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Discovering Pantyhose Fashion

Pantyhose fashion is not a trend, but a state of mind of a trendsetter that knows hosiery can be very sexy and tasteful added to your wardrobe. So you find yourself here as a newbie wanting to learn more about pantyhose fashion and where to start..welcome! Let me share a few facts with you about ladies who wear fun and exciting hosiery designs. First they are considered to be professional and worn by well manicured ladies. Second, hosiery worn by females….gives the appearance and perception of them having money! Third and not acknowledged by the mainstream media…pantyhose on ladies definitely attracts a majority of males  interest in you.

Discovering Pantyhose Fashion

Discovering Pantyhose Fashion

Pantyhose Fashion Comes in Many Styles

When starting brand new to pantyhose fashion, start with legwear that is acceptable by the mainstream as to give yourself confidence in wearing pantyhose or tights. Generally black pantyhose or tights are accepted by all ages, nationalities and professions. Just be sure not to make the first major mistake of a newbie learning about pantyhose, buying cheap pantyhose in the drugstore…stay away from cheap brands. When picking out your first pair of pantyhose, always look for spandex or lycra in the fabric so you have the finished look when wearing off-black. I know a lot of people have seen women in off-black pantyhose with the appearance of rings about their legs, cheap hosiery made out of pure cotton or nylon only. Plus, the lighter 10-15 denier might pull or snag easily…stay around a 30 denier or above when wearing black hosiery and you will be fine.

Aristoc Chic Backseam Tights

Footless leggings for newbies is tons of fun and there are so many choices these days. You can find patterns, wild bright colors or the standard: Black, Brown or White. You can wear footless leggings under your jean shorts or mini skirts. Full length tunic top with a belt around the waist to show off your curves. Do Not wear flip flops with this outfit, spiked heels are a must and if you want to put it on steroids, then slip on a pair of 10-15 denier shimmery support pantyhose under the leggings to get the men to take a double take when you strut by. Many men and I do not know why exactly, get turned on just by noticing us ladies stocking clad ankles…that we are wearing pantyhose underneath our clothing.

Trasparenze Caballero Over the Knee Socks

Trasparenze Caballero Over the Knee Socks are perfect for Clubbing

Perfect Time to Try Out Your Pantyhose Fashion

Date night with your companion and either dinner or clubbing in hosiery is a way to show of your sexy feminine side. You will give the appearance of pure class and flirtation by wearing shiny or shimmery pantyhose. There are so many new styles of hosiery at the major high end department stores. Pretty Polly has a 15 denier pair of Oil Sheen pantyhose that look transparent. I have worn them out and received many compliments on my legs asking if I have baby oil on them. Then and only then do I share it only took 30 seconds to get this look on my legs with pantyhose. Some ladies have to touch my leg to realize I have pantyhose on.

Falke Shelina Hipster Tights

The Falke Shelina pantyhose above are perfect for low hip riding skirts, jean shorts, etc. Regularly pantyhose waistbands ride high on the waist for comfort, but these are perfect since they hug the hips instead and are almost transparent on your legs. Your man will not want to stop massaging your legs after he realizes you have sexy feeling pantyhose on after touching your legs! The sales on pantyhose have been on the climb during the last several years despite the downturn in the economy. Celebrities in pantyhose are being spotted everywhere for the fashion statement they make!

Pretty Polly Shimmer Ski Pant Tights

So enjoy you pantyhose experience as a newbie in the lifestyle of hosiery, you never know…you might become a pantyhose addict! Sheers and join the RSS Full Feed above to the upper right so you will not ever miss another posting again, it will be delivered in your email ASAP. So get your legs out this weekend to one of the high end department stores and slip into pantyhose fashion!

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4 Responses to “Discovering Pantyhose Fashion”

  1. Gentlemen Everywhere! says:

    Super article!

  2. kelly says:

    I love black pantyhose as they are my favorite color pantyhose to wear.I wear em with shorts,skirts,short dresses,high heels, and even wear em to bed. I like the sheer to waist styles that come in the 4x to 7x size as i can pull em all the way up to my chest or higher.

  3. SweetnPantyhose says:

    Thank you for the great comments and I very seldom go without pantyhose!

  4. Stonewall says:

    Love a lady’s legs in suntan hose. It really makes them look so much sexier. Bare legs and bare feet are such a turn off. Ladies please put the hose back on or cover up. Wait pantyhose do cover up, so what’s the problem?

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