck and three quater long tight sleeves.
    The dress is pretty short, pretty tight too. Ending 2″ above my knees. Thomas loves me wearing this dress. Well the guys at the office seemed too do the same. Sure they all look but they didn´t said anything about my dress, a bit sad though. Oh come on guys its not dangerouse giving me a nice compliment. The girls though did, it was nice giving a few comments from the girls too.
    My pantyhose, my heels Friday was sheer very light sun tan pantyhose with a reinforced toe and heel. Thomas had the same color, the same brand to his pantyhose last Friday. Its cool we having the same color to our hose, though we have not the same size.
    As for heels, I wore a red spike heel, 4,5″. Super pointy and with a low vamp. I matched my red heels with a red hadbag, red lip stick, bright red, and red nail polish. The guys at the office seemed to be more interested in my heels, my low vamp heels. Seeing the cleaverages of my toes, my pantyhose clad feet.
    Thomas wore his 4″ navy blue stilleto pumps Friday. “Yes my pumps too, they´re a bit pointy”, said Thomas. He´s already got a few pairs to change with. He´s also starting wearing a handbag; “I got to, there´s simply no pockets big enough in my girly jeans”, said Thomas.

    Got to tell you such a sweet storie Laura Maria, hope you don´t mind I do.
    My mom called me at the office. She told wanted us going out for lunch. She knows all about me starting developing breast, me starting to wear a bra.
    She told me, she asked me; “Sweetie I know you already wearing a bra but I just want us going together buying you your “first bra”. You know my mom took me, we going together buying my first bra. You´re my daughter now, please I want to do this, we going together, please.”

    Ofcourse we could. Me I started to cry hearing my mom asking me this. My mom hearing me craying, she started to cry too. I just don´t know what´s going on with me, what´s going on inside of me. Suddenly I´m one of those girls I have heard or reed about. You know those “crying girls”. Now I´m one of them. I can start crying hearing, seeing something.ofcourse I told my mom we could. “Its ok mom, ofcourse we can go.”
    We had a nice time out shoping, out lunching. Me I bought me a new bra, a pair of new pantyhose, a new lipstick and a few maeup things.
    Yes it was nice being out together with my mom. We talking, talking about mother/daughter things.

    More to come. Hope to hear more from you too.


  8. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhoseguys, hi Laura Maria

    Must tell you everyone out there that after Thomas has started wear panties, pantyhose and high heels he´s just a much better man. Not only does he looking handsome, sexy! He´s much more open too. He´s not afraid anymore of showing his feelings, talking more openly about how he is feelings and what he´s feeling is.

    Hi guys, said Thomas, hi Laura Maria, said Thomas.

    Hope you don´t mind I let Thomas speak to you through me.

    “Guess you´r right love, guess you´re right Andy,” said Thomas.

    “Yes I feel I´m a better person, a better man, a better lover to you Andy since me starting wearing these female stuff.”

    “Yes I feel I´m a much better man. More open, more understanding, more sensitive all in a good way.
    Wearing nylons and heels have changed the way I am,” said Thomas.

    “I´ve got new freinds. Like Andy, I´ve got more female freinds then I had before. I like being around with the guys I know. Talking about thinks guy´s interessted in like cars, motor racing, sport. I am still interessted in this”, said Thomas.

    “But wearing nylons and heels I having more and more things incommon with my girl freinds. The accept me, I´m wearing nylons and hig heels. Not all guys do this”, said Thomas.

    “The women accept me, accepting I´m more interested in guys. Its just easier for me talking to women about these things then its talking about it with guys”.

    “Women more open about it. I can be more open about it too. I can sit in my nylons working having a woman coming in to me, seeing me sitting in my nylons. If a guy coming in and me having kicked my heels off, well I should try slippping my nylons clad feet back into my heels agai as fas as I could. Didn´t want a guy see me sitting in my nylons, that´s all,” said Thomas.

    Hi, hi, my love is a bit like me. Thomas is a bit like we girls.

    “Guess I am, gues I´m as any other high heeler out there. All women I know, well most of them are the same. The same as Andy and me”, said Thomas.

    A bit about ours outfits then. Its white panties for both of us. A white bra for me. Sheer nude pantyhose for me. Sheer sun tanned hose for Thomas. Both our panyhose having reinforsed toes.
    I´m wearing a white low scooped dress, short and tight, with short sleeves. I also wearing a black low buttoned cardigan.
    Thomas having his lady styled ligh blue boot legged jeans. A white shirt and a navy blue blazer jacket.

    As for heels is stiletto heels for both of us. Very slim, mega toe pointy. 4″ for Thomas, 5″ for me.
    Ofcourse we both having our handbags.

    More soon.


  9. Andy says:

    Hi everyone

    Thomas just called. He had just been back from lunch with the guys. He wanted to tell you something cool.

    “On our way to lunch we guys had to cross the old square with its cobble stones,” said Thomas.

    “I have done this many many time before but not until mow in stilleto heels. Must say I had a bit of a problem doing this, trottering there om my thin thin 4″ heels keeping up with the guys,” said Thomas.

    “Didn´t want to tell them to slow down because of me. I try o keep up with them the best I could. Must tell you I felt sexy trottering crossing the square”, said Thomas.

    I bet yo did fine love!


  10. Andy says:

    Hi all

    Its morning here in Sweden. Thomas and I are sitting having breakfast. Soon its off to the office.

    I´m ready, I´ve already putting my bra on, my panties and a new pair of very light sun tan very sheer pantyhose. Siting her writing this having my white morning robe on and pink slippers with no heels. I´ve got to start with my hair putting my makeup on too.

    Thomas too is soon getting ready, he just wanted to say “hello” to all of you.

    “Hello everybody, hello Laura Maria. Yes I´m almoast ready. I´ve shaved my legs. Putting on my panties and my pantyhose. Today I´m wearing the same brand, the same color to my pantyhose as Andy. I´ve painted my toe nails bright red for the first time. Feeling good, feeling very SEXY. Feeling good I did start”, said Thomas,

    “Yes I feel very good about it. My bright red toe nails are shining through my reinforced toes on my pantyhose.
    Me to, I´m wearing a morning robe. Its pink. FEELING VERY SEXY”, said Thomas.

    Yes you do love, you do look very sexy, very handsome.

    Thomas too is vering his flat slippers, they´re pink. Looking very girly, just like mine.

    “Yes as much as I love wearing high heels, its good wearing flat slippers too. Giving my feet a bit of a rest. Don´t you think, love”, said Thomas.

    Yes I do Thomas, I do love. I need as much rest as you from my heels. I love wearing heels, you know but I need a bit of rest from them too.

    “Me too, I need this rest too from my heels. Yesterday my feet was killing me. Told you guys about my lunch with the guys at the office ysterday. We having lunch I kicked my heels off almoast as soon I sat down”, said Thomas.

    Cool, sexy, very sexy. You did the right thing love.

    “Hope I wasn´t too sissy”, said Thomas.

    No love you wasn´t. You only did the right thing. You only did what many of us high heel women do. You did righ. BET IT FELT GOOD TOO!

    “Yes it did Andy. I din´t tell the guys”, said Thomas.

    Ofcourse you didn´t. You did exelent.

    “The good thing was that this table our table had a long big table cloth hanging almoast down to the floor. Nobody saw me crossing my legs, sitting dangling with my heels. I didn´t care. I let it droped to the floor. I was sitting with my nylon clad feet. Me feeling very special, a bit girly. It was a funny feeling but a good feeling. The guys didn´t noticed, no the certainly did, nobody noticed I was sitting like this”, said Thomas.

    I bet you felt very special, love. Very girly, very sexy too. I´m sure.

    “Me I put my both feet to the floor so I could sit, sliping my both feet out from my slim pointy killer heels. It felt nice sitting in my nylons. My sore feet needed this.
    Nobody was seeing me, my my feet, my nylon clad feet, my high heels standing there empty under the table”, said Thomas.

    “Well perhaps not every one. You know when we arrive to the resturant. A woman in her therties coming with a guy. Guess its was her husband. I saw she was wearing high heels. Its funny since me starting wearing heels my self, I check out all women if they are wearing heels. Guess its a bit girly”, said Thomas.

    Guess it is love but hey what´s wrong with that.

    “The lady looked at my heel, then to me, then to my heels again. II was standing rocketing on my heels. Told you those my heels is a killer to stand in. Guess hers was too.
    We looked at each others, smiling. I feeling I had a bit in common with her.
    I saw she did that little twist with her body, the little twist women and me do when we kicked our high heels off”, said Thomas.

    I know what you mean love. I guess she saw you doing the same twist. I know you do. You sit like a woman, you walk like a woman, you stand like a woman. I bet she knew you was sitting in your nylons too.

    “Guess you right honney. Guess I´m doing it the feminene way. Guess see saw how I sigh when I slipped my feet out from my slim pointy heels. I think I saw the same sigh on her face. We looked to each others now and then, smiling. It rather felt we had something in common”, said Thomas.

    “Sitting there eating, talking with the guys (well I didn´t talk that much) me I was sitting thinking. Thinking about us two”, said Thomas.

    What nice thing to do. Thinking about us love.

    “Suddenly the guys wanted us to leave. They all raised, they had to wait for me. I had to slip my feet back into my high heels first. My left heel was easy to found, the other one took me a few second to find. I didn´t look. The guys was standing, waiting for me. My face got all red. Looking to the other lady, she was smiling. She know exactly what I was trying to do. I was trying finding my heel with my feet, my toes. Oh there it was. Slipping the heel on. I smiled to her, I smiled to the guys then standing up and out we went”, said Thomas.

    More soon.


  11. Andy says:

    Hi guys, hi Laura Maria

    A bit more then of what we have planned doing to day. Ofcourse we have to work but we have also something exiting something very fun coming up.

