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Compression Stockings Are Sexy

Compression stockings are so much more sexier than when they were firs used for medical reasons. Hosiery companies have finally figures out to get market share of the compression stockings and pantyhose market, you must design hosiery that people will want to wear.

Compression Stockings and Pantyhose

Compression Stockings and Pantyhose

You might think compression hosiery is the same thing as support hosiery, but there is a major difference. The compression values in compression stockings or pantyhose is of the highest available on the market for various medical conditions. This brings us to the reason for people everywhere to consider wearing support pantyhose to diminish the chances of developing some of these conditions.

Compression stockings or pantyhose are not for me, but you might not have a choice as you get older. Support hosiery styles and designs have made leaps over the last ten years and not only look sexy, but feel great on your legs!

More and more individuals require either a TED Hose or Compression Stockings due to a variety of popular conditions, Diabetes, poor circulation, excess fluids (water retention) and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) which is a blood clot in a deep vein, usually in the leg(s), both a TED Hose and a Compression Stocking will alleviate conditions related to the mentioned conditions. Medical professionals often identify both TED hose and compression stockings by the same title, TED hose, but there is a significant difference between them. TED hose is frequently given to patients when they are in the hospital or medical facility. TED hose are designed for individuals that are non-ambulatory, or lying down 95% of the time. The compression starts in the ankle and decreases as it goes up the leg. The reason the compression starts in the ankle, when we are lying down fluid tends to travel no further than our mid leg.

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Compression Stockings or Pantyhose In Public

8 Responses to “Compression Stockings Are Sexy”

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  2. This is a nice blog. Thank you for your article

  3. boiselegman says:

    i agree – i travel a lot on very long flights and compression hose keep my legs from swelling – and it’s nice to find some that don’t look like something your grandmother would have worn!

  4. tinman says:

    I have had to wear full length compression hose for years , due to leg problems. I have gotten to the point wear i do not feel right if i o not put a pair on in the morning. i like the way the feel and look on my legs

  5. Sbudrio says:

    Wow. I like compression pantyhose, expecially when under there isn’t panties!

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  7. I have very poor circulation and orthostatic hypotension (when I stand up my blood pressure drops so low that I become blind for a few seconds). My doctor recommended that I wear compression stockings. At first I was hesitant to comply because my grandmother has to wear them for her DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and hers are hideous! After searching the web, I found sheer ones that look exactly like regular nylon stockings (but with the medical support that I need). I found them at Glad to know that there are some Sexy Compression Stockings out there! 😉

  8. If they’re available in tie-dye, like the ones in the graphics to the side, sign me up.

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