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Golden Lady Hosiery

Golden Lady pantyhose and stockings is a recent discovery while online looking for innovative hosiery. Golden Lady was founded in 1967 and presently is affiliated with the commonly well known No Nonsense Pantyhose company here in the USA that was formed in 1973. It was one of the first Italian companies able to understand the  big development potentials of the women hosiery market.

Golden Lady Pantyhose, Tights and STockings

Golden Lady Pantyhose, Tights and STockings

Golden Lady Styles of Hosiery

Click on Pic Above for Golden Lady Pantyhose

Click on Pic Above for Golden Lady Pantyhose

The creation of the hosiery company was exponential in the domestic as well as international market, this was also possible thanks to some important take-over operations. This company is a pantyhose lovers dream come true with all the sexy styles of hosiery they have to offer.

Nowadays, Golden Lady Hosiery  Company is among the leading pantyhose companies all over the world, it is rapidly expanding and its turnover shows a continuous growth with new lines of tights, leggings, leg shapers, pantyhose, stockings, body stockings, knee highs and lingerie to compliment.

The successful results are due to a heterogeneous combination of elements, such as:
– technological superiority, automation and verticalization
– important advertising & marketing investments
– effective management of relationships with dealers
– ability to rapidly understand a market trend change need and to put ideas into practice.

The important results obtained in the women hosiery market as well as the remarkable value of our trademarks allowed some significant assortment diversification attempts as to market men’s hosiery such as the new lines of pantyhose being sold all over europe and especially women’s lingerie (synonymous with style, fascination and femininity) to be made.

Recently, Golden Lady Company successfully opened a distribution chain consisting of direct-sale outlets with Goldenpoint brand, these outlets are located in the most pregious areas of several Italian and foreign towns, where the Group’s trademark collections are shown: fashion, quality, exclusive models and expertise are at customers’ disposal. Although the hosiery is not sold in the USA yet, it provides more trendy fun types of hosiery for the younger generation, which readily accepts hosiery abroad as daily wear…like the pantyhose and stockings you can find at Golden Lady.

Golden Lady Video Commercial is HOT and SEXY!

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