    First Thomas and mine outfits for to day. You know already about my white bra. Its feeling a bit strange but its a wonderful feeling, I can´t explain it, me I finelly having my own breast. They´re not that big but the size of my breast makes me feel I realy have to wear a bra. My bosom, my breast looks much better me wearing a bra and even if my breast isn´t that big. Well without a bra they just jumpiing up and down me moving or walking, so its a bra for me all the time from now on. Must say I feel so happy now. Me staring developing breast, I feel so so very feminene. Yes I feel like a woman, well guess I am a woman in all but my gender.
    You also heard about Thomas and mine pantins and pantyhose we are wearing today (please read our prevously posting today).

    Feeling the way I do, feeling in love with Thomas, feeling very very “girly”, feeling femine its a dress for me today.
    Its a mango colored “hilo” dress. with an embroided “Empire” waisband and with a notched square neckline, (hope I did get all this right). The legth of the dress from top center to hem is 28″.
    I´m also wearing a white figure tight blazer jacket, white 5″ stiletto pumps and a white handbag.
    Must say I felt very good in this outfit. Very good looking, very sexy in a femine way.

    Thomas out fit then.

    “Well my outfit, you heard about my panties and my pantyhose. The rest then is my tight lady styled light blue boot cut jeans. A pink shirt and a pink tie. A black blazer jacket and black 4″ stilleto pumps. And ofcourse my black handbag. Can´t be without my handbag. Yes I know its a bit girly, its very feminine. Yes I´m lost with out my handbag”, said Thomas.

    Thomas have taken an other step, well he is going to take it today. He´s desided start wearing a skirt.

    “Yes I have. It should be feeling so good. I can´t wear a short skirt. My knees woulden´t let me. I´m very jealous of Andy. Andy´s legs looks fantastic, gorgeus, super sexy. I know many women envy Andy. Me too.
    I want though I need to wear a skirt though, so I settle for a little longer skirt. Ending below my knees. That would fit me very very well I think”, said Thomas.

    I´m sure it would. I´m sure you would look very sexy in a knee long straight A-line skirt, honey.

    During the lunch Thomas and me shall go out looking shoping for a skirt to Thomas.

    More soon.


  12. Andy says:

    Hi again,

    How stupid of me, of us. I forgot, Thomas and me forgot to tell you, why Thomas wants to look good this evening.

    “We´re going to the theatre this evening, me, Andy, my mom and my sister. Its going to be an “all girls night out”.
    First we´re going to the theater, then we´re going having something to eat”, said Thomas.

    “My mom, my sister knows all about my pantyhose wearing, my panties, my high heels. They accept me. Its so good knowing they do.
    All the ladies, I´m sure will be dressed in a skirt, a dress. I know Andy are and knowing my mom and my sister. Yes I´m sure they to will be dressed the way Andy are.
    Me too I have such a strong wich being dressed as the others. That´s why I shall go and buy my self a skirt”, said Thomas.

    “I´m looking very much forward to this evening. I´ve told my female freind about it. They all thought it sounded very nice. Think I made a mistake though. Telling one of the guys at the office. He just looked at me. He did look as though he didn´t thought this was very interesting. Guess I´m more and more coming a bit into the girl mood”, said Thomas.

    You don´t have to feel bad about it love. I think its cool, I think its sexy you do, getting more into “the girl mood”.

    More soon.


  13. Andy says:

    Hi guy, hi Laura Maria

    Thomas and me can´t make a long posting today, we´re going to be very busy.
    Thomas just wants to tell you.

    “Hi guys hi Laura Maria, WOW! WHAT A FEELING! WHAT A GREAT FEELING! To be out in a skirt.
    And WOW! Its was so cool, o sexy going shoping together with Andy. Me feeling great, feeling “girly” too in a good way”, said Thomas.

    “Found me a knee long black (26″ long, wais to hem) straight A-line skirt with a slit in the back”, said Thomas.

    You know love, you looked very handsome, VERY HOT, VERY SEXY in his skirt.

    “Thank´s love, thank´s for say so. Yes I felt HOT, I felt SEXY too. And I very much like the skirt, the slit. WOW! FEELING WONDERFUL WEARING A SKIRT”, said Thomas.

    “Andy suggested me trying some new heels. Andy suggested me trying some new pink heel, telling me; they would go so very very well to your new skirt, your pink shirt and pink tie.
    Andy was right. Pink heel would go so well to the rest of my outfit.
    We, Andy and me trottering over to the shoe shop. Was great going outside for the first time in public in my new tight skirt”, said Thomas.

    “To make a long storie short (we can tell you more if you want us to) I bought me a pair of ping 4,5″ stiletto heels, with a low vamp and very very pointy. Killer heels, yes but I felt very very sexy wearing them feeling very girly too. Hope I didn´t did anything wrong because it JUST FELT GREAT feeling a bit girly and at the same time very HOT, SEXY”, said Thomas.

    No love this isn´t wrong. You looking very very handsome. Belive me Thomas I know, I know many women think you looking very good, very handsome. I know beliive me they had been telling me. The good thing is you´re mine now, you´re my man now.
    I don´t think its wrong to feel girly, I know honey being dressed the way you were, I know, you felt girly but I can asure you love you looked handsome, hot, sexy. And you know a lot of the women at the theater was looking at you, you know the way women do.

    “Thank´love, thank´s for encouraging me taking this step. All in all we had a great evening, Andy, my sister Sara and my mom”, said Thomas.

    More to come



  14. Andy says:

    Hi all, Hi Laura Maria

    Got a few minutes over. Its a busy day today. I was just thinking I was going trying to explain a bit how Thomas is feeling when he´s saing he´s “feeling a bit girly”.
    You know I´ve been in this situation too when I started wearing pantyhose and high heels.

    When guys starting wearing pantyhose, pantie and high heels you must change the way you move, the way you sit, how you stand all those many little things.
    Wearing high heels you must walk like a lady, there is no other way to do it. Starting wearing a skirt well its even more important, its a must, you can not do any other way then women do, you have to act like a lady.
    That´s what I think Thomas mean with “to feel a bit girly”.

    Me I wanted to go a bit futher. I felt I wanted to live as a woman, not perhaps change my gender but I felt in my mind the way I think yes I´m more thinking feeling the way women do. I´ve always felt this way.
    Taking my female hormones I´m not only look like a woman, my body has changed. I´ve got a female look to it. I´ve got breast, my body got this female look. My body hair and facial hair has dissapeared, my hair is thicker.
    I even smells differently, well Thomas tells me I smel like a women, I feel like a woman when he holds me.
    I know Thomas doesen´t want this, he just does want dressed a bit feminine in panties, pantyhose, heels and skirts.

    Me not only do I look like a woman. I more and more feel and think as a woman.
    I have always felt as a girl, playing with dolls,that´s sort of things. I alwaysed felt more easy being together with girls. I try being the “macho type” of guy but it wasn´t me.

    Taking my female hormones, they to playing trick with me, my body. Not only do I look as a woman, I´m appear as a woman, people perceiv me as a woman.
    I´ve changed in many ways, not just the way I look. I´m not as strong as I was before. Thomas is much stronger then me. Thomas has to help me lifting, carry things. For example when we´re out shoping. Thomas can carry much much heavier thing then I can. The problem Thomas have is that he has to do it wearing high heels and nowadays a skirt to but he try the best he can, helping me.

    I´m also become more caring, more loving, well that what Thomas say. I´m crying more now then I did before. Once a month I use to feel below par, feeling sad. Feeling I just want to lay down, crying. Thomas theres to help me comfort me. Doing the best he can for me.

    Always since I´d realize I was more interested in boys I felt a sure, well one day I´m going to find the right guy for me.
    And I have. Thomas is the right guy, the right man for me.

    As I said, the female homrones I take playing tricks with me but its good trick. Its nice feeling this way.
    Lately I want us Thomas and me to get married. Spending more and more time together with other girl/women, my female freinds I know every girl/woman feels this way.
    I want us to have a proper wedding. I want Thomas to propose to me.
    I also want to have a family. Yes I know I can´t get any children but I guess I have the same feeling as many women, yes I want to have children.
    Before I put my career first, now I´m not so sure about that. I put us first Thomas and me.

    Thomas is a bit shy to tell you but before we me, we became an item. He had a short realationship with a woman. It woulden´t last, it coulden´t last.
    During this short relationship (about 18 months) they got a baby. A girl now 2 years old.
    She´she cutiest girl you can think of. I seen her a few times. Both her and her´s mother. We get along very very fine.
    Thomas and his ex girlfreind has both the custody (do you say so) of the child.
    Thomas living alone befor meeting me had a bit difficulties having his daughter staying with him. Now when we´re two, I living there to its much easier.
    We´re talking, Thomas, his exgirlfreind and me about having Thomas daughter staying with us.
    First I wasn´t so sure but n ow I will it to happened. I think its good for all of us, for Thomas, for Josefine (Thomas daughter, his ex girlfreind and me.

    Sorry if this wasn´t so much about pantyhose.


  15. Andy says:

    Hi guys, Hi Laura Maria

    Thomas just called me telling me how his first day in skirt at the office been.

    “Its been a great day, just an awesome day. It started me trottering in to the office in my skirt, my new pink 4,5″ heels. The guys, well some guys laughing a little me coming, clicking my way to my room.
    I didn´t care. I let them laugh. I held my head up. I felt pround, I felt good looking. I felt sexy”, said Thomas.

    “The girls though, the girls just stare at me. Just went “ohmnygod!” “ohmygod!” They told me I looked handsome, good looking, sexy. They think it was a bit sad I don´t fancy girls. They wanted to go out with me”, said Thomas.

