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High Heels Compliment Pantyhose

I can remember the first time I wore pantyhose and high heels as a teenager. While I was exploring the ability of learning how to prance in high heels, I loved the feel of my pantyhose and look with them. My grandmother said, Men always love a lady in pantyhose and  high heels, yet wasn’t sure why. It surprises me that as much as females today want to look attractive, that they are finally beginning to wear hosiery to compliment those sexy high heels that have already made a fashion comeback as footwear.

High Heels with Hosiery

Sexual clothes should be complemented with high heel shoes paired with hosiery. That is very high and thin heel, which is slightly thicker than a nail. Such high heels is called a spike. The classic black or off black pantyhose are generally accepted, although ladies are experimenting with the newer styles coming out.

Why wearing spikes or high heels with pantyhose is sexual?

High-heel shoes not only increase height, but also elongate legs. Long legs – a standard of beauty and sexuality, as well as tall height. There is another reason – psychological. Girls on high heels are very thin and fragile, their gait is a little unstable, which makes them even more attractive in men’s eyes. Remember Japanese traditions. Geisha girls wore very uncomfortable shoes on huge platform, precisely to emphasize their femininity, weakness.

high heels is not only fate of sexual identity. Pantyhose  can be an excellent complement to high heels and a feminine dress, club attire, even cocktail dress. However, while choosing high heels, do not forget about rules of decency and taste. In a sexual style (as well as club) you can choose most challenging shoes, boots, on a super high heel, and even platform. For feminine style, pin up one, you should take into account color of dress, style, fabric. For cocktail dresses you should not choose shoes at very high heels, it is better to be more restrained.

2 Responses to “High Heels Compliment Pantyhose”

  1. This is the first time I came accross such oppinion, funny

  2. fb says:

    A woman in pantyhose and pumps – like Sweet in the lower pictures – is stellar, makes it difficult for me to concentrate on anything else, especially if she’s crossing and uncrossing her legs, i.e. is putting on a show. For today’s generation, who doesn’t know what she’s talking about (perhaps louboutin heels?), watch the Season 5, episode 1 of “Mad Men,” which just aired yesterday. That was the fashion for about 3 decades at the office, parties, school, church, going out and about. When you’re in your teens and 20s surrounded by that, you’re mesmerized and entranced. It was a lasting memory for many of us.

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