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Hosiery Diva Status How To

Hosiery Diva Status How To


Hosiery is important to first consider regarding your total image. Forget what the main stream is saying, you must first pick the right hosiery before you even put on your shoes. Remember, flip flops are great for casual bumming around or the beach. If you want to coordinate your wardrobe as a young adult, then stockings are an important fashion accessory. Pantyhose can make anyone’s legs look good, but you want the Wow factor built in where others will say Awesome look, without realizing the hosiery at first is complimenting it. You will be professional and chic fashion at the same time, while your girlfriends are scratching their head trying to figure it out … how you are doing it! To be credible and consistent, you must properly match your hosiery coloring to the clothing styles and your personality. What you wear on your legs matters, despite those that hate hosiery. Hosiery will still put you ahead of the game, give you more professionalism, look more intelligent, credibility and fashion status. When it comes down to two ladies for the same job, I would put my money on the legs with hosiery.

Let’s say you have a personality that is romantic, then your hosiery should be soft coloring and muted pastel colored pantyhose, with patterns such as lace and flowers. Wintertime, evening or casual occasions use dark nylons and dark shoes to set off your legs among others. My favorite is the Wolford Black 60 denier satin tights with black clunky heels. Definitely see what is in fashion on the west coast and match your personality with what uniquely fits with the hosiery. Personality that is natural, casual (which I hear all the time) and slight muscular build, who wear sporty shoes, then knock it up a notch with sporty nylons (Pretty Polly Oil Sheen 15 denier) that appears like you have baby oil on your legs. excellent look for muscular legs don’t you think? You can even throw in argyle or diamond patterned hosiery to set off your personality, time to make a statement girlfriend!

So you never wore hosiery before and have no clue on how to even get started with your pantyhose experience, then here are some pointers . Rule of thumb, match the color of your hosiery to your shoes. One neutral color for shoes, hosiery and handbags, using the color of your hair. Blonde or honey shaded hair, then rustic camel colored shoes with nylons of similar shade are perfect. Stunning Red heads for your basic shoe, stay  with deep, dark rust with matching pantyhose, very Hot and Sensual like your personality. Simply coordinate from head to toe in the same way for black or brown hair.

Nude hosiery can be worn by anyone, but you know to pick a shade that complements your skin tone. When purchasing your tights or pantyhose, always pull one leg of the hosiery over your hand while avoiding your jewerly to see how the color looks with your skin tone. Darker your skin, then look for a darker shade of beige in your pantyhose…taupe hosiery might even compliment your legs generously. Today’s fashion trend says to keep light tights with darker colored shoes.¬† When wearing opaque tights, switch your thin sandals with heavier sandals and shorter skirts. It makes me laugh when some fashion consultants say pantyhose cannot be worn with open toed sandals, then why do we have sandal toed pantyhose? lol…Girls break out your open toed sandals and slip into those sexy shimmery nylons to have the men eating out of your hands, ahhhh…the powerful effect of hosiery on men is another story! If you need to have a slimmer look, it is impossible with bare legs, wear the same shade of shoe, pantyhose and skirt.

Creativity is something to be cherished and your friends will look to you for the next stunning outfit, especially the hosiery. To find pantyhose or tights that last and are innovative, you will need to search on ebay for Wolford, Pretty Polly , Falke or Levante to achieve this hosiery fashion Diva Status, enjoy!

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