    “Ofcourse we girls can go out together, I told them. Told them I felt very “girly” too.
    They told me to ignore the guys. The girls told me “they´re a bit jelouse oon you, that´s all.”
    Then they all wanted to hear about the nigh out with Andy and the rest at the theater. Then they all wanted trry my new heels. I let them. It was very fun very nice me trying theirs heels, they trying mine. Its cool I can wear Euro sizi 38 1/1-39. its cool. Moast of the girls are the same size as me. You too Andy. Its awesome.
    We forgot abou the guy. I forget about the guy. Surley the girls have more fun. Its fun, its awesome feeling girly” said Thomas.

    Yes love it is. We girls just have more fun.

    More soon.


  16. Pantyhosehappy says:

    Hi, love the site, and review. I think guys are on the verge of being able to buy and wear hose without any strange feelings in the air about it. Once the pantyhose makers start designing for men (which they are); then wearing them openly is the next natural step. However, I wear them already in public and love it! I feel pantyhose have have got to be the best piece of clothing ever invented! They have so many health benefits as well as feel wonderful to wear.

  17. Andy says:

    Hi Pantyhosehappy

    Yes we two, Thomas and me we love this site too. Its good you already wear pantyhose in public.
    Thomas and me agree, “Yes pantyhose have to be the best piece of clothing invented”, said Thomas.

    “And not just for the helth benefits”, said Thomas.

    “Wearing pantyhose feels just WONDERFUL”, said Thomas.

    Me too, I agree with Thomas.

    GOOD LUCK with your pantyhose wearing, Pantyhosehappy.
    Hope to hear more from you.


  18. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhoseguys, Hi Laura Maria

    Thomas and I hope all of you had a nice weekend involving a lot of pantyhose wearing. We had Thomas a me.

    Thomas wanted to tell you a few bits about what he has been doing.

    “Hi all, even though I sort of started created a bit of “new fashion” for me. Involving I´m now dressed as a woman from my waist and down. ITS COOL. ITS AWESOME. I FEEL GREAT, SEXY”, said Thomas.

    “We guys, my freinds use to go doing indoor carting from time to time.
    Last Sunday was such time. The guys wanted me to come. First I wasn´t sure to come. Me creating a new fashion well its not jus a new fashion for me. Its a way of living, me feeling a bit “girly” being dressed like this. Guess I´m not feeling like driving an indoor cart”, said Thomas.

    “The guys wanted me to come. Still I wasn´t sure but it was kind of cute of them wanted me to come”, said Thomas.

    “Well since they all wanted me to come I accepted. It was first indoor carting then watching the INDY 500 on TV. Still me wasn´t sure this was for me”, said Thomas.

    “Dressing in a skirt, pantyhose and heels, dressing like this dayly. Well I just feel wearing skirt yesterday. Pantyhose, panties and heels, I don´t I am properly dressed with them and now I feel more and more YES a skirt feels right looks right too”, said Thomas.

    “Yesterday I just felt to wear a skirt. Yes its a bit “girly” isn´t it”, said Thomas.

    No love it isn´t its cool. You lookingg sexy, you feeling good about it. Why shoulden´t you.

    “Tank´s love. Well my outfit then yesterday. White panties (high cut), sheer almost nude pantyhose (with reinforced toe). A white shirt. My new knee long dark grey A-line skirt. A light brown blazer jacket and 4″ black stiletto heel.
    Perhaps not an outfit for indoor carting but I felt good wearing it. Andy told me I looked very cool, very sexy.
    Perhaps I let the guys doing carting, me keeping in the back ground”, said Thomas.

    All for now, more to come.


  19. Andy says:

    Hi again

    Must tell you, must tell you all pantyhose lovers and Laura Maria.

    Something cute happened, something sweet happened before Thomas left home Sunday.
    He wanted to change outfit.

    “Yes I did. Wanted to be in a more casual outfit. So I changed in to my short thight A-line denim skirt”, said Thomas.

    “Perhaps changing clothes its yes “a bit girly” yes its very “girly” I think”, said Thomas.

    Well love its girly doing this sort of thing but I like you being a bit girly. Its suits you. ITS SEXY.

    “Thank´s love, thank´s Andy. I´m sure the guy would say this is a very very girly thing to do but wearing my female attributes I´m feeling YES very very girly”, said Thomas.

    “My denim skirt, the hem line is ending just anout knee level. Its very very thight. Not the perfect outfit for going indoor carting. Well I didn´t mind: I felt good in this skirt. I kept my shirt, my pantyhose, my heels and my blazer jacket”, said Thomas.

    More soon.


  20. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhoseguys, Hi Laura Maria

    A bit more then about Thomas pantyhose wearing, about Thomas getting more femenazing.
    I don´t mind at all he does. In fact I think ´he´s a better man, a more understang and caring man. A better boyfreind, that´s all LOOKING SOOO SEXY!

    Before the guys was coming picking up Thomas. My guy Thomas once again looking to his pumps. I saw he was thinking.

    “Yes I was”, said Thomas.

    “Me was thinking borrowing my sweetheart Andy´s white spike heels”, said Thomas.

    You know love its ok. Its cool we two can wear the same size. Me I was abit cornserned about Thomas feet. I know he could walk very good in those heels but belive me, those heels are a killer to stand in.
    They´re slim, they´re very very toe pointy. Looking awesome, looking cool, when you don´t have to do much standing that is.

    “Those white 5″ heels of yours. Oh love they just look awesome. I guess the guys woulden´t take theirs eye from them, the girls too.
    I give it a try”, said Thomas

    While Thomas changed putting the white heels on, he had to hurrry.
    Running to the car wasn´t to think of love. Me I looked through out the window Thomas clicking his way, trottering his way to the car.

    “Kissing Andy before I left, me I took my handbag, heading for the car”, said Thomas.

    “Wearing heels and skirts takes a bit of different driving teqnic.
    Wearing high heels I want to sit, I need to sit nearer the steering wheel. Entering a car me wearing a skirt, a tight skirt I have to do it like the women do. First sitting down in the chair, then swinging my leg into the car. Keeping my legs tight tight together, not revealng anything. Then straighten up my skirt before I

  21. Andy says:


    what Thomas wanted to say before we go interupted was.

    “Before I staring to drive”, said Thomas.

    Yes love yo do the same as me. The same as any woman doing driving a car.

    “Guess I am. After me starting dressing as a woman, driving in high heels. I comingg to think of us buying an automatic car instead of one wit a stick shift gear. Andy often tells me so. I didn´t think about this before me wearing high heels but since I do I´ve might changed my mind.
    Woulden´t tell the boys though. Guess they would think of me as a bit sissy”, said Thomas.

    I don´t think this is sissy at all, love.

    More to come.


  22. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhoseguys, Hi Laura Maria

    Thomas wanted to go on telling you all a bit more about his outing together with the guys.

    “Hi all, hope you don´t mind me doing so. Hope you don´t find my stories, our stories boring”, said Thomas.

    “sitting in my car, the plan was, I wasn´t going to drive the indoor carts. Not the way I was dressed, wearing hose, heels and skirt.
    But I was thinking, what if I show the guy. We pantyhoseguys, we high heel guys, we skirt wearing guys, WE CAN DO IT”, said Thomas.

    “So I stoped the car. Going back in to the hous. Telling Andy, I CAN DO IT! Packing A T-skirt, a pair of cotton sock, a pair of panties, to have under the overall when I drive the cart. I also took a flat pairs of trainers shoes with me”, said Thomas.

    That´s real cool Thomas. That´s great showing the guys you can do it.

    “Even if I wasn´t going to wear pantyhose when driving the indoor cart, I was going to wear panties. I feel more comfy wearing panties. They´re soft, they fits me better, especial me wearing pantyhose and skirt”, said Thomas.

    “Dressing like a woman from my waist down. Wearing my female clothing every day now I feel good about it. It feels fine, great being dressed as a lady. Not only that. Being dressed,wearing panties, pantyhose, a skirt, high heels. Not only does this gives me such a nice warm feeliing. Its also gives me a thrilling feeling, an exited feeling. Not only that. I feel a lot of pressure on my wearing my femal attributes. I´m alone there wearing pantyhose, skirts and heels”, said Thomas.

    “Working as I do together with most men, I some how sometimes can feel a bit alone. Feeling I must trying to do the best I can, trying to be better then the other guys. I know women have this feeling too. Talking with Andy, with my female co-workers. Yes they to feeling the same I do. Please guys, please Andy. Don´t think I´m to sissy”, said Thomas.

    No love, no Thomas, you´re not sissy. Why should you feel your a sissy. Yes I´m feeling the same, most of the girls I know feels this way. I´m not a sissy. They´re not sissies either. We´re girls, we´re women.
    What you doing my love, what you´re doing Thomas is, you´re just letting your female feeling show a little more.
    Its noting wrong with that. Belive me love its fantastic you do. ITS GREAT AND YOU`RE VERY VERY SEXY DOING THIS!

    I know, I´ve heard many girls thinking you´re very sexy. You´re doing just great love.

    “I was ready. Having all my things in my bag. Checking my eye makeup before I went”, said Thomas.

    Yes Thomas has started wearing a bit of mascara, that´s all. His eyes looks bigger. They looks great.

    “Checking my handbag. Got every thing. Kissing Andy before I clicking my way out to my car on my 5″ stiletto heels. Ready to meet the guys, beat the guys. Showing them we pantyhos guys, we high heels guys can beating them”, said Thomas.

    More soon.


  23. Andy says:

    Hi again, all of you

    Well Thomas like to go on telling you his story. Hope you find it interesting, fun to read.

    “Clicking my way out to the car, me starting to drive. Yes driving in heels. In 5″ spike heels wearing a bit short tight skirt demand a different style then wearing flat shoes (men´s shoes) and trousers.
    Me I know how to do it. Do it the female way. Strange though, now I think I drive a little differently. Guess I drive a bit more like women do in generally. Not so fast, not so agresivl”, said Thomas.

    Oh that´s good love, that´s good Thomas. You driving the way I do, the way women do.

    “Thank´s love. Don´t no if I should be laughing or not. Before me starting dressing as a woman from my waist down. I used sometimes to get a bit mad, a bit upset about female driving. I did used to ged a bit upset female drives not driving as fast, being a bit slow. Holding up the traffic. Now perhaps I´m the same, doing the same thing.
    Andy says I´m driving like a women, the way Andy do nowadays. I was out driving a few day ago together with one of my co-worker, a guy.
    He didn´t said anything but I guess he was thinking I drove like a woman. Not as fast as he would have liked”, said Thomas.

    “Being dressed the way I am. I walk like a woman, I sit like a woman, I stand the way women do. I can´t do it any other way. In my skirt, in my high heels, in my panyhose. Not only that, I sometimes think and do thing in a femine way. Guess its only naturell me doing this”, said Thomas.

    Guess you´re right honney, I see nothing wrong with this. Its cool, its so sexy you showing the woman inside of you more and more Thomas.

    “Arriving to my freind´s Johan´s house, I parked the car. Stepping out of the car, straightened up my skirt. Picking up my handbag, my big trunk with all my things. Clicking my way up to the house”, said Thomas.

    “Johan´s wife, Lena opened the door. She´s know all about my love for being dressed in female clothes. She´s seeing me a lot of times, wearing skirts”, said Thomas.

    “Lena opened the front door, smiling to me. Saying “Hello Thomas”, Then she went, “OHMYGOD OHMYGOD, your heels”.
    She told me she thinks my heels looked awesome, “so sexy”, wanted to try them.
    I managed stepping inside the house before I let her trying my white heels.
    I was standing there up onto my toes, (I have a bit of a problem stand flat on my feet for the first few minutes after taking my heels off)”, said Thomas.

    “Lena told me she would liked to be able walking on 5” stiletto heels, like I was. Then she looked down to my feet. My nylon clad feet. My red toe nails was glowing through the reinforced toes of my pantyhose.
    Then she went again, ohmygod, you started painting yours toe nails too! “Oh that´s cute, that´s so cute. Andy can be very very lucky, you two are a couple”.
    She slipped out of my heels, handing them over to me. I slipped my nylon clad feet back into my white heels”, said Thomas.

    “Then I heard Johan and the rest of the guys telling me to come, while Lena and I still was standing having a bit of “girl-talking”. Lena complimented me for wearing such nice looking skirt, wearing matching colored pantyhose and heels. She also saw I started wearing a bit of makeup. Giving me compliments on that too, giving me few tip too.
    Yes its cool being a bit girly, feeling a bit girly too. Girls have at least as fun as guys have. I would probably say girls have more fun. Yes I´m saying this even though to my gender I´m a man but well in this outfit I wore, yes I felt very girly.
    Now well I had to trotter my way in to the guys”, said Thomas.

    More soon.


  24. Andy says:

    Hi all, hi pantyhoseguys, hi Laura Maria

    Thomas is quite eager to go on telling you all about his outing together with the guys.

    “Yes I am. Hope you will find this fun to read, a bit exited too. Me I had great fun. Yes and a bit exiteing it was too”, said Thomas.

    “Coming in to the room. Me trottering in to the guys. Hi hi my heels. Oh my heels clicking, they gave such a hard clicking sound, me walking over the floor”, said Thomas.

    “Sitting there in Johan´s and Lena´s was, Johan, Anders and Peter. This is the guys I´ve been talking about. We´ve been together since the teenages years. They accept me the way I am. Being gay, starting dressing this way as a woman from my waist down. I´m very fortunate have this kind of freinds” said Thomas.

    “I have tried being like these guy, being an ordinary guy but I´m not. This is me. This is the way I am. I can be my self now. Its feels good. Not have to hide my feelings, the way I am”, said Thomas.

    “The guys though, yes they have accepted me but when I´m around I feel. I have a feeling they beginning perceive me as a woman. Yes to my gender I´m a man but the way I´m dressed, the way I do things. I guess I do things more the way women do things. I walk like women do, I sit and stands the same way women do. Yes I do more and more things the same way wwomen do, the same way Andy doing things, the same way my female freinds are doing”, said Thomas.

    I´m a very lucky one, you changed Thomas. Having the courage showing your feelings, living the way you want. Showing your feemale feelings. I LOVE YOU.

    “Thank´s love, thank´s Andy. Its cool the guy start seeing my as a boy/girl, girl/boy. I feel a bit of both. Not only does these guys, my freinds preceiving me as a girl/women but also my male co-workers does too. I guess this is also why I start having more and more lady freinds. The guys telling my, they´re a bit jealouse of me having o many female freinds. Hi, hi yes I´m a lucky one. You know I see thm, the girls/women that I know. They´re my freinds, we have things in common. We have many things in common. I feel I´m one of them”, said Thomas.

    That´s good love. That´s so cool. I know many of my lady freinds think´s you´re SO SO SEXY!

    “What I mean is. When I´m coming in to a room with a few guys in. You know guys. They have this kind of “guy-talking, just the same as the thing girl-talking”. We me entering the room, the guys sort of stop doing the “guy-talking” starting acting a bit more of a gentleman. They sort of acting like they being a bit shy, me coming. Oh guys come on, its just me, its just little me.
    Some guys are acting a bit procting, as they have to protect me. Its cool they do, still I not need them to. Still its kind of cool, kind of sweet they do”,said Thomas.

    More soon.


  25. Andy says:

    Hi again all pantyhose lovers

    I can realy understand how Thomas is feeling. Feeling Girly, feeling feminine. Me too I feel the same me starting dressing as a woman, living as a woman. Its a GREAT FEELING, isn´t it love.

    “Yes honney it realy is”, said Thomas.

    “The guys giving me a few compliment. I love getting compliments. I get them mostly from other women, its very vere nice. I feel great when they giving me compliment. I think its even better a guy telling me, giving me a nice sweet compliment of my outfit, how I look”, said Thomas.

    Hi hi, bet you´re feeling realy girly when thet do. Aren´t you love.

    “Yes I do, I realy do. The guys giving me a real close look from top to toe. Telling me I looked real good. Oh that´s nice to hear. They seemed very interested in my white 5″ super pointy heels. They seemed not being able taking theirs eyes from them.
    Me sitting, crossing my leg, straighten up my short skirt. Yes they certainly look with big eyes”, said Thomas.

    “We had to leave. The guys was talking about cars, motorsport, motor racing. Me I tried getting involved in this talking but somehow the guys don´t see me as one of them. They don´t seems to think I´m also interested in this, I can a bit or two about this too you know”, said Thomas.

    “I try talking to them about motor racing but somehow they woulden´t give that much of what I had to say”, said Thomas.

    There you go love. Appearing as a woman, well Thomas You have to accept you have to work a lot harder if you want to people shall take notice of you.

    “Yes you´re right love. I know. I have to work a lot harder now for other people taking notice of me”, said Thomas.

    “We was taking johan´s car. Me I woulden´t drive. I rather sit beside. Don´t want to drive if I realy have too”, said Thomas.

    There you are, love. You´re the same as most women. Hi hi, you wouldn´t drive.

    “No Andy I didn´t want to drive. I sat beside in the front seat. My legs crossed, feeling all eyes was on me. My short skirt, my nylon clad legs, my heels.
    The guys was talking. Sorry guys. Yes I know somehow living the way I do I somehow lost touch with this, the cars, the moto racing thing”, said Thomas.

    “Getting to the indoor carting hall out at thhe local race track (there was a motor race going on), The gus wanted to have a look at it but first, we doing some indoor carting”, said Thomas.

    “There´s not so much telling about the indoor carting. First I changed my mind. I didn´t want to drive so instead I told the guys, I took care of the lap chart. I just didn´t feel driving, thats all. I suddenly realized, this wasn´t for me. Got a strange feeling, this isn´t for me, this is for the guys”, said Thomas.

    “After this competition we went watching the races, watching the race cars in the pit garage. Going in and out of the pit garages, well me I was more trottering. By now I´d been in my 5” heels for say 5-6 hours. Well my feet starting feeling sore. To be honest my feet was killing me.
    Though as a good “girl” I didn´t complain. I didn´t said a word about my soore feet.
    Standing I tried changing weight from side to side. Rocketing on my heels. Dipping my heels, hoping the guys woulden´t see I did”, said Thomas.

    “I was thinking, please guys can´t we sit down for a few minutes. Me, there I go again, as a good “girl” I didn´t. Instead I walked with the guys, trying keeping up with them. Didn´t said a word about my pore sore feet and toes.
    Coming back to the car though. Sitting in the back seat I had to cick my heels off, the first thing I did. Sitting in my nylons all the way home. The guy smiled, laughed but it was a kind sweet kind of laugh. They all seemed to care about me and my pore sore feet.
    Hope it wasn´t to girly thing to do”, said Thomas.

    No love it wasn´t. You did exactly what the rest of us high hellers would do.

    More Soon.


  26. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhose guy, Hi Laura Maria

    This have to be a quick one. Thomas and I just want to tell you a bit about this day outfit of ours.

    “Hi all, we´re a bit busy too, Andy and me. So this will be a quick one”, said Thomas.

    First mine outfit. I´m wearing a white bra, white high cut panties, very sheer, nude pantyhose with reinforced toes. A red short, thight low rounded scooped neck dress with short sleeves. Red 5″ super pointy stiletto heels.

    Thomas outfit then.

    “White high cut panties, super sheer and very light sun tan pantyhose with reinforced toes.
    I started wearing a skirt suit too. Black. The skirt, a tight slim A-line one, with a slit at the back. The hem line ending just under my knees. Me I like too wearing a lady styled suit jacket. It fits me better.
    The shirt, a red one with a red tie.
    A red 5″ super pointy spike heels”, said Thomas.

    Ofcourse we both having handbag. Both me and Thomas are using red handbag today.
    Its cool Thomas has realized he needs to have a handbag now. For his wallet, keys and nowadays his makeup things. Hi, hi he´s a bi like me now. ITS SO COOL, SO SO SEXY.

    Thomas is a bit nervouse. He having a inportant meetingg today. I understand him, I would surely feel the same if it he been me.
    He´s all alone there.

    “Yes I´m all alone. I´m the only woman there. Forgive me all. Yes I know I´m not a woman but I can´t help it I feel as a girl/woman, me standing there sitting there together with all guys around me”, said Thomas.

    I understand you love. Just try be your self, try doing the best you can. Show them we pantyhose guys can do it. And Thomas its nothing wrong feeling girly feeling fiminine.
    I think you doing great love. I know you´ll be fine.

    More to come


  27. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhose guys, Hi Laura Maria

    We hope all out there, all visitor to this site is doing fine, hoping all doing ok and you too Laura Maria.

    Thomas and I have been doing a bit of talking over the weekend.

    Since me now I´m living as a woman. In all but my gender I look like a woman, having breast, having a female haircut, me waering a full makeup, I´m dressed as a woman and I feel like a woman too.

    Thomas and I have been thinking. Well me since I living as a woman, feeling as a woman I wear my pantyhose just like any other woman. Perhaps this isn´t quite as interesting to read about my pantyhose wearings as it perhaps is to read about Thomas pantyhose wearings. To you guys well it might be more interested to read about Thomas pantyhose and high heels wearings. He´s wearing his hose, heels and skirt as a guy, a man. Just like you guys do.

    “Hi guys, Hi Laura Maria”, said Thomas.

    “Yes I wear my panties, my pantyhose, my heel, my skirts as a man. I don´t want to change my gender still wear all my fmale attributes I can´t though help feeling a bit feminene, a bit girly but I´m still a guy”, said Thomas.

    Therefore Thomas and me was thinking its better more interesting (well we two hope so) if you guys had the chanse reading more about Thomas pantyhose experiance.
    Ofcourse you´ll be hearing about mine experiance too but we thought you guys would be more interesting hearing abou Thomas hose and high heel wearings.

    “You´ll be hearing from Andy too. Andy is betteer on writing then me”, said Thomas.

    All for now, more to come.


  28. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhoseguys, Hi Laura Maria

    We hope Thomas and me hope everything is ok with all pantyhose lovers out there.
    We´re ok, both of us doing fine. A bit busy that´s all.

    Thomas has asked me to write down a few things he had on his mind. A few things he wanted to share with you PH guys.

    -Hi guys, hi Laura Maria. Yes I had a few things I wanted to tell you guys and you too Laura Maria, said Thomas.

    -I feel great, its a fantastic feeling I have. Me starting a bit of a fashion of my own.
    Feel so good about it me starting dressing as a woman from my waist and down and as a man from my waist and up.
    I think more guys should try. Ok not every guys want to wear a skirt and high heels but more guy should deffinetly give pantyhose a try. ITS GOOD. ITS A NICE FEELING THAT´S ALL, said Thomas.

    And yes I agree with Thomas. More guys should give this a try.

    -Yes I think they should love. ITS SO COOL!
    My life now, the way I live my live, well ITS JUST GREAT! We becoming an item Andy, me starting dressing this way. WOW! I´m feeling great, said Thomas.

    Yes Thomas this is fantastic. I think you have grown as a person, as a man. Having the courage showing the female side of yours.

    -Thank love. Its funny you saying I´ve grown as a man. I was afraid I´ve becoming a bit to sissy.
    You know being dressed the way I am. Wearing panties, pantyhose high heels. Start using a handbag. Me staring to ue a bit o makeup, eye makeup, a bit of mascar, a tiny tiny bit of eye shadow. All that has make me think and do things diffrently.
    Guess I do things more like women do. I walk, sit and stand as a woman. Why? Because I have to. There is no other way for me.

    Oh Thomas you´re looking so cute, so sweet and you´re looking very very SEXY walking the way women do, sittinbg the way women do, standing the way women do. Yes love you´re looking very very hot. Very very sexy.

    -Thank´s honney. Thank´s for saying such nice things to me. Yes I feel good, I feel handsome and I feel sexy being dressed like this.

    I know quite many girls/women I know think you´re very cute Thomas. They could certainly thinking of having a relationship with you. They´ve been telling me that. THANK GOD YOU`RE MINE!

    -Its a great feeling and you´re right Andy. I have suddenly more female freinds then I had before. Its great, its cool. I like being together with the girls. I like being together with guys, the guys I knew from before.
    I like hanging around with them. I like talking to them about things guys are talking about. Sports, cars motorcyckles, girls/women. Well women isn´t my cup of tea, if you know what I mean but I try to keeping up with the boys talking about sport, cars and motor racing.
    Some how I feel more and more I´m beginning feeling I have more incommon with other women, said Thomas.

    -Women is more open, they accept me. I´m sort of one of them. At work I´m one of “the girls”. They notice if I´m wearing a new skirt, new heels or something. Or if I´m wearing a bit of makeup, said Thomas.

    Guess you´re right love. I´m sure its more easy for women to accept this. Women sees in you Thomas, a bit of them selfs. You´re alone. You told me yourself Thomas, you feeling a bit alone, a bit vaulnurable at your work. Just as any other woman feeling working in a man´s dominated place. They consider you to be one them, one of us. They sees you as a bit vaulnurable. They wants to take care of you. You woken up the mother hood in them.

    -Yes love, I feel women have much easyier for to accept me. Most men I know and meet don´t say a word about it, Why I´m wearing pantyhose, skirt or heels. Think they´re a bit afraid of to ask me, why I do it.
    I told a few of my best male freinds that I´m a bit nervouse for having to stand up on a meeting, that sort of things, said Thomas.

    -Guys don´t seems to understand my feelings about this. Women though does. They can relate to this. Many of my female freind have feeling the same as me. Therefore yes I think I have more things incommon with other women, said

    -I feel more comfortable talking to women. They feel much the same way I do.
    Its much easier talking about these things and things I´ve become intertested in nowadays, for example fashion, clothes, shoes, home decorations things like this.
    Its much easier talking about pantyhose and high heels to women. My male freinds and my mal co-workers have all seen me in my nylons. Not that I wanted them too but being in high heels a whole day, well sometimes I must take my heels off, resting my pore feet.
    Guys don´t say nothing much about it. They look ofcourse, smiling. Looking at me and my nylon clad feet. Yes I feel a bit vaulnurable they do this. Guesss its hard for a man to understand how it is to be up on my heels a whole day.
    Women on the other hand much more understand, yes I have to cick my heels off. Just like they´re doing. Yes women can more relate to this, how I feel as well as I can relAte more and mor to how they feel, said Thomas.


  29. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhose guys, Hi Laura Maria

    Thomas and me hope all doing fine out there. Hoping you guys wearing pantyhose like we do.

    Thomas wanted to tell you such a sweet little story.

    -Hi all of you, said Thomas.

    -This happened to me yesterday. Had a meeting yesterday with a co-worker Hans of mine.
    We had a meeting, we two together with a few of our colleagues. It was five guys there at this meeting. Must say I had a strange feeling but a good feeling. Being dressed the way I was. Yes in a skirt suit and also being in the mood I was, feeling a bit girly, a bit femine. I felt good about it, said Thomas.

    I´m sure you must have felt good. You looked good, you look very handsome, hot too. Yes you looked so so sexy!

    -Thank´s love. I feel I looked good. Feeling good, feeling sexy too.
    Was wearing a dark grey short skirt suit, the skirt, a straight A-line skirt. Ending 2″ above my knees.
    Black high cut panties. Very sheer black pantyhose with reinforced toes.
    Must say, I have a feeling, guys likes black nylons, said Thomas.

    Guess you´re right love.

    -My heels then. I was in my purple 4,5″ stiletto heels. Yes they´re very pointy. I like that, can´t say my pore toes feels the same.
    Was also wearing a purple shirt, a purple tie and a purple handbag matching the rest of my outfit, said Thomas.

    -Sitting working before we left the girls, my female co-workers complemented me to my outfit and my heels.
    The guys, well the guy looked at me. They usually do. They all seemes to bee interested especially in my heels and my nylon clad legs.
    I surely have succeded in having them noticing me. Its good, its feeling nice they do, said Thomas.

    -The guys don´t saying much about my outfit. Perhaps they´re a bit shy.
    Me standing doing some copies I was feeling some one was watshing me.
    I turned around on my heels. It was Hans standing there watching me. I smiled to him. Hans went “Thomas you look real nice. You´re legs looking just amazing. You´re legs looking better then my wife.”
    Oh what a nice thing to say, said Thomas.

    Yes it was love, what did you do.

    -Yes I was, it realy was. First I was all suprised by Hans compliment. Ofcourse I thanked him. It felt great hearing a guy telling me this.
    I smiled saying “thank´s Hans”. Then we talked about the coming meeting we was going to. Wow this was a great feeling, said Thomas.

    Yes Thomas, I understand your feeling getting such nice compliments.

    More to come.


  30. Andy says:

    Hi again everyone

    Thomas a I was thinking going on from where we stoped.

    Yes I know honey, you have great looking legs. I know many women, many of my female freinds envy you for your looks, for your great looking boody. They envy me. I´m your partner, I´m you´re lover.
    I know some of my lady freinds told me, that its a great pity Thomas isn´t interested in women.

    -You too sweetheart, you too love looking great. You looking so sweet, so cute, so sexy. Me too, my female freind tells me, they´re a bit sad I´m not interestd in girls. Well I like being together with girls/women, I see them as my freinds. I´m a bit like them. I´m a bit like the rest of the women now, said Thomas.

    -The girls at the office, we trying keeping an eye on each others.
    They had been seeing Hans and I was talking, they wanted to know all about it.
    Told the girls what he had said and they told; “He´s right, you know Thomas. YOU`RE LOOKING SO SO SEXY!” Me guess I got all red in my face, got a bit shy but yes i like too hear them saying so, said Thomas.

    -Guess the way I live my life, the way I´m dressed I´ve nowadays have much much more lady freinds then I ever had. Perhaps my pantyhose, my skirt, my high heels has making me more “A women´s man” so to speak. I feel in a way I´m one of them now, a mix between being a man and a woman, said Thomas.

    I think you´re right love. Me I feel this way too.

    -Sitting working in my room, before we had to leave for our meeting. Hans came in to me. He asked if it was ok going in his car. I told him I didn´t mind. Not at all. In fact I was rather pleased he offered going with his car. It may sound a bit feminine but feel the way I do. Feeling a bit “girly”, I must admit I don´t care so much for driving any more, said Thomas.

    Ha ha, you´re the same as me love. Its the women inside of you speaking.

    -Told Hans, “Its ok with me, we take you´re car”. As I said I was kind of proud Hans giving me compliments of my outfit, the way I looked. Hope you´re not have bad feelings about this, Andy.
    I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU ANDY. WE`RE AN ITEM NOW. I LOVE YOU! I just want you too know Andy. I just felt so good. I was so proud. This is a way of prof I´ve made it, said Thomas.

    No Thomas, no love. I know you´re my man. The man in my life. I LOVE YOU!

    All for now. Have a nice weekend.


  31. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhose guys, hi Laura Maria

    Thomas and me hope all is fine with all pantyhoseguys out there and Laura Maria too. We´re both doing fine, a bit busy that´s all.

    Thomas had planned going on to tell you a bit more about his meeting, he and Hans had but this have to wait a little.
    Thomas want to say a few things though.

    -Hi everyone, me I´m a bit busy and so is Andy. Want to tell you though.
    Its great feeling like this. Feeling a bit girly, feeling I´m letting the women inside of me coming trhough more and more, said Thomas.

    Oh its GOOD honey, its WODERFUL love you feeling this way.

    -Its not just the way I´m dressed, me wearing a bit of makeup, a bit of eye makeup. It also about how I think, how I feel. Being dressed as a woman from the waist down I´m too starting to think and feel more as women do. Well I think women think and feel this way too. The way I do now, said Thomas.

    -There´s a lot of new experiance for me now. Being dressed as a woman from my waist down, yes to my gender I´m a man but now I suddenly learnt wearing hose, a skirt and high heels, life is differently.
    Not only do I appear more and more as a woman. I feel as on too. Well part of me do, said Thomas.

    -I´ve learned for example entering Hans sport car me wearing a short thight skirt and high heels wasn´t exactly easy. I love sports cars but they certainly isn´t made for us short skirts girls. Sorry I know I´m not a girl/woman but I feel a bit as one now, said Thomas.

    Its ok love, I think its very cute you do.

    -One other thing I´ve learnt. Cobble stones isn´t made for us high heelers. Me I had great difficulties trying walking on cobblestone on my outing with mo co-workers. Ofcourse all guys. They just walked to fast for me. I try being “a good girl” trying keeping up with them. It was a bit hard. My heels was to hing, my sole of my pumps was to thin, my pumps was to toe pointy to. Though I try the best I could, said Thomas.

    All for now.


  32. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhoseguys, Hi Laura Maria

    Thomas and me hopes everything is ok with all our pantyhose freinds out there.

    We´ve been very busy the last couple of days, both of us.

    Me I´m dressed wearing a dress more and more now. I´m looking like a woman now. Having a female hair cut, my skin has becoming softer. Thomas saying, “its feels like holding a woman”, when he´s holding me. Thomas telling me, “You smelling like a woman too love”.
    He´s telling me I´m feeling soft, my skin is smoth and my breast, well they´re not that big but they´re there, they´re mine and I´m very proud of them. Thomas likes touching them. My breast are not that big but I need to wear a bra now. If I don´t my breast sort of live theirs owv live, if you know what I mean. Jumping up and down.

    Its pantyhose and high heels for both Thomas and me now. The weather here sometime is quite sunny and warm so its opened toe high heel sandals for both Thomas and me.
    Ofcourse we both wearing pantyhose. Our legs looking much sexier, I feel a lot sexier too.

    -Hi guys, hi Laura Maria, said Thomas.

    -Yes me too, I´m wearing a skirt all the time now. Its cool I sort of creating my owv fashion.
    Yesd me too I´m in my heels all the time now wearing nylons pantyhose too. Yes not only is it more comfy wearing high heel pumps or sandals together with pantyhose. I feel sexy too, I´m feeling sexier. Looking sexier too. Well at least that what my lady freinds says, said Thomas.

    Yes love they´re right. The women is right, YOU LOOKING VERY VERY SEXY honey.

    Thomas has changed a bit too lately. Not only is he dressed as a woman from his waist down. He´s starting wearing a bit of makeup too, gues you already have been reading about this. He´s using a bit of eye makeup, a bit of transparent lip gloss too and a bit of foundation too. You´re lookig soo cute love doing this.

    -Thank´s love, thank´s for supporting me. Yes it feels good starting wearing a bit of makeup. It feels kind of strange but its a good good feeling.
    I letting my hair grow too. Having it most of the time into a pony tail and I´ve started wearing earrings too. Golden hoop earring, 1″ big, said Thomas.

    Thomas has changed mentaly too. He´s much much more gently, showing his female side more and more now. Yor´re much much more caring now. You´re much much more like your mother, your sister. I love you even more now after this bit of change.

    -Guess you´re right love. Guess its becuase I´m dressed like this, wearing a skirt, panties, pantyhose and high heels and wearing makeup too. Yes to my gender I´m a man but I can´t help I feel inside as I guess women do, said Thomas.

    -Spending my time more and more together with my female freinds I guess yes I starting thinking doing things as women do, said Thomas.

    -I spend times with my male freinds and co-workers, I like them and I like being together with them but I feel more and more I have much more in common with other women, said Thomas.

    -For example ever since the first day I started with pantyhose I have sitting down when going to the toilet. I don´t know why. It just felt right doing this, said Thomas.

    Me I was the same as you love. Always sitting down. I was the same as you.

    -One other thing that I´ve changed is I´m not at all interested in things guys are suposed to be interested in. For instance cars and motorcycles. I´m not at all interested in that. Sport is the same. Being around with the boys, at first it was a bit hard, me trying to be interested in this. Nowadays I´m just telling them “I´m not interested, that´s all”. I´m more interested in thing women are interested in, said Thomas.

    I think this is very cute, Thomas is so cute letting his female side show. I love you Thomas.

    All for now.


  33. Andy says:

    Hi pantyhoseguys, hi Laura Maria

    Yesterday Thomas and me spoke a bit about pantyhose and open toe sandals but what about high heel slingback and pantyhose?

    Thomas and me is wearing 5″ stiletto heel sling back pumps today. Light blue for me and bright red for Thomas.

    -Yes ofcourse we wear pantyhose to our sling back pumps, said Thomas.

    -Very very light sun tan, very very sheer pantyhose. I made sure, Andy to made sure our pantyhose haden´t a reinforced heel. Our pantyhose has reinforced toes though, said Thomas.

    A bit more then about ours outfit, hope you don´t get bored reading about it, hearing Thomas and me talking about this.

    Mine outfit then, a white push up bra (a push up bra makes my bust looking better and Thomas just loves it), white high cut silk panties.
    Hi hi Thomas is wearing the same kind of panties as I do, COOL. He´s looking very very SEXY!
    As for my pantyhose, well Thomas has already told you about them. My dress then, its a light blue straight tight dress, a short one ending about 2″ above my knees with three quarter long sleeves and a quite low scooped rounded neck. I´m also wearing a white low buttoned cardigan. And ofcourse my new sling back heels. They´re looking real nice very cool. A bit pointy though. Hope I can stand them.

    -Let´s give them a try love, said Thomas.

    -I showed my red ones for my mother yesterday. She was kind of choking, “oh they´re looking SO SO nice but aren´t they just to toe pointy, don´t you think sweetie”, she said.
    She try them on, looking at me smiling, then. “Oh Thomas they´re simply just gorgeus”, then looking at me you know the way mothers do, saying “Oh Thomas, your new heels looks great but they´re killers. Not the heels for a whole day at the office. You going to end up just like me, having bunnions and hammer toes if you spending to much time in heels like that.”
    I smiled trying telling my mother its ok. My feet is ok. Well to tell the truth, my feet are not ok. I guess I have the same problem as Andy or any other woman have spending to much time in my heels.
    Yes my feet hurts, my toes hurts after a day spending in my heels but I will NEVER stop wearing high heels, said Thomas.

    Hi hi, Thomas the same as me. Its cool. Its brings us even more closer.

    -Lets tell all our freinds out there a bit more about my outfit.
    Its white high cut panties, those pantyhose I told you about. A red shirt and a red tie. A white skirt suit. The skirt is a straight A-line one ending a bit above my knees, said Thomas.

    Yesterday we talked a bit how Thomas had changed. Because yes Thomas has changed, for the better I would say. Letting the female side of him showing more and more.

    -Me I don´t think so much about it. I just try being my self. I noticed though I´m beginning feeling more comfortable, feeling better being together with other women. This dosen´t mean I can´t being around, being together with men. Its just that I can be more open being together with girl/women. They understands me better, I understands them better, said Thomas.

    -Because of this I have, we are much much closer now, Andy and me. I´m much more closer to my mother, my sister and my female freinds then I was before. To my gender I´m a man but being dressed the way I am, me starting wearing makeup, letting my hair grow, I can´t hel, Yes I feel a bit as a woman. I can´t help it, said Thomas.

    -As a matter of fact other guys are a bit jealous of me I getting more looks from the ladies then they do. Hi hi, that´s cool. Its cool talking with my lady freinds about guys too, said Thomas.

    Tomorrow we celebrate the mid summer here in Sweden. Meeting the family.
    Its a big day for Thomas and me. We shall announced our engagment to our families. We got engaged last Saturday. Thomas and I are both a bit nervouse about this.
    The only ones who knows about it so far is my sister and hers husband and Thomas sister and hers husband.

    Thomas and me will be wearing summer dresses or summer skirts, pantyhose and high heels to this party, just as the rest of the ladies in our families.

    -Hope my dad will accept me, he´s having a bit of problem with this. We had had quite some discussions about this. Some hard words has been said too. Yes I´ve changed. When this coming up, before I used to argument with him about it now I just feeling sad I want to cry and yes I cry. I can´t help it. I starting to cry instead of arguing about it. I love my father. I can´t get angry on him. All I want is he shall accept me the way I am, said Thomas.

    I´m sure its going to be ok love. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT.


    All for now

  34. Andy says:

    Hi all, hi all pantyhoseguys, hi Laura Maria

    Our weekend went rather well. Thomas and I annoused our engagment. All seemed to be happy with it.

    -Hi guys, hi Laura Maria, said Thomas.

    -Yes everybody seemed accepting Andy´s and mine engagment. My dad too semes to slowly accepting my new life. We had a long talk him and me. It was good. Prroblem was, I started to cry. I had told my self not to but you know me now. Yes I started to cry.
    Strange though standing there, siting there in my short tight skirt, pantyhose and high heel sandal´s I didn´t feel I did anything wrong. I wasn´t feeling sissy. It was just me, said Thomas.

    -I probably didn´t looked that good, my mascara was I guess all over my face, said Thomas.

    No Thomas, no love you´re not sissy. You´re very brave, very courageous being yourself, living the life you wanted. Creating your new fashion.
    No love you wasn´t sissy. You just showing your female feeling, the female side of you.

    -Thank´s love, said Thomas.

    Thomas has also went a bit further wit his ne fashion style. He´s starting wearing a bra. He´s looks so cute. If you´re looking closely carefully you can see Thomas is wearing a bra now. ITS GOOD LOVE!

    -Yes I wanted take it a bit further. Me starting wearing a bra have only being positive for me.
    I don´t need wearing a bra, the way Andy has to, the way my fiance has to do, said Thomas.

    Doesen´t it sounds SO SO nice hearing Thomas refering to me as his fiance.
    Yes I need a bra to support my breast.

    -The reason why I starting wearing a bra is just that, I wanted to have a more female posture to my body. Wearing a bra I feel I have. I walk and move even more in a feminine way. It also makes me feel more female, more vaulnurable. Being even closer to Andy now, to other women too, said Thomas.

    -Was such a nice thing, buying my first bra too. I wished you love would have been there with me but sorry love you coulden´t, said Thomas.

    -I´ve been planning this for a while. Not telling any one. Well last Thursday having a meeting out of the office. On my way there I just poped in to the boutique were I and Andy buying our clothes, said Thomas.

    Yes its cool, its nice, its romantic Thomas and me visiting the same shops, the same boutiques.

    -I love shoping. I´m the same as Andy, the same as my female freinds too. Hi hi the guys, all guys I know are not. Well I am, said Thomas.

    -Being a long time customer nobody took notice of me. Me clicking my way straight over to the shelfs and racks were the bras are, said Thomas.

    -Me wearing a skirt suit, pantyhose, high heels. Me wearing makeup, a bit of makeup no on took any particulary notice of me. I felt like I was one of the girls/women there if you know what I mean, said Thomas.

    Yes love we do, I do.

    -One of the sales lady came up to me, saing “Hey Thomas”, smiling. Checking me out real good, my skirt, my heels, all my outfit. Telling me, wispering “you looking good, looking real good”.
    I felt good inside hearing her saying this to me. I smiled thanked her, said Thomas.

    -Then she asked what I was looking for. Didn´t know hoow to start. We wasn´t alone. There was a couple of other women there too. Some I knew from before, some I didn´t. All was smiling freindly to me.
    I wispered, “I´m looking for a bra”. Guess I´d all bluched telling her this. She just smiled looking very freindly, looking a bit motherly to me, saying “my colleague and me have been talking when you might trying a bra Thomas”.
    We went over to the bras. She told me she think I´m a size 32 “you need a shallow cup formed bra” she said smiling.
    She showed me a few bras. All looking so cute, white with lace and all, said Thomas.

    -She gave a few bras for me to try on. She telling me, “Oh Thomas you need to try the bras on, so the fit. Remember you shall wear the bra a whole day”. I´m new to this. I know Andy telling me its a good feeling taking her bra off. So I guess yes my bra has realy fit my body, said Thomas.

    -She showed me to the changing room. I have been there quite many time now so its ok, I feel ok going in there being there.
    I went in, took off my jacket, my tie, my shirt. Putting the first bra on. Wow what a feeling. It felt good, I feel different. I stand differently, my posture was differently. Looking in the mirror, yes my posture was looking even more feminine.
    Taking it off, trying the secon one. This bra felt more comfortable then the first, said Thomas.

    -Suddenly I realized Andy is right. You realy need a bra that´s fit, said Thomas.

    Yes love its good you realize this too.

    -The sales lady was checking in how I was doing. Telling me, “this bra you have on now realy fits you Thomas”. ¨
    She told me she wore exactly the same bra her self, she was recomending this bra but told me to try the third and last one she had picked out for me, said Thomas.

    -The third bra wasn´t as comfortable as the second on. I went the second bra I tried on. I desided to take it. Telling the sales lady I wanted to put it on.
    I desided not wearing the tie. Putting the bra on then my shirt. Yes IT FELT DIFFERENTLY BUT YES WOW IT FEELING NICE WEARING A BRA, said Thomas.

    -Putting my shirt on I try to see if the straps of my bra was showing under my shirt. The cups of my bra wasn´t showing, well I guess if you realy looking carefully you could tell yes I was wearing a bra. But I didn´t mind. I didn´t mind at all if any body would, said Thomas.

    -Feeling great walking to my meeting. Trottering to my meeting wearing panties, wearing pantyhose, wearing a skirt suit, wearing hing heels, wearing makeup and nail polish and now also wearing a bra, said Thomas.

    -I called Andy telling about my new bra, said Thomas.

    I was very suprised Thomas has taken this step but I was sure he was looking good wearing a bra, feeling good too. I coulden´t wait. I wanted to see him. Look at him but there wasn´t any chance of doing this until that evening.

    -My meeting went fine. I felt great in my outfit. I felt even more feminine.
    Taking my jacket off sitting in the meeting, the guys. Well the guys looked at me the same way as they always do. My legs, my heels seem to be particulary interesting to them. Got a few coments about my outfit, my red sling back spike heels but no one said a word about my bra, said Thomas.

    -Well the ladies did. Some of my female co-workers noticed I wore a bra. All reacted in a positive way, telling me I have done the right thing. Telling me I certainly had a more feminine posture now.
    I was so glad to hear them saying this and yes I think my self to that I have got a more feemale posture now and YES I feel even more feminine now, said Thomas.

    All for now. More soon.


  35. Andy says:

    Hi all

    Its been a while since we did our postings here. We hope, Thomas and me all is doing fine, all doing a lot of pantyhose wearing.

    A lot of things has happened. Most for Thomas. I think he, or I guess we better say she. I think its better she tells you about it all her self.

    -Hi all, yes a lot has happened. I haden´t planned this, me starting a bit of new fashion for me, dressing as a woman from my waist down. Me starting wearing skirts, pantyhose and high heels, me startinging wearing a bra, starting wearing make up but it all went from there, said Thomas.

    -I just went on with getting more female, getting more feminezed.
    I just trown out all my men´s clothes, shirts, jackets, ties. The lot.
    Now I´m dresses as a woman from top to toe. Love waering my tops, love wearing my blouses and I just love wearing a dress. Its GREAT! I changed my hair cut too. Now I have a very very lady like hair cut, just like Andie´s. I have my hair shoulder lenght, cut into a bob with mantt face framing layers and bangs.I LOVE IT! I FEEL GOOD! And oh I nearly forgot. I changed my name too. From now on its Tina, said Tina.

    More soon.


  36. Andy says:

    Hi all pantyhoseguys, hi Laura Maria

    Tina just felt she wanted to tell you a little bit more about her taken this step, to start living as a woman.

    -Hi there everyone, hope you don´t mind me telling you a bit how I feel, a bit how I see it me taken this step, said Tina.

    -Guess I´ve always felt I´m bit of a girl. Alwaysed feeling I´ve more incommon with girls/women. Guess I´m a bit syissy too, said Tina.

    No love you´re not sissy. Its just that you´re having the courage showing your real feelings. Your female feelings.
    Its nothing wrong showing them Tina.

    – Guess you´re right love, guess you´re right Andie Me starting my own new fashion. Me starting wearing panties, pantyhose, me starting wearing skirts and high heels. Me starting wearing a bra, me starting using makeup. Suddenly it felt ok for me showing the female side of me. I didn´t have to hide it, said Tina.

    -The more I showed my female side, the more I do things the same way women do. I walk, stand and sit like any other woman. Well wearing skirt and high heels there´s no other way for me. I would say everything I do, I do it like any other woman would do, said Tina.

    -I´m also been so lucky that I´m percevied as a woman, as a lady. My female freinds has support me all through my transformation. I´m one of them now. I guess they seeing me as one of them. I have to face all the things in life every woman have to face. Just like my mother, my sister and Andie, said Tina.

    -My male colleagues accepting me. Some have it more easy wiith it I´m now living as a woman. Some seems a bit afraid of it, of me. All I can do is to be open about it about my transgender. Its often me starting a conversation with them, said Tina.

    -As I said my male co-workers, guys in generally accepting me this way. It kind of nice they see me as a woman. Its very nice getting a comlpiment from them now and then about me wearing a nice outfit or nice heels or having something other nice comments about me, said Tina.

    More soon


  37. Andy says:

    Hi again everyone

    Tina and I was thinking going on telling you about Tina´s transformation.

    I agree with Tina. Yes its nice getting compliment both from men and women. Guess Tina is like the rest of us girls in this. Yes its very very nice getting a compliment.

    -Guess I could have go on dressing like a woman from my waist and down but somehow it didn´t feel right, said Tina.

    -Haven´t told you but I started taking female hormones a couple of months ago. Just like Andie are. It had started tho show already in the way that I don´t have to shave any more. I lost most of my facel hair as well as my body hair. My hair is softer and thicker and my skin is getting smother.
    Visiting my doctor, she think it was good I already starting wearing a bra, she telling me “soon you don´t have to suff your bra, soon you´re developing your one breast”. I started to cry hearing her telling me this, said Tina.

    -Going on with this my transformation I have also taken this step, trowing out all my male clothing. All my shirt, all my jackets, all my ties. All my male shoes. All my shoes I have now is high heels, eccept for a pair of trainers, said Tina.

    -My wardrobe now is full of women´s clothes. Skirts, blouses, top, dresses, high heels, bras, panties, pantyhose, you name it.
    Its cool too Andie and I can borrow clothes, heels and things from each other and I SIMPLY love wearing a dress now, said Tina.

    Yes love, yes Tina that´s so so sweet!

    There you see love. You getteing more and more feminine every day.
    Its cool, its awesome. ITS SO SWEET! My fiance is more and more like me.

    We went to a movie a couple of evenings ago. A romantic movie. I like romantic movies. My fiance does too. I always cry seeing a nice sweet romantic movie. This time, of course I was crying looking to the couple in love at the screen.
    I noticed Tina was reaching for her handbag. Lookiing to her, she too was crying, she was trying taking her handkerchief out.

    Yes Tina, yes love your female side is showing more and more.

    -Thank God its ok for a girl to cry. I always felt like this. I always felt a bit girly. Guess my female hormones are playing trick with me too.
    Andie saying I´m getting more and more caring cencitive. I think its good I´m becoming more careing cencitive, my facel hair, my body hair has gone. Me I´m feeling more my self, more feminine. That´s the good part of this, said Tina.

    -The not so good part is that I´m not as strong as I was before. Me i remeber i used to laugh at Andie she had difficulties lifting the heavy carry-away-bags when we went shoping. Nowadays I´m having the same problem with this. I struggle liftiing the bags from the shoping trolly to my car. I also noticed I´m driving different from before. I can drive but now it seemes I have more and more difficulties to park the car and driving in and out from the garage. I don´t know why. Andie tells me its those female hormones again playing tricks witth me, said Tina.

    All for now.


  38. Andy says:

    Hi all pantyhoseguys, hi Laura Maria

    Tina and I hope every thing is ok withh all of you, we´re ok doing fine.

    Tina and I has an anouncment to make. Saturday we was having a night out. First having a nice romantic dinner just we two. Then going out to the club, having fun doing a bit of dancing.

    -Hi everyone, said Tina.

    -Yes Andie and I had just a wonderful time out this Saturday.
    Its cool going out like this, its awesome. Dressing up in beatuful clothes, putting on a nice makeup, putting on new hose and new heels.
    YES we both was wearing new heels. New 5 inch stiletto pumps, red for me and black for Andie, said Tina.

    Our outfits looíks very very hot, very sexy and those heels made us look even better looking very special.

    -Yes love those heels was something real special as long as we didn´t had to do that much of standing in them, said Tina.

    -You know guys, you know Laura Maria our new heels was super pointy, the shoe was mega pointy, said Tina.

    Here´s a bit then about ours outfit, ours make up.

    It cool, its awesome getting ready for a night out, doing this together with my fiance Tina.
    We having so much incommon these days. Tina is, I know feeling much the same as me. Tina is feeling more and more as me, as a woman.

    -Yes I do, said Tina.

    We starting doing our hair, our makeup. It took us some time but we had fun. Real fun!
    We´re not oly lovers, Tina is not just my fiance. I see her too as a sister. I can talk about what makeup to wear, what kind of clothes to wear. What kind of panties to wear, what kind of pantyhose to wear. If I´m going to wear a dress or a skirt and a blouse.
    And I know Tina, my lover, my fiance feeling much the same. I know she does. I knew she thinking, feeling much the same. Her hormones are playing trick with her.

    -Yes I guess they are. I feel much more feminine now. Yes love its awesome, its nice sitting there we two, infront of the mirror in our bras, silk panties and our new sheer very light tanned pantyhose, putting the makeup on, said Tina.

    -We´re having so much incommon now. I was sitting there, we was sitting there talking. I was sitting there thinking about Josefine my daughter, said Tina.

    -Yes as I´ve told all of you before, before Andie and I became an item, became engaged, I lived a short time togeter with a woman. I knew from the start, this wasn´t for me, so we split. The best thing coming out from this is Josefine. I love her, she´s my child, my daughter. I always wanted we living as a family, we three. Andie, Josefine and me, said Tina.

    -During these last few months that I´ve taking my female hormones I feel I more and more thinking of Andie and Josefine. They´re the person who means the most to me in my life. I guess Andie is right. Guess its those hormones again playing tricks with me, said Tina.

    Yes you´re right love. You feeling the same as I do, as any other woman do.

    Sitting there putting the makeup on, we two. This was some of the thing we talked about. We not just talked about it as two people in love. Ofcourse we are but we could also I guess talk about this as woman to woman, feeling much the same about this.

    All for now. More to come.


  39. Andy says:

    Hi guys, hi Laura Maria

    Its me and Tina again, two guys living as women in pantyhose, high heels and skirts. Technically we´re guys but we both living as women feeling as women, dressing as women, using make up and other female attributes.We have always felt as girls/women. We want to be seen as women, to be percieved as women.

    Sorry we have not done any posting for the last couuple of days but we have been rather busy that´s all.

    Sorry we have not told you about this anounsment we told you about in our last posting.
    Well we better going on telling you.

    Rember from our lates posting Tina and I was sitting putting on our make up, sitting in our bras, high cut panties and very very sheer very very light sun tanned pantyhose. Preparing to have a realy nice time going out together.

    I was going to have a dress this evening. A black short dress with a quite low scooped rounded neck and three quarter long sleeves.

    Tina was going to wear a dress too.

    -Yes I was, said Tina.

    -This was the first time in a dress for me. My dress was a red one. The same length as Andie´s, ending about 3″ above our knes, said Tina.

    -My dress had long sleeves, long thightly fitted sleeves as well as the dress. My dress had a not so low scooped neck. My breasts are not so developed as Andie´s just yet. They are coming. Still I have to wear a bra just like Andie just like any other women. Wearing a bra feels better, feels more comfortable, said Tina.

    -It feels that this one a the best thing I have done, starting eating females hormones. At last I can be what I always wanted to be, feel the way I have alwaysed felt. Now I don´t have to hide my self or my feelings anymore. Now I´m doing it the same way as Andie does, said Tina.

    We both had such a nice wonderful feel about this night out.
    Tina sliped in to her dress. I slipped in to mine. We helped each others pulling up the zip in the back of our dresses. I feeling very very special doing this together with my fiance. I was thinking about us, about Josefine, our daughter. Can´t help I felt as a mom to her.

    -Yes love, me too. Was thinking the same as you love. You and Josefine are the two most important persons in my life now. Yes Andie I understand your feelings. I am Josefine´s parent. I have alwaysed been that but starting taking my female hormones those feelings has changed. Can´t explain my feelings but yes I feel as a mom to. I don´t know how other women is feeling all I can say is I feel different. Didn´t felt like this before. Yes I feel like a mom too, said Tina.

    We were off now. We had only slipped in to our new 5 inch stiletto heels.
    Oh they were pointy. Nothing to do much walking or standing in BUT THEY LOOKED VERY VERY HOT!

    Me I didn´t want to drive and neither would Tina. So we took a taxi to the resturant.

    Sitting there having a nice dinner, sitting drinking a glass (or two) of nice white wine. We sat talking about us, looking to each others and very much in love.

    I have alwaysed dreaming about my fiance should one day proposing us to marry.
    So far my fiance haven´t done this. One of the best thing my fiance Tina, taking this step starting living as a woman. Transforming to a woman is that now we are equal. I can propose to her, she can propose to me.

    I had planned this very well. I wanted us to be married. Especially now that we are three in the family.

    After we had eating, we sitting talking for an hour or so I took Tina´s hand looking in her eyes asking, “love do you want to marry me”.

    Tina looked at me smiling saying just; “Yes love, yes I will”.

    Our faces met half way over the table, we kissed. I saw Tina got tears in hers eyes.

    -You two was crying love, said Tina.

    -Andie took me but suprise but it was a wonderful suprise. I felt such a wonderful feeling inside of me, said Tina.

    Sitting none of us said a word, we just looked to each other. I guess we both felt the same inside.
    Sitting like this for a while before we would go on to the club for some partying and dancing. Before we went we both trottered over to the ladies room. Doing our things, checking the makeup.
    Kissing each others once more before we clicked our way out to a taxi.

    All for now. More soon.


  40. Thanks for this article ! I will definitely come back and read more articles written by you if I have more time.

  41. gabe says:

    yea i wear pantyhose are the time to i wear them under my jeans and with jean shorts u should see some of the looks i get but u know what who cares why should the lady’s have all the fun wearing them why can’t men wear them too i do not see anything wrong with that i like how they fill great on u should see when i go to the store to bye some the lady store clerk looks at me funny but u know what i do not care i wll bye them no matter what

  42. Bill says:

    I’m 55 and have enjoyed buying and wearing pantyhose for as long as I can remember. I always get a rush when I’m shopping for a new pair. I hope that the sales girl will ask to help so I can tell her I’m buying them for myself. That rarely happens but when it does it is very exciting if anyone would like to share more information or perhaps some pics please let me know.